What’s the Plan?

This is an information war. What’s in your arsenal?


Here are your research tools so that you can make your own information weapons. 


Here are our citizen militia teams

Choose at least one team that you can identify with – geologists, miners, smithies, or jewelers. For those that have contacted Betsy to ask how to start…she doesn’t have time to answer you. Just get started.

Jump in. Do what you can.

Geologists can send their finds for posting. Miners, let us know when you find good intel. We post “Miner Finds” at Patriots4Truth. All posts are tagged “miner finds” for quick access.

Smithies, no one will read or listen if mining nuggets aren’t polished and cut. We are counting on you to create articles and videos in finished form. Send them to us, push them into your network, keep firing  the enemy with your truth and transparency.

Our current battlefield goals:

  1. Activate Miller Act Notice
  2. Neutralize and eliminate the shadow government- the Senior Executive Services in all its various forms – at national, state, and local levels. International readers of AIM will find versions of this in their own countries as its origination is with SERCO and the British Crown.
  3. Keep pressing for military tribunals. Educate everyone you know on how the corruption is so deep that we can only clean it up with tribunals. March is still Military Tribunal Awareness month.

Even our judges are SES enemies so regular court proceedings will simply not work in putting away these criminals. They have entrenched themselves so deeply in the system that they have become a cancer that can never cleanse itself. .

ses judges

S. Prt. 98-286. (Nov. 22, 1984). Plum Book, Policy and Supporting Positions. Committee on Governmental Affairs. U.S. Senate, 98th Congress, 2d Session. Y 4.G 74/7:P 75/6/984. GPO.

p. 16.



Military Tribunals – The Time Has Come

Time for military tribunals


Get out of your complacency and think ‘out of the box’ for solutions

QRS-11 Quartz Rate Sensor

For example, we all want to shut down the chemtrails. We know they are harmful to us. Since our criminal governments won’t protect us from chemtrailing, maybe the Clintons can show us how to use the QRS-11 technology?


How Hillary Crashes Cars and Planes



Shut down the Federal Reserve and return the wealth back to We the People at the U. S. Treasury with gold and silver backed currency.  We even suggested a plan of how to do this. Is New U.S. Currency Already in Our Money Supply?

The point is –  there are lots of things we need to accomplish, but for now we need to take out the enemy with a 1-2-3 knock-out plan.

Remember, Team Patriots, we just exposed their cyber psyops – Q. What else can this amazing community of patriots do?

Boom – Boom – Boom

Time for SOLUTIONS. No more SPIN.

InfowarsInfowars and the Second American Revolution 

Betsy and Thomas explain the recent take down of Q by cyber warriors who continue to fight the lies and corruption of the global criminal cabal. Listen as Thomas describes how modern day JEDI WARRIORS are working behind the scenes to help educate and enlighten people around the world.

This is a global, grassroots movement for the peace of the the entire world, not just the United States. Patriots around the world are welcomed to join our efforts.

shout outExtra special call out to patriots at Anonymous and Cicada who helped us expose the fake, phony, propaganda Q that has duped millions of followers into believing that their group would lead them to MAGA and world-wide peace.

You guys are amazing and only because of your tireless efforts and special technical skills have we been able to expose this evil. From those of you who have developed amazing research tools for patriots to use to find indictable evidence of their crimes to those that show their dominance in cyberspace, patriots around the world salute you.

truth banner

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