Thinking about running for senator, Mitt?

Orrin Hatch says he’d endorse Mitt Romney for Utah Senate seat: ‘I’m hopeful he’ll run, because he would be just fine’

The American Intelligence Media can’t wait to get this Mitt Romney party started. We have soooooo much dirt on this corrupt politician and unlike 2012 when he ran for president and AIM4Truth didn’t have an audience yet, we are ready and loading up our information bullets and bombs on this guy. It is doubtful that he will survive even a week after announcing anything official. Come on, Mitt, give us the platform to tell the world about you and Ann.

twitter bomb 1


To prime the pump, we created this meme below for our readers to share throughout their social network so that everyone is armed with truth..


Mitt and Ann Running for Senate 2

2 thoughts on “Thinking about running for senator, Mitt?”

  1. He does sound like a well condoned politician, by the attached description or is that the mandatory ,CV?

  2. Obama has spies all over the place. An he an Hillary are behind all this hostility. We need to stop our officers from getting killed. Get the Illegals ad Immigrants out of here, we have as much killing.

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