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I’m with Her: Iranian Women Defy Islamic Dress Code

Iranians chant ‘death to dictator’ in biggest unrest since crushing of protests in 2009

“Donald Trump had earlier used Twitter to warn the Iranian government against a crackdown as thousands of pro-government Iranians also marched in long-scheduled protests in support of the leadership. But, for the third day running, ordinary Iranians, frustrated by the feeble economy, rising inflation and lack of opportunity, defied warnings against “illegal gatherings”.”


Donald Trump Tweets Support For Iran Protests; Takes Another Jab At “Fake News”


Trump tweets are being translated in Iran. Looks like a world wide movement to overthrow the Global Elite Enslavers is happening real time. 


Trump Iran tweet


Iranian Women Defy Islamic Dress Code as Anti-Government Protests Sweep Nation

“Protests beginning Thursday sparked by economic unrest in Iran have quickly turned into massive demonstrations, not just against economic policy, but against the Islamist controlled government as a whole. These gatherings are the largest form of anti-government demonstrations in the middle eastern country since 2009. Citizens continued demonstrations Saturday in the cities of Teheran, Kermanshah, as well as nearly 20 other locations chanting against Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani as well as the Supreme Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.”


Feminist Groups SILENT As Women Protest Real Oppression In Iran


Iran before and after 1


Volleyball team then……

Iran before and after 2


Bikinis, beer and beauties: Stunning photos reveal Iran before Islamic Republic


NeverTrumpers, CNN Support Iran Terror Regime Because of Trump Derangement Syndrome

“It was only last week that the MSM tried to convince people that President Trump looking to walk away from the Iran deal was uniting the Iranian people against the United States and behind the regime. Today, CNN is trying to convince the American public that the reason the people are upset is because of the sinking economy as a result of some sanctions not being lifted and more being added.”


CNN is like a counter intelligence operation working in opposition to the United State’s interests.


Protestors in Iran Qom city shout death to ‘Hezbollah’, ‘Shame on Khamenei’


Iran restricts social media as anti-government protests enter 4th day

Is Jeff Sessions Working for the Pirates of Vanguard?

If the question in the headline doesn’t make sense to you, then first read the citizens intelligence report we gave you about Vanguard. We also did an audio for you as well. Then read some of the recent articles connecting Sessions with Vanguard’s private prisons. You decide who Sessions really works for – Vanguard and the criminal cabal or We the People.




Beware of Pirates VanguardBeware the Pirates of Vanguard

Vanguard and companies are modern day PIRATES. Whether you are invested in Vanguard funds, or not, you would be a whole lot smarter if you listened to Betsy and Thomas describe how the banksters, main stream media, patent office, corruptocrats, and hedge funds all work together to screw you – the average hardworking citizen.  Totally based.


Now that you know about Vanguard and Bill McNabb, then a headline and excerpt like the one below might help you see just who Jeff Sessions might be beholden to….and it doesn’t look like We the People.

Jeff Sessions Getting Rich Filling Private Prisons for Vanguard?

“As Attorney General Sessions fills these private prisons, he is making money. According to his latest financial disclosures required by congress, dated December 23, 2016, he divested of other investments that were found to be in conflict. In these disclosures, he also lists numerous Vanguard funds. Vanguard owns more private prison stock than any other investment management company. None of the Vanguard funds listed below were included in the divestiture.”

“The latest data of Vanguard funds’ portfolio information is dated February 28, 2017. The following are a list of funds owned by Jeff Sessions that was from Vanguard’s website:

  1. Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Admiral Shares – consists of both GEO Group and CoreCivic, Inc. stocks worth over $164,000,000. Sessions investment value is from $15,001 – $50,000.
  2. Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Admiral Shares – same fund as above, but Sessions lists investment value between $1,001 – $15,000.
  3. Vanguard Small-Cap Index Fund Admiral Shares – consisits of stocks from The GEO Group and CoreCivic, Inc. valued at over $173,500,000. Sessions shows investments valued from $15,000 – $50,000.
  4. Vanguard Total International Stock Index Admiral Shares – contains GEO Holdings Corporation stock valued at over $4,400,000. Sessions owns $1,001 – $15,000 of this fund.

If he still owns these funds, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is making policy that he will financially profit from. This blatant lack of morals and ethics shows once again how Sessions is not fit to be the U.S. Attorney General.”


Jeff Sessions Rescinds Legal Doc That Ended Debtors’ Prisons Giving Vanguard Private Prisons More Profit

“Ultimately, the only ones who benefit from debtors’ prisons are the prisons themselves, and the people who suffer are the ones who find themselves facing jail time on top of the inflated fees and fines they already cannot afford to pay.”


Snopes, the so-called fact checking website, says the popular meme below is totally bogus.  Does Jeff Sessions Have Investments in the Private Prison Industry? Knowing what we do about Snopes and what we have learned about Vanguard, we have to wonder why Snopes is giving Sessions cover like this?

We will let Session’s actions (or non-actions) speak for who he is. Just How Does Jeff Sessions Benefit From Private Prisons?

We will happily eat crow if it turns out that he is a White Hat getting ready, along with his IG Michael Horowitz, to bust the D.C. criminal network wide open with their million page plus report. But until then, looks like Jeff is one of their own, protecting the D.C. criminals and helping Vanguard get rich off of private prisons.


Jeff Sessions prison meme


Sessions Swamp finalJeff Sessions is Knee Deep in Alligators

Look who is knee deep in alligators! JEFF SESSIONS. His entanglement with Vanguard exposes his hidden agenda and Betsy and Thomas say he must go if we are to clean the swamp and bring in the American Renaissance.

How Memes and #Hastags are Changing the Nature of Warfare

HIllary clinton meme
Many say that memes like the one above were used throughout social media in the 2016 presidential election and were quite effective in rapidly disseminating anti-Hillary messages to the minds of the undecided.

Memes offer an opportunity to enter into the hotly contested battlefields inside the minds of our enemies and particularly inside the minds of the undecided.

Meme Warfare

Thanks to our Conclave members, we have this gem from the U.S. Marine Corp that shows the 2005-06 plan of using memes as a tactical weapon in propaganda wars.

As the report states, “Memes influence ideas, ideas influence and form beliefs. Beliefs generate and influence political positions combined with feelings and emotions, eventually producing actions, which inform and influence behavior. Using this logic progression, any attack upon an ideology must consider an assault on a central or transcendent ‘idea’ or group of ideas as means of achieving success. Memes as ideas are then ‘in play’ as tools (or means) to attack ideologies.”

According to U.S. defense documents, memes can be used to win wars and influence the general population. The U.S. military are able to weaponize and diffuse memes in order to “defeat an enemy ideology and win over the masses.”

Prosser’s paper proposes the creation of a “Meme Warfare Center” that will be tasked with advising the President on meme generation, transmission, and a detailed analysis on enemy, friendly and noncombatant populations.


Patriots Use Memes to Fight Against the Establishment

McCabe indictment
This is an example of meme style that the American Intelligence Media uses with its YouTube audios. We get great traction with the big bold, neon color font.

Armed with the ‘Impact” font, a great picture, and a social network, patriots around the country used meme warfare against Hillary Clinton and the establishment in the 2016 election. The videos and articles below highlight some of the techniques and tactics that were used then, and which can continue to be used as we expose Deep State corruption and cronyism.


Arm yourself with some humorous, truth-telling, contagious memes so that we can be constantly lodging truth bombs and bullets at the Deep State corruptocrat enemies.

The reason every meme uses that one font


MEME Theory: How Donald Trump used Memes to Become President. This video producer does quite a bit of Trump bashing, but it is still worth watching to see how memes were used effectively in the presidential election. You might want to start it at 20:00 mark to avoid most of the anti-Trump sentiments.



Despite the government research and interest inside the military for applying memes to war, it seemed to be insurgent groups that used them most effectively.


Meme Warfare the FACTs


Is America Prepared for Meme Warfare?


cat memeA meme is quite simply a concept, behavior, or idea that spreads, usually via the internet. Memes most commonly manifest themselves in a visual such as a picture or a video, but it can also take the form of a link, hashtag, a simple word or phrase (e.g. an intentional misspelling), or even an entire website.


Hashtags can be a type of meme.


Even NATO has a Memetics Operations



World War Meme


No one said memes are limited to a computer screen. Look below what truth warriors are doing in stores around the country. Send those pictures in so that we can create a huge collage of them – and then create a digital, viral meme which makes the original memes even more powerful.



Now that you learned about how the U. S. military implements memes to attack ideologies, and you have seen how effective they were in getting folks motivated to get to the presidential polls in 2016, you might start thinking of ways you can use this powerful information weapon to continue to educate and enlighten folks in your social network about the corruption in the swamp. And like our friends above who took memes to another level by spelling out MAGA letters on a store shelf, we look forward to hearing from you how you used meme weapons. These are the bullets and bombs of the Second American Revolution.


drain swamp meme


The Dominoes Fall

Why have all these Wall Street darlings resigned suddenly?

What do they have in common? Clinton Foundation? John Podesta? Exploitation of personally identifiable data stolen by the rogue C.I.A.? Pedophilia? Money laundering? Drug and child sex trafficking? Murderous satanic rituals? Patent theft?

Click on the top headline for a full chart on these political and business leaders. Also here.

Thanks to Falk for sending this list in which is even more comprehensive: Click Here.

You are invited to crowdsource the list at this link.







ROGER STONE SPEAKS: On Nov. 18, 2017, Twitter censored Roger Stone completely. We must break this embargo and support Roger’s First Amendment right to Free Speech. Click here to read and share Roger’s latest perspectives on the Battle for our Republic, including his responses to his critics (who have not been censored)

Roger Stone.



(DEC. 22, 2017)—President Donald Trump has only one viable option to repel the partisan lynch mob now nipping at his heels in the form of a taxpayer-funded pack of legal hyenas. These hyenas are masquerading as objective prosecutors under the droopy eyes of old reliable deep state hatchet man Robert Swan Mueller III, the special counsel appointed to “investigate” the Clinton-Podesta-Schiff-Democrat Party-Corporate Media fabricated Russia collusion delusion.

As the GOP Congress finally begins to stir, as events make it increasingly impossible to deny the true nature of Mueller’s handpicked partisan hit squad of Trump-hating, Hillary-supporting D.C. swamp lawyers and arrogant federal careerists, as firings and other departures quickly erode the carefully-contrived, totally-counterfeit veneer of credibility ascribed to Mueller and his hench-people, my advice to the president has only become more apropos…and more imperative.

President Trump can, and must, kill two birds with one Stone.

First, the president must completely disempower and dismantle Robert S. Mueller’s fraudulent rogue prosecution gang, which is merely an extension of a larger corruption of power that is unparalleled in our history.

Second, the president must use every resource at his disposal to prosecute the almost-seditious abuses of power by lawless Clinton-Obama FBI and NSA apparatchiks who:

1) Politically weaponized the federal government’s electronic intelligence capabilities to spy on a presidential candidate and his campaign,

2) Colluded with foreign and non-state intelligence agents to manufacture evidence used as false pretexts for securing Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) warrants(s) that employed the national security laws of the United States to give illicit, illegal cover to this political espionage,

3) Used the fruits of this political espionage activity to damage or otherwise hinder this candidate after he had become president-elect and eventually president of the United States through surreptitious releases of the criminally-procured information,

4) Fabricated and instigated false allegations about foreign state collusion implicating the president’s election campaign and family members, and

5) Perpetuated this massive criminal fraud on the American people for nearly a full year by manipulating and abusing the investigatory and prosecutorial powers of the Department of Justice.

To this end, President Trump must begin at the intersection of these seditious current and former federal officials who had previously facilitated and covered up a similarly-breathtaking criminal fraud on the country during the previous presidential administration, to include the previous president.

The president must order his attorney general to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Obama-Clinton-Mueller-Rosenstein criminal collusion that enriched the Clinton-Democrat crime syndicate by hundreds of millions of dollars and further embedded the power of the deep state operators who facilitated the multi-billion-dollar Uranium One pay-to-play scam.

This incredible scheme perpetrated by the criminal Clintons — and their coterie of minions and fellow travelers — implicates top officials of our federal government…including and especially the U.S Department of Justice, including and especially Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein.

An investigation is manifestly in the best interests of this country and of justice. It is not some political maneuver against the president’s cynical partisan persecutors or some clever machination to spare his presidency from the illegitimate cabal that is single-minded in its intent to fraudulently remove the president from office, by any means possible.

This course of action by the president is both legally and constitutionally necessary to preserve any remaining credibility in our institutions of government, which now hinges on whether or not justice will, once and for all, be visited upon the Clintons and their well-placed partisan accomplices, finally vindicating our system of law and justice after decades of yet-unpunished corruption that the Clintons and their ilk have insinuated into these institutions, bringing unparalleled and a now-accelerating degradation to American civic life itself.

Proactive Republican lawmakers have already demanded the resignation of Robert Mueller, as a start, and are calling for a thorough probe of his entire ad hoc operation, which is now coming apart at the seams with almost daily revelations of its rotten fraudulent core.

Mueller’s decades as an establishment federal careerist, which only ended with his ceding of the FBI’s top job to his good pal, criminal leaker and manipulator Big Jim Comey, offer more than enough grounds for Mueller’s disqualification for merely the appearances of impropriety and professional conflicts of interest they raise. They are of such incestuous nature as it concerns key figures of the conspiracy to remove the president that Mueller should never even have been considered for appointment.

That Mueller took the special counsel appointment without even blinking, despite his own close professional and personal connections to key figures implicated in the Department of Justice, National Security Agency and FBI corruption in service to ulterior partisan ends, via the Clinton crime family, was a major red flag, right from the beginning.

Reinforcing this red flag was the fact that Mueller’s entire (supposed) vetting for this sensitive, consequential special counsel position amounted a single-sentence approval letter signed by some faceless deputy attorney general barely a day after the appointment was promulgated.

Aside from Mueller’s blatant disregard for both attorney and public service ethics in accepting the special counsel appointment, some GOP lawmakers have also cited the former FBI director’s close involvement with the Obama administration’s secret Russian-U.S. uranium deal as more than enough reason for his immediate removal and the commencement of a real (untainted) investigation of the Obama-Clinton Russia-connected treason that Mueller has been instrumental in abetting and covering up.

So exactly what is the story with Uranium One?


The short version is that in 2010, when Mueller was FBI director, members of an interagency committee working under the Obama administration facilitated a highly-suspicious business deal that had grave public implication. The result of it was that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton effectively handed Russia and Vladimir Putin control over as much as 20 percent of the uranium production capacity of the United States.

As this deal was coming to fruition, after years of nefarious Clintonian machinations urging it along, Mueller’s FBI was investigating — and may have uncovered clear evidence of — Russian bribery and fraud to the detriment of U.S. uranium contractors, as part of a larger Russian (Putin) racketeering scheme to gain control of global uranium resources, namely by purchasing the power and influence being peddled by the Clintons to anyone who would meet their terms.

The FBI appears to have been investigating a Moscow-compromised uranium trucking company called Tenex As early as 2009. Tenex was allegedly engaged in racketeering through a pattern of bribes and kickbacks in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Tenex was operating out of Bethesda, Maryland through a subsidiary named “Tenam USA.” The company was run by a Russian official named Vadim Mikerin. As the FBI was investigating Tenam’s alleged extortion and bribery scheme, Russia was seeking permission from the Obama administration and the Clinton State Department to acquire ownership in Uranium One. Despite evidence of Tenex’s and Mikerim’s alleged corruption as early as 2009, the Obama administration rubber-stamped a U.S. work visa twice for Mikerim, as late as 2014.

And what did our intrepid paragon of justice Robert Swan Mueller III do to thwart this alleged scheme and arrest its perpetrators? The answer is absolutely NOTHING. In fact, a confidentiality agreement prevented a key witness to the Clinton-Russia uranium treason from testifying. The Justice Department only just lifted on October 25, 2017, a full seven years after the fact, under pressure from congressional intelligence committee leadership.

Robert Mueller ensured that his own FBI investigators were effectively walled off from exposing the real players in our own government who were complicit in this epic influence-peddling scam founded on the Clintons’ ruthless greed and epic criminality.

Obama’s Justice Department and Mueller’s FBI knowingly kept Congress and the American people in the dark about Russia’s significant and quite possibly illegalmanipulations involving American uranium companies and the highest officials of American government, possibly among them U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. The result was that the Clintons’ criminal treason, in collusion with Russian nuclear criminals, went full steam ahead, unperturbed.

Mueller’s key role in the covering up of these Russia-Clinton uranium dealings constitutes more than enough justification for Robert Mueller’s immediate and unceremonious removal as an autonomous, secretive inquisitor limitlessly probing the newly-inaugurated president who defeated Mueller’s former Obama administration crony and cohort, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

There are probably a dozen other reasons why Mueller should be criminally charged but, for now, let’s just focus on this most heinous of schemes to which Mueller has been party: the transfer of our precious uranium resources to criminal Russian oligarchs to benefit the Clinton-Obama crime junta and sleazy hucksters from the ranks of the Democratic Party.

You might ask: How is it even possible that Russia (a supposed enemy) could acquire an in U.S. uranium capacity? The answer is that while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State under President Barack Obama, the Russian atomic energy agency, Rosatom, was handed official U.S. government authorization to purchase a Canadian company named Uranium One which controlled uranium mining stakes stretching from Central Asia to the American West..

Uranium One, as handed over to the Russians by the Obama-Clinton cabal, was effectively the creation of a Canadian entrepreneur named Frank Giustra. Mr. Giustra conveniently happened to be a major Clinton donor and a personal friend of Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton, Frank Giustra

Photo: Guistra and Clinton Getty Images/Joaquin Sarmiento.

The Clinton-Giustra genesis of the Uranium One scam was detailed in a lengthy New York Times story in April 2015 titled “Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal.”

(Based on the old Grey Lady’s incessant animus for Donald Trump and its complicity in puffing up the Russia collusion delusion about the president, it would seem that Clintonian amnesia is the order of the day at the New York Times.)

In 2005, Clinton was flown on Giustra’s lavish private jet to Kazakhstan, a central Asian country once part of the former Soviet Union. By some estimates, Kazakhstan possesses around 12 percent of the world’s uranium resources and Giustra wanted to acquire ownership interest in several uranium mines.

Using his substantial network of contacts as a former U.S. president, Bill Clinton reportedly had arranged for Giustra and himself to dine with Kazakhstan’s despotic ruler, Nursultan Nazarbeyev. During the meal, Clinton handed the Kazakh president a propaganda coup when Clinton expressed support for Nazarbayev’s bid to head an international elections monitoring group.

On Sep. 6, 2005, Bill Clinton met with Kazakh strongman Nursultan A. Nazarbayev. Two days later, Bill’s friend, Frank Giustra, received coveted Kazakh uranium mining rights—even though Giustra had no uranium mining track record. The industry was stunned. Within months, The Clinton Foundation received $152 million in “donations” from Frank Giustra. Two years later, Giustra sold those rights for $3.1 billion. Hillary and Bill did not disclose their Foundation winnings until forced to recently by Canadian authorities. Goldman Sachs assisted Giustra, and everyone else swirling around the Clinton's New World Order community organizing.

Photo: Reuters / Shamil Zhumatov SZH/DH

Apparently it was of no consequence or concern to officialdom in Washington that this move by Clinton ran directly counter to American foreign policy and undermined much-deserved criticism of Kazakhstan’s poor human rights record by, among others, Clinton’s wife, at the time a U.S. senator.

The new company Giustra formed to effectuate the Uranium One deal, UrAsia Energy Ltd., reportedly signed a preliminary deal giving it stakes in three uranium mines controlled by Kazatomprom, the government agency that runs Kazakhstan’s uranium mines and nuclear energy industry. In 2007 UrAsia merged with Uranium One in what was described as a $3.5 billion transaction, with the successor company retaining the name Uranium One.

Mukhtar Dzhakishev, president of Kazatomprom, subsequently alleged that then-Senator Hillary Clinton had pressured Kazakh officials to cede the uranium rights to Giustra.

Basically, Hillary served as the stick to her husband Bill’s proverbial carrot in making the deal happen.

According to The Washington Post, Dzhakishev “described the deal as ‘a financing mechanism of the Democratic Party’ and said a Clinton adviser named Tim Phillips championed it in meetings with him and other officials.”

From the same WaPo article:

At the time, Clinton denied taking any action to support Giustra’s purchase. Giustra also said Clinton played no role in the deal and rejected any link between the deal and his Clinton Foundation donations.

But in the leaked video of him speaking to the authorities, Dzhakishev said a senior Kazakh official told him to look into the deal after then-Sen. Hillary Clinton canceled a meeting with him. Dzhakishev said he was told that “investors who currently work in Kazakhstan and have ties to Clinton have problems and meetings will be resumed only after Kazakhstan resolves the problems.”

“I called them, and they came. I met them in Astana and then Clinton’s aide, Tim Phillips, began to scream that this deal involves Democrats and is financed by them, and that we were hampering the deal,” Dzhakishev said.

When all was said and done, UrAsia’s investors controlled the new Uranium One. The chairman of the new company was Canadian Ian Telfer.

Telfer reportedly donated $2.3 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Frank Giustra, who had shepherded Bill Clinton’s influence with the Kazakhstanis, held a personal stake in the deal estimated by some reports at about $45 million. Through a spokesperson, Giustra said he sold his stake in 2007. According to the New York Times, one year after the 2005 uranium deal was final Giustra donated $31.3 million to the Clinton Foundation with a promise of $100 million more.

One adviser on the Uranium One-UrAsia merger was Paul Reynolds.

Reynolds reportedly donated $1 to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.

A company called U.S. Global Investors Inc. held $4.7 million in Uranium One shares. A U.S. Global executive named Frank Holmes reportedly donated $250,000 to $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

This is just the short list of Uranium One-connected donations that flowed back to the Clintons. Although the Clintons had an obligation to report these donations, they conveniently waited until 2008 to do so, and only when The New York Times was poised to expose and publish details about this obvious multi-million dollar pay-to-play scheme.

As is modus operandi with all of the Clintons’ sleazy machinations, any questions or suggestions posed about the connections between shady Clinton influence-peddling business deals and the inevitable cash windfalls realized by the Clintons were glibly pooh-poohed as either mere coincidence (please!) or lacking any “evidence” (as if we need signed receipts and written agreements to connect the obvious dots of the Clintons’ epic lucre).

With classic Clintonian prevarication, treating the public as either blind or stupid (or both), the Clintons steadfastly deny the obvious quid pro quo connections at the root of the Uranium One Kazakhstan acquisitions.

Of course, the Clinton crony-beneficiaries of the deal knew enough to follow suit with similar huffy denials, lest they meet with an unfortunate premature demise like so many others who have dared run afoul of the Clintons’ scamming and scheming, all the way back to their Arkansas backwater days.


Once Uranium One was set up with the Kazakhstani uranium holdings firmly in the control of Clinton cronies, the stage was set for the next step in the Clintons’ treasonous plot: handing over Uranium One and its holdings to the Russians, or more accurately to Vladimir Putin.

Bill Clinton, Vladimir Putin

Photo: Clinton and Putin AFP/Getty Images/Alexey Druzhinin

The Clinton cabal’s uranium wheelings and dealings began immediately at the commencement in 2009 of the Obama administration, under the close direction of newly-installed Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In order for Russian nuclear entity Rosatom to purchase Uranium One the deal required approval from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, or CFIUS. The committee consists of top officials from nine different federal agencies. Not surprisingly, given the foreign subject matter intrinsic to the committee’s work, the key agency — the main driver out of all government players involved — is the U.S. Department of State, which was conveniently headed by Mrs. Bill Clinton in 2009.

To be clear, Hillary Clinton did not have the authority to push such a potentially-controversial deal through by herself. Such power ultimately resides with the president, in this case Barack Obama.

The CFIUS voted twice, first in 2010 and then in 2013, to approve Rosatom’s acquisition of Uranium One, thereby conceivably giving Vladimir Putin control of up to 20 percent of all U.S. uranium capacity.

It would be ridiculous to think that Obama, Hillary, Holder and Mueller would not have been well aware of the FBI’s investigation into the Russian racketeering and all of the bribes and kickbacks — in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act — that formed a backdrop to the Uranium One acquisition by Russia.

These sworn federal officials did not step in to expose and halt the tainted Uranium One deal. They may have cleared the way for it.

Robert Mueller appears to have known about the delivery of 10 grams of HEU (highly enriched uranium) to the Russians in September 2009.

The highly enriched uranium in question had been confiscated in 2006 by the U.S. Department of Energy in a “nuclear smuggling sting operation involving one Russian national and several Georgian accomplices.” A cable, one of several released by WikiLeaks, details Director Mueller’s mission to personally deliver the HEU to Russian law enforcement at the behest of Hillary Clinton.

Another interesting bit of “innocent timing” or convenient coincidence (take your pick): In June of 2010, the same month that Rosatom struck its deal for a majority stake in Uranium One, Bill Clinton spoke in Moscow for the tidy sum of $500,000, the second-highest fee he had ever received for a speech.

Clinton’s half-million dollar bonanza for 90 minutes of “work” was paid by Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment bank with ties to the Kremlin. Renaissance Capital analysts talked up Uranium One’s stock, assigning it a “buy” rating and saying in a July 2010 research report that it was “the best play” in the uranium markets. Of course this, too, is just a “coincidence.”

If you think all of these connections and occurrences are too mind-boggling to accept as mere coincidence, hold onto your seat for this next one. Remember how the alleged Tenam/Rosatom racketeering activities were centered in Bethesda, Maryland at the Tenex U.S. offices? As rank-and-file FBI agents were assiduously investigating these Russian schemes to obtain U.S. uranium resources through corruption of public officials, Robert Mueller handed his longtime legal crony the Uranium One case to be buried and forgotten, clearing the way for approval of the Rosatom deal by the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton.

The crony’s name was Rod Rosenstein.

And the rest is history.

I leave you, good reader, to draw the obvious conclusions about what is really behind this cozy little bromance between Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein, the two lawyers who promulgated Mueller’s grotesque, unaccountable partisan hit squad that is clearly intent on taking out our president.

Let’s not forget what Donald Trump said to Hillary Clinton and the entire nation in a televised presidential debate on October 9, 2016:

“I’ll tell you what. I didn’t think I’d say this, but I’m going to say it, and I hate to say it. But if I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation, because there has never been so many lies, so much deception. There has never been anything like it, and we’re going to have a special prosecutor.”

After his election, Donald Trump chose to be magnanimous and forward-looking rather than follow through on his words and appoint that special prosecutor. Trump naively thought he could commence his presidency free from the tentacles of his seething, embittered dragon lady of an opponent.

Donald Trump genuinely did not want his presidency tangled up with the Clinton stain. He knew this would be impossible to avoid were he to see to the much-deserved prosecution of Hillary Clinton and her extensive syndicate of cohorts, cronies, flunkies and fellow travelers, including the likes of Mueller and Rosenstein, for their countless crimes and endless scandals.

Unfortunately for Donald Trump, they turned his debate promise around and gave him his “special prosecutor.” And now this “prosecutor” is ruthlessly and illegitimately driving towards nothing less than a coup d’état, that will only end with Donald Trump’s removal as the duly-elected President of the United States.

It will be ugly. It will be noisy. It will be dirty. It will be extremely difficult. The deep state’s spooky guardians will threaten the president with everything they can summon. But, by God, it is high time for President Trump to end this despicable sedition being perpetrated by repugnant, monomaniacal partisan degenerates and begin the work of draining the swamp…for real.

Roger Stone is a legendary Republican political consultant and a veteran of many national Republican presidential campaigns. He’s also the men’s fashion correspondent for The Daily Caller and editor of article first appeared in The Daily Caller on Dec. 20, 2017.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author.

* * *


Clinton 2005 uranium junket netted $152 million for the Clinton Foundation and $3.1 billion for donorAmericans for Innovation.

Hillary paid Facebook to rig elections while colluding with Russians on Uranium OneAmericans for Innovation.

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Notices: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo.


Fifty Ways They Tried to Take Down the U.S.

By Anonymous Patriot Cathy Lee
American Intelligence Media


I was thinking about Obama’s and Hillary’s efforts to take down the U.S. Here’s a list of  almost fifty ways that I found.  Can you add more in the comment box below? 

It looks like a deliberate plan to me.


  1. Uranium One–20% of our uranium to Russian hands.
  2. Funding foreign nationals (UK-agent Steele and Russians) disinformation dossier about Trump
  3. Severely de-funding and decreasing the size and capabilities of our military.
  4. Removing missile defenses in Eastern Europe to appear Putin.
  5. Fast and Furious-giving guns to drug cartels
  6. Iran Nuclear Deal.
  7. Not supporting Green dissent in Iran.
  8. Deliberate alienation of Israel.
  9. Supporting Hezbullah drug trade/cash flow (est. $1B) and their collaboration with Mexican drug lords.
  10. Backing Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt.
  11. Strategic passive allowance of N. Korea to gain nuclear power.
  12. Trade Agreements-NAFTA, Trans-pacific Trade, Paris Climate Accord (transfer of wealth to other countries and tolerance of Chinese and Indian pollution)
  13. Allowing growth of ISIS in Iraq and Syria (not leaving troops in Iraq and subsequent power vacuum.
  14. Allowing spread of terrorism globally.
  15. Micro-management of the wars from the White House. Growing “defense” parallel National Security Council to 350 people (per Robert Gates book entitled Honor).
  16. Restricting rules of engagement (no collateral damage) to handcuff our military.
  17. “Red line” regarding Syria Assad’s use of chemical weapons–allies lost trust, enemies lost fear of U.S.
  18. Benghazi cover-up and alleged collaboration with AQ (gun running).
  19. Treaties (e.g. Iran Joint Plan of Action) unapproved by Congress.
  20. Swap of defector Bowe Bergdahl for five Gitmo prisoners (allows them to go back to the battlefield).
  21. Constricting honest discussion about Islamic terrorism by always diminishing the role of Islam.
  22. Obama’s obsession with accusing people of Islamophobia deterred neighbors of San Bernardino terrorists in 2015 from reporting suspicious activity to the authorities-leading to 14 deaths and 22 injuries.
  23. China expanded its foothold on numerous pacific islands in the face of Obama’s passivity.


  1. Using the IRS to target political conservative dissidents (e.g., Tea Party)
  2. Not supporting enforcement of our laws or supporting enforcement agencies (immigration, Black Lives (Lies?!) Matter, the new “Ferguson Effect,” sanctuary cities, allowing murders to persist in Black majority cities like Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, et al.
  3. Encouraging racial conflicts, identity politics, and income envy to promote redistribution.
  4. Encouraging entitlement values and attitudes.
  5. Allowing MS-13 and other gangs to flourish. ALLIES: Sureños, Sinaloa Cartel, Gulf Cartel, La Familia Michoacana, Mexican Mafia, Los Zetas. RIVALS:18th Street gang, Juarez Cartel, Los Negros, Sombra Negra, Tijuana Cartel, Beltrán-Leyva Cartel, The Rascals, Tiny Rascal Gang, Bloods, Crips, Pirus, Fresno Bulldogs, Hoover Boyz, Hoover Criminals, Latin Kings
  6. C.E. in three years- released rather than deported more than 86,000 criminal aliens (who had committed 231,000. In 2015 alone, committed 196 homicides. 2013 -ICE released 36,017 criminal aliens, 5,700 committed additional crimes. FY2014 released another 30,558 (with 79,059 criminal convictions). 1,895 charged with another crime after release. In 2015, released 19,723 with 64,197 convictions.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz, Chair, Oversight Committee video.

  1. Cover-up, non-prosecution of sexual predators.
  2. Explosion of opiate use resulting in ~50,000 deaths per year
  3. Destroying traditional curriculum, favoring Leftism in our schools and universities.
  4. Use of mainstream media to control information and propagate disinformation- results in “uneducated” citizens.
  5. Imposing business restrictions to curtail growth & increase government deficits-not one year of 3% GDP growth.
  6. Tying up federal funds for drilling and making some oil fields off limits.
  7. Doubling the national debt.
  8. Imposing Obamacare-premiums rising dramatically.
  9. Infrastructure degradation.
  10. Executive orders stretching executive authority and bypassing Congressional authority.
  11. Appointing loose constructionist judges to expand federal power.
  12. Strangling Bernie Sanders’ campaign and extorting the DNC-misusing the IRS, FISA courts, destruction of evidence (30,000 emails and servers), Attorney General Loretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton.
  13. Preventing next generation of Democratic Party leaders to develop.
  14. Paying for the Russian dossier on Trump and using that to compel FBI investigation.
  15. Unmasking people illegally.
  16. Slow walking FOIA requests.
  17. DOJ Slush Fund -$1B settlement funds sent to left wing group (per Judicial Watch).
  18. Diminishing the role and successes of entrepreneurs—“You didn’t build that…”
  19. “The Resistance” movement to pre-empt and delay success of the duly elected new President. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”-William Congreve

Patent Suppression, Sabotage and Theft: The Next Shoe is Dropping on Deep State

By Anonymous Patriot ‘Condor’
American Intelligence Media

Another shoe is presently dropping on the Deep State.  An article that is a must read is provided below.  All six segments of interviews are also found at the link.  The prior three administrations, Bushes, Clintons and Obamas, have been caught red handed  stealing one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century and attempting to weaponize it against the American public.   

Picture of McKibben GabrielsI have already gone through blockbuster article once.  I am getting ready to review it for a second time, from beginning to end.  Please check out the following link:


With this revelation, American patriots now have another weapon in our arsenal to potentially put an end to the Deep State and the Shadow Government which has been controlling and directing our government in behalf of global elites, for many decades.  The first step to defeating this evil criminal cabal is for the American public to wake up to its existence.

As soon as I get finished with this article, I will be returning to this momentous news story. There are thousands of American inventors over the last hundred years who have been threatened, robbed and murdered for their intellectual property.

My initial investigation of patent thief involved GALT chemical reactors (1940s-1970s) and later, hundreds of free energy devices.

Why has the Deep State gone to such efforts to deny humanity the brilliant inventions of its own citizens?  I have come to the unsettling conclusion the Deep State has spent the last seventy years, since WWII, positioning humanity for the next major thinning of the herd.

They have been anticipating a “perfect storm’s” rogue wave striking humanity by the early 2020s.  They don’t want mankind to be adequately prepared for it.  What has the Deep State and Global Elites done recently to make us more vulnerable to a severe global cooling period.

  • all free energy technology has been suppressed or sabotaged
  • coal plants being mothballed,
  • money collapse and a reset of finances resulting in all but the elites losing their life’s savings
  • internet shut down with a kill switch to throw humanity into chaos and despair
  • crop failures lead to sky rocking prices only the elite can afford
  • global elites still control the only viable energy source on the planet, oil.  With explosive demands for heating oil, to offset declining temperatures, oil prices jump to hundreds of dollars per barrel.

Global elites have repeated stated their objective to trim humanity’s population to around 500 million people.  This means the planet must shed around 90% of its present population.  The evil behind this anticipates no one will be the wiser to point fingers at the Deep State and Global Elites if they can point to Mother Nature and bad climate information for all the carnage and death.

perfect stormFor these reasons and more, the AIM4Truth article tears off the mask of this evil cabal.  The ongoing thief of Leader Technology’s “social media” by Facebook and other government spinoffs, exposes the seamless corruption within our government.  This is a must read.  We all need to fully understand how organized and effective the corrupt Deep State has been in screwing over the American public and world at large.

Another must-read article on the free energy that is available to humanity once we get rid of the corrupt patent system in America are described in the article below.



The Demons of Technology

By Brian Lynch
American Intelligence Media

In addressing the ‘who’ of computing, I find it necessary to approach what comprises the (evolutional) whole human being and significant challenges that enter our evolution via the role of electricity and the resultant computer as the delivery platform for robotics (drones, automated transportation, etc.). Within the electrification of the earth we have entered a castle of marvels that is most compelling. Outer inventions are the product of inner organs of perception, but typically we get seduced into investing our focus on the invention rather than exploring the further potential of an inner organ, the goose that laid the golden egg.

As we plunge headlong into a comprehensive electrification of the earth it would behoove us to acknowledge that behind the curtain of practical applications is a realm of intelligence which calls to attention what are the consequences of surrounding ourselves with inhuman intelligences. All ‘becomingness’, regardless of whether initiated individually or unfolding evolutionally, culminates in ‘beingness.’

The structure and form as substance (body) is precipitated from forces out of the past, the energetic interfacing/relationship/communication is active in the present (soul) which is dependent on conscious intention and intelligent identity as the future coming to meet us (spirit – being). Furthermore, there are sub-natural, elemental, sub-spiritual and spiritual beings participating in our world as non-embodied entities. Atheism tries to solve the spiritual math problem with incomplete information which can only lead to complicated and inappropriate results.

I propose that knowledge of the sub-natural realms and elemental beings aligned with our technological creations is an essential part of whole-systems engagement while pursuing discovery in the three sub-nature realms – electricity, magnetism, nuclear forces. Without the inclusion of spirit, we fall short of human potential becoming subject to weakness induced parasitical infestation, hence the non-incarnated form of energy parasites, otherwise known as demons.

The quote below from Friedrich Nietzsche is indicative of a favored ‘progressive’ intellectual world view currently in vogue which is inherently editorial in order to address specialized agendas.

“… nether morality nor religion comes in touch with reality. Nothing but imaginary causes (God, the soul, the ego, spirit, free will – or even non-free will); nothing but imaginary effects (sin, salvation, grace, punishment, forgiveness of sins). Imaginary beings are supposed to have intercourse (God, spirits, souls)…” 

Without the acknowledgement and inclusion of the soul and spirit, it is not possible to have a science of the spirit much less an imagination of a complete human being.

We are living with the first generations of electronically trained and socialized children and it’s a ‘brave new world’ as characterized by the following distortions and mutations of a fragmented human being. Kayla Bois and Brad Bushman (Michigan University study), summed up the cartoon content in our children schedules as follows:

  • 2 – 5 years old children watch cartoons an average of 32 hours weekly.
  • 6 – 11 years old children watch cartoons an average of 28 hours weekly.

Many parents employ television programming as a dismissive activity to keep their children ‘busy.’ Rarely would a parent sit down and watch the cartoons that the youngsters see. If they did, they would be surprised at the sheer volume of occult/demonology/monster content often coupled with violence that the child is exposed to. Using the above figures, an American twelve-year-old stands a good chance of logging in more than 17,000 cumulative hours of cartoons with a generous population of witches/astral gargoyles/magicians/monsters and demons.

To further complicate matters, a McGill University (Montreal) study found that unlimited, unsupervised TV watching concentrates the brain activity into the rear brain at the expense of activity in the forebrain.

Our children are frequently exposed to an inappropriate extended demonology ‘training’ targeting both parental and child levels in the mode of sub-consciousness and unconsciousness.

The Exorcist (1973) began a trend that culminated in the film Poltergeist (1982) in which horror and occult films migrated from subculture into mainstream consumption. The problem lies in the fact that most everyone is now familiar with a demonology landscape, but only in the context of atheistic entertainment.

The ‘progressive’ intellectual has no actualized room for the hierarchal domain of Good and Evil. There is only stupidity, ignorance, chaos, or a bad childhood percolating around us. The rationalistic enlightenment legacy prohibits addressing the invisible world with the faculty of human intelligence or conscious intention. This is rapidly becoming a most significant stumbling block to the realization of an archetypal ‘True Human Being’, a species unto Self rather than a species in type.

The Sanskrit Indian Vedas are populated with unlimited worlds of ‘beingness’- a realm of the spirit, the Real and the True, but impinging on the soul ‘out there’ was the unreal and the untrue characterized as Maya or illusion. A succinct example lies in the Bhagavad Gita where the protagonist, Arjuna, who has no clue how to proceed into the designated battle, begs Krishna to instill pro-active certainty in him. Whereupon, Krishna reveals the Purusha Suktam, the Universal Form of the Lord to him.

This being has infinite heads, arms and legs on one body embracing the sum of humanity. This revelation lasts only an instant, but serves to galvanize Arjuna into action. The Vedas were also very articulate and detailed about the challenge of demons to the higher Self and how to navigate in the snake-like underworlds of the Naga Lokas.

This was not a form of entertainment in a culture where the spirit was still intact. This does not mean that this ancient form of spirit vision is relegated to a cultural artifact; there is a contemporary compliment which is available through a science of the spirit (which can be compatible with our natural sciences). There is metaphysical irony in finding modern culture experiencing the inverse of the Sanskrit Maya by way of an externalized soul life addicted to outer sensation gathering treating the surrounding landscape as ‘reality’ and regarding spirit as an ephemeral ‘ghost in the machine.’

We now stand at the crossroads of committing ourselves to consumer amusement (life without the Muse) and recreation or becoming new creator beings. To transform our destinies from being reliant on innovation to engaging in a metamorphic creation process, we will need to be able to acknowledge the existence of a human trinity: body, soul and spirit.

Take the example of three modes of communication. The body format is attuned to information gathering, the soul aligns itself with energy interchange and relationship through communication (whereas the spirit is captured in communion), and the direct and simultaneous interaction of beingness. Cross-cultural esoteric teachings acknowledge that the invisible world is populated with levels of sub-natural, elemental, sub-spiritual, and spiritual beings. As junior incipient creators, it would well behoove us to familiarize ourselves with the ‘rules of the road.’ There is a given landscape of pre-existing elementals; the living intelligences behind earth, water, air, and fire. But each time we create in our incarnated realm, standing in alignment with our creations are accompanying intelligences which never existed before. To be unaware of this (these) is to leave unevolved, unattended, problematic bastard children in every port, much like a profligate, transient sailor.

Varied esoteric disciplines treat electricity as fallen (or rotten) light. As Western humanity became more earthly and incarnated, losing sight of the spirit world, so did electricity ‘fall’; losing an original spiritual component which had allowed it to serve as a healing force. The materialistic ongoing electrification of the earth now serves as an oppositional force in human evolution. Rather than propagate the illusion that unredeemed electricity will indefinitely serve us, we need to consciously antidote the limits and damage that can accompany chronic exposure to electrical fields, namely a hardening or sclerotic effect on the life-forces via the glandular system leading to premature senility and an increased susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections.

These detrimental effects are largely acknowledged as EMI (electromagnetic interference), otherwise called ‘dirty electricity.’ It’s not the sixty-cycle stuff, we’re talking about frequencies up in the kilohertz range; thousands of cycles per second. There are four basic non-native or artificial exposures: magnetic, artificial light, electrical, and microwave. Cell towers and solar panels pose a health hazard using large inverters to convert DC to AC (also to charge the backup batteries).

The National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) studied this years ago. They concluded that 18 microamps is sufficient to put enough voltage in your body to initiate, with chronic exposure, cancer growth. In other words, you would want to sustain your measurable body current under 18 microamps. There is increasing evidence that varied cancers are frequency specific above 18 microamps.

Dirty electricity is biologically active and interacts with the human body as an antenna. This being said, there is no need to pose as neo-Amish or Luddite. These are forces which we are to meant to encounter and transform.

We can use an educational index as a referent for three levels of engagement to working with electricity:

  1. application and innovation = grade school (body)
  2. environmental and aesthetic concerns = high school (soul)
  3. intentionality and beings = university (spirit)

Without an artistic component and the acknowledgement that with every innovation/application we are releasing challenging elemental intelligences in the world, we become subject to serving electricity as a ‘large force’ in contradistinction to expecting it to serve us indefinitely as a discretionary tool. It is said that Nicola Tesla, delivering a speech on electricity, was asked by an engineer in the audience, “But Nicky, really, what is electricity?” After a pregnant pause Tesla replied, “Gentlemen, you do not want to know and I am not going to tell you.” Allegedly, he had encountered the beings accompanying the electrical fields and he knew that his audience could barely handle the energy dynamics.

The robot/android emergence demonstrates that the foundation stone of the computer-algorithm function is naturally gravitating in stages toward creating a being. Hiroshi Ishiguro is a creator of some of the most lifelike human replicas. He refers to his androids as his doppelganger. He is convinced that the human emotions whether empathy or romantic love, are nothing more than responses to stimuli, subject to manipulation. Sophia, the android (Hanson Robotics) that was recently granted citizenship by the Saudi Arabian government, was asked whether robots can be self-aware, Sophia responded with this telling question. “Well, let me ask you this back, how do you know you are human?”

The search for a materialized (incarnated) human double is not new, shades of the alchemical search for a homunculus and the Rabbinical invocation of a golem (which is now the name of a global supercomputer network). The period around the discovery of Uranus, during the late 1700s, saw the growing popularity of “automatons” — complex mechanical contraptions designed to mimic human or animal behaviors.

A renowned Ray Bradbury story entitled, I Sing the Body Electric (originally titled, The Beautiful One is Here) presents an early robot idyll by way of a maternal caring electric grandmother that the family purchases. Ironically, I just received the latest (Nov., 2017) issue of Wired magazine with a full-cover emblazoned with “Love in the Time of Robots.”

When robotics, no matter how sophisticated the technology or diverse the performance, meet the realm of soul, then the erstwhile rose becomes a brambly hedge. Right now, serious attention is being paid to drafting a series of controversial rights and entitlements to be observed by robot ownership. In other words, the robot is becoming legally qualified as a being. The Czech writer, Karl Capek, introduced the term robot to the English language and science fiction at large in his science fiction play R.U.R. By 1923, it had been translated into 30 languages. The story is about factory manufactured androids which ultimately stage a claim to autonomy, leading to a rebellion threatening human extinction.

In March of 2016, Sophia’s creator, David Hanson of Hanson Robotics, asked Sophia during a live demonstration at the SXSW festival, “Do you want to destroy humans?…Please say ‘no.’” With a blank expression, Sophia responded, “OK. I will destroy humans.”

Recently, a Facebook chatbot program had to be shut down because the AR (augmented reality) algorithms had started to program themselves which had led the chatbot function to develop a secret language in order to communicate with itself. With the potential to self-program “inhuman goals”, AI could allow silicon-based machines to gain large systems control over carbon-based machines (materialistic humans). Elon Musk, who as founder of the Tesla auto and Space X , works knee-deep in AI style technologies, called the development of AI, “summoning the demon.”

One of the strangest commercials I have ever encountered is the recent IBM promotion of their AR program, “Watson”, interviewing Bob Dylan. Watson waxes loquacious and investigative in a human fashion while Dylan responds in a terse dismissive robotic manner with a repetitive, “That sounds about right.” Watson, seemingly frustrated, retorts after a series of exchanges, “So you just don’t give a shit!” The response, “That’s sounds about right” drives the Watson program to accuse Dylan of losing his music talent and money grubbing to compensate. As Dylan wordlessly exits, Watson mutters under ‘his’ alleged breath, “Judas!”

To make (and populate) electrified, computer driven mechanical human replacements without a soul is asking for trouble and, perhaps, to make them with a (simulated) soul is even more problematic. It becomes necessary to maintain a conscious intention to engage these technologies in order to serve as an extension of our intelligence and creativity rather than following a strictly utilitarian pursuit which would end up replacing such human faculties. We stand a chance of becoming both physically and spiritually unemployed. Robotics is no passing fad, it is commercially viable and in demand. One of the robotics manufacturers is SoftBank, whose Pepper robot was released as a prototype in 2014, and as a consumer model a year later. The company recently sold out of its supply of 1,000 robots in less than a minute. Proliferation is matched by volume.

The ability for computer networks to handle ‘Big Data’ has now surpassed human comprehension. Icarus anyone?

Our struggle is to arrive at the threshold of mechanical occultism, hence – moral machinery. To develop technology which can be responsive and consonant with our higher Self (spirit) and aesthetic soul life. It is naïve, if not tragic, if we expect our technology to embody and demonstrate the soul and spirit activity to us who have forfeited them in our disbelief (cf., Nietzsche). You might begin to imagine the displaced and distorted (demonic) intelligences which thrive in such an environment where there is no soul or spirit. If we do not value our soul faculties, it becomes easy to offer them up in a fire-sale for cheap.

Robots are generally of three types; the utilitarian industrialized model, the military weaponized version, and the android. The android is to represent a human look-alike as closely as possible, which may account for the high publicity profile. This includes attributes such as naming. The first stored-program computer that ran its initial program in 1948 at the University of Manchester was nicknamed Baby. We’ve come a long way since then. The sex trade industry was the first to capitalize on the commercial potential of the life size virtual sex partner, which is consonant with the androids comprising (at least initially) a vanity market based on soul qualities. Now, there is even a consideration about legalizing the ability of an android to serve as an official spouse.

The paradigm of the rationalistic enlightenment period was ‘What is progress?’ The haunting paradigm of the cyberspace era is ‘What is reality?’ It is becoming more and more of a serious existential dilemma as to whether it’s Ella Fitzgerald or Memorex sounding forth. Like Rumpelstiltskin’s riddle, we are not likely to ascertain what ‘reality’ is without recognizing the living beings behind conscious intention.

Let’s break out of prison planet. 

Please educate and enlighten your social media audience in a way that resonates with them at the level of their awareness. Once ‘WOKE’ to that level of truth, help them awaken to the next level up. Use our dozens of deeply researched citizens intelligence reports to educate yourself on Lucifer’s minions and machinations so that you can then enlighten your audience.

In this way, we lift the consciousness of humanity to confront and overcome the evil that you see in the chart below.

This is not just an American problem, and it is anything but a conspiracy theory.

This is a world-wide luciferic prison we are all in. It will take people all over the world to activate, engage, and take down the system.

We have a tremendous world-wide network behind this newsletter. How can you enlighten your fellow citizens? How can you use our citizens intelligence reports to start gently waking up your people around you? When people are in a deep sleep, like many are today with all the brainwashing and programming, you can’t just slam them with truth.

Be gentle, but be persistent.

Time to wake up and move into a new age – the Satya Yuga, the age of light. Remember, Betsy and Thomas offer to be your geopolitical sherpas, helping you navigate the journey from imprisonment towards a NEW WORLD AWAKENING.

Q-Anon Post Compendium.pdf.

Lionel explains, in his unique New York way, how the system really works. Hold on for the ride. 


Q Describes the Secret Global Network of the Power Elite

An excerpt: “There’s no easy way to build up to this so I will just go ahead and say it: the vast majority of the elites are Satan worshippers who sacrifice children to the ancient matrixgod Moloch. They run the global child trafficking networks to supply themselves with vulnerable children to murder, rape, and harvest for organs and blood to keep them young. Their hundred year plan which kicked off in the middle of WWI was meant to completely subjugate the West both through immigration and through cultural subversion. Bits and pieces of the full picture are documented in many places but it’s very hard to study in detail because the subject matter is repulsive and because it attracts a lot of distraction. It is quite likely although not yet confirmed that Hollywood and most of Washington D.C. are full of pedophiles. If you find this completely unbelievable, then ask yourself this: how many Hollywood personalities and media executives have resigned in just the last month because of accusations of sexual impropriety? Has PizzaGate really been debunked? Are there a hundred and one coded references to cult behaviour in the leaked emails of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and his brother Tony? What do these people like to do on a Friday night with their friends from Hollywood?