False Statements Made by Limo Wreck Regarding Q

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By Anonymous

Limo Wreck is a clown in America operative and is mis-representing what happened. Code Monkey contradicts what Q claimed. There is no proof Q forgot his password. He claimed he was locked out yet had to use his trip-code to post that he was locked-out, proving he was not locked-out. CBTS mod confirms Q is a larp.

Code Monkey now has been taken-over and is being run by the clowns. 8 chan has the SUDO board, a type of help-desk. So poster lies about many things. Q would have no way to communicate with CM and make posts if he had been locked-out. Q is lying and is a fake larp.

The claims of Q about sniffers are all lies. Q claims he is under FBI investigation, all lies. Nothing Q says makes sense and was lying about being locked out of the boards. Nothing Q has said has come to pass and much of what Q has stated is nothing but lies and we can prove this as none of it has come true.

Julian Assange is still in the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Many other such lies by fake Q. Limo Wreck is lying also and part of the psyop of lies.

Point number 3 by Limo Wreck is proven in the SUDO chat to be false. Limo Wreck clearly is lying and is a clown agent. And Q did not post with a temporary trip code. Limo the true Wreck is lying on this also. Limo is the true wreck a liar.

Limo Wreck is part of the clown operation to discredit AIM and prop-up this fake Q.

Again, Baruch has over and over confirmed that current Q is a larp and fake. Legit Q stopped posting before the board change to 8 chan. That is when the Clowns in America hack took place. His account was taken-over.

There is no way the trip code on 8 chan could be the same as the one Q used on 4 chan. This also proves that 8 chan is lying. The board mods do not claim the forensic evidence of Q being hacked is weak. To the contrary. Baruck testifies to this. Here Wreck man lies again.

Nobody but White Hats could have taken-down the board, as neither we nor any anomymous did it. Q is nothing but a mixture of CICADA, our work to Restore the Republic and the work of others.

Current Q is an imposter, a thief, a liar, a clown agent who tells people to trust Sessions, Boulton, Wray, Kansas, Horowitz, Huber – all the SES fraudsters who are hijacking our Republic:

Apr 10 2018 01:48:24

Q KEEPS SAYING “Trust Sessions” when clearly Sessions is an enemy of the state and the SES ring leader and is protecting all the HC criminals. Rosenstein the same. Wray the same. Kansas, Horowitz, Huber – all SES. They all protect each other, slow foot investigations (as Wray did in the Enron case and as a result many die).

No justice will take place while these people are in office. Trump is being black-mailed by the SES and lied to even about Syria and the chemical attacks, not conduced by ASSAD but rather by agents of the banking cartel – CIA – Mossad. These organizations, SERCO and the SES all serve the banking cartel, the Bank for Inter Settlements and the Swiss Octogon Pharaonic bloodline familes slave masters.

The Queen alone is not doing it. She serves The Crown Corporation which serves the Swiss Octogon families.

Do not listen to this clown agent of the Khabbalah, poster called “Limo Wreck”. He is a liar and a fraudster.

We are anonymous, we are strong, we are many.

No single person is anonymous.

We are global. We never forgive, we never forget.


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(Actually the fake Q took place when the Q went from 4 chan to 8 chan).






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7 thoughts on “False Statements Made by Limo Wreck Regarding Q”

    1. Good points and great petition! Why should not the truly guilty be prosecuted? Why should any former President be protected from prosecution and protected and allowed to kill thousands and not be prosecuted? Is this justice? We need an immediate change of any law saying a former president cannot be prosecuted, as that is only a Carte blanche for freedom to commit murder, racketeering, extortion, crimes against humanity with impunity. And Obama with a fake birth certificate terrorizing the nation and world and writing all types of executive orders and junk that only damage and destroy the U.S. and the world? Since his presidency was illegitimate, all of his executive laws and work needs to be rescinded immediately. In fact, all that has taken place, all amendments and executive orders since the Civil War need to be rescinded, since the U.S. has been in inter-regnum since them.

      See this:

      ▶ Welcome to Oligarchy U.S.A.!!


  1. You say that President Trump is being blackmailed by the SES – with what? What do they have on him that he doesn’t want the people to know about?

    1. We don´t know what they are using to blackmail him but certainly it is concocted and false, yet he is forced into lawsuits and such to defend himself. That incurs a big expense and a head-ache. Mueller is attempting to black-mail him, by illegally tampering with and going into his past dealings before becoming POTUS, illegally seizing documents under attorney client Privilege. There are even rumors that they set fire to his building so they could have someone break into the offices to steal the documents under attorney client privilege. Whatever the means they are using, extortion, false accusations, bringing in women to make accusations. illegally delving into his personal records and such, this is all extortion, blackmail and crime being used by Mueller, the FBI, the CIA, the Intel community as a weaponization of these agencies against Trump and against the American people. If you cannot see this, you are blind.

  2. Please see this link here to find-out truly who created the Q terms “Calm Before the Storm”, “The Storm” and who initiated the Q movement:


    Again, Q is a combination of our ideas which he stole, CICADA and the ideas of others from 2013. We have posted the initial proof. Someone with white hat NSA contacts can confirm such posts were made, as noted in the above link. We tell the truth.

    1. Notice how current fake Q stole our ideas and the ideas of others then has the audacity to say “you failed”. We can prove that we are the source of many ideas fake Q is using and we can post more proof with more links later on, if needed. We have tons of material we created on this at the time. It will be interesting to see also what CICADA has to present. Study the material of Snowden also, and you will realize fake Q has used this as well, as well as the ideas and statements of CICADA from last year around February such as future proves past or past proves future etc. All of this is more evidence to show how current Q is a larp, a massive psy-op run by the clowns.

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