Two Alternative Media Powerhouses Join Forces to Rewrite American History

After being ripped off royally by the criminals in Washington almost two decades ago, the folks at Leader Technologies set out to preserve an extensive timeline of the corruption in Washington. If you haven’t seen this timeline, preserved on a website


Americans for Innovation


called Americans for Innovation, it is an overwhelming, thoroughly detailed record of real American history. Citizens, investigators, prosecutors, and first-tier alternative media creators should bookmark this website for sourcing indictable evidence of the overthrow of the United States by domestic enemies.

While Americans for Innovation was compiling its detailed timeline, the American Intelligence Media was researching and posting citizens intelligence reports that expose corruption in a series of citizen intelligence reports and daily Truth News Headlines.

The two alternative media powerhouses came together for the first time in 2017 to expose the massive corruption in the patent system with the expose below and have continued to provide the alternative media network with breaking intel that citizens need to know in order to restore the Republic.


Facebook Unmasked: How the World’s Most Relevant Entrepreneur Was Screwed By Zuckerberg


Great Awakening on AFIToday, the two networks merge their extensive timelines, with the inclusion of Thomas Paine’s presentation of the Second American Revolution.

The Great Awakening Has Begun


When you finally grow weary of playing distracting games of internet mystery posters and gamers, roll up your sleeves and sharpen your thinking with the content of these sites.

Read the deeply researched reports by AFI and AIM that will give you the indictable evidence needed to arrest the criminal cabal….not just in America, but around the world. Keep your elected representatives honest by using these two sites as your ultimate truth weapon.


Time to stop playing internet spy and puzzle games and start doing the work that needs to be done – arming yourself with real truth that will get the treasonous swamp creatures locked up in FEMA camps, waiting for their military tribunals.


After we win the Second American Revolution, we will want to restructure our entire educational system and teach real American history, civics, and government to our children, not some Saul Alinsky – Luciferic version of communism in America. These two sites, digitally preserved as Open Source content, would be available free and online to anyone, anywhere in the world, in perpetuity. The merged timelines and information on these two sites – Americans for Innovation and the American Intelligence Media – is the best timeline of American History and Government on the internet…period.


May we suggest that an easy way for these sites to be preserved for We the People is for the President to include reference to them, sometime now or in the future, in his social media feed.

The purpose of Covfefe is to preserve the President’s social media communications as presidential communications.

Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement Act


The Great Awakening Has Begun


3 thoughts on “Two Alternative Media Powerhouses Join Forces to Rewrite American History”

  1. It is important to remember our Narional Anthem was written just after War of 1812(truely first War of Independence, ’76 being the Revolution). Only country in world whose National Anthem, poem, relates birth of flag, nation, Chrisrian Republic…with reference to a band whose cowardly actions, tho not illegal, almost demoralize the grandeur of who we are as a people, a nation, a Republic. A tale every school boy and girl ought to know; if indeed, we are a people with a belief in inalienable God-given rights!
    David mc

  2. I have been studying law and history for a long time.And i have come to the conclusion that all history they teach in public shools, k through 12, Jr collages to major universities.Is based on indoctrination and propaganda the brain wash you to be a good slave.And i found the best way to reasearch true history is in the public records and congressional records.Some thing you might find interesting Aberham Lincoln came up recently in my reasearch and i found his real name now if you Google this name the first thing at the top of the page it has the true history of Lincoln and his assassination and the true killer that shot Lincoln.And might say this it wasent booth this came from public records and thr congressional record of Congress.And there is some thing very interesting that Jfk assassination happened the same exact way.They were both shot by there wives.Now you can think this sounds crazy but its the perfect crime.Jackie kenndy remarried to jack onassis two months after jfk was killed no time to even grieve.And reverse speach analysis she threatened to kill him and admits she loves satan the crazy thing is the speech she is giving at the time was in Spanish.But in reverse it all comes out in English.Now Aberham Lincoln Springstien.Was from the Rothschild family and he was a lawyer his wife mary booth was a heroin addict and booth was her drug dealer.Mary Lincoln used booth as a the fall guy its her gun on the wall in the ford theatre to this day.No killer would use a one shot little girls pistol to kill a president of the united states.If you want to enter this rabbit hole just google Aberham Lincoln Springstien and see the true story of abe Lincoln.Its just like any other soap opera today full of drama and scandals.

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