Day: May 7, 2018

Thomas S. Ellis, III’s Deep State Pedigree Exposed

First, there was the euphoria that a federal judge was finally upholding the rule of law.

Mueller Gets a Smack Down by Federal Judge

But we knew it was too good to be true and started looking at just who was Judge T. S. Ellis the Third and found this:

T. S. Ellis III: Wolf in sheep’s clothing?

AIM4Truth Lynn wrote us in response: “You’ve just ruined two happy days.” Unfortunately, Lynn, we have more bad news. Check out Ellis’ pedigree.


Ellis 1

Source: S. Hrg. 1009, Pt. 3. (Jul. 21, 1987). Thomas S. Ellis, III Confirmation Hearing, Judiciary Committee. Ser. No. J-100-9. U.S. Senate.

Ellis 2

Ellis 3

Ellis 4.JPG

Ellis 5.JPG

Ellis 6

Ellis 7

Ellis 8

Ellis 9

Annual Avg. Increase in Financial Investment Holdings (1987-2010) (23 years)

$1,295,000-$111,289=$1,1837,11 / 23 = $51,466 per year increase (even through the 2008 banking crash)

Source: Thomas S. Ellis, III. (2010). Financial Disclosure. U.S. Courts.

Read: When one becomes a judge, one also becomes a brilliant investor.

It is magical how that works, isn’t it?

Sidenote from an AIM4Truth reader who was a Boeing engineer: 

An engineer at Boeing in 23 years could not make this type of returns with the Boeing VIP, unless the Boeing contribution was maxed out at 15% each year based on the salary, which is comparable to a Federal Judge. Only if a person makes ‘cash’ contributions, and rolls over all dividends can these types of returns be made consistently. The smart engineers moved in and out of the growth portfolios, but could only make so many moves per year. I did really great with Tech stocks, and before it busted, I moved to ‘bonds’ completely to ride out the storm. I then moved into a balanced growth fund with housing, and moved out before the bust, into Boeing stock portfolio as a ‘protection fund’, and I was good friends with some smart Lebanese engineers, who knew how to invest. A engineer who invested in the VIP at max, and also made cash contributions, after 30 years, usually walks away with $1.5M, plus retirement, plus medical until Medicare.




Enemies of World Peace Exposed

America is Still Under British Rule

We are connecting the dots from the Swamp to the Crown to the Vatican. We have a separate, and distinct UNIT of government overlayed on the U.S. system of government which many Americans thought was their sovereign government – but it is not. We have all been brainwashed and programmed since birth to believe we are a sovereign nation.

SES logosThe details (where the Devil has been hiding for centuries) shows us otherwise. This British UNIT is operated on a daily basis by Senior Executive Service. SES awards contracts to Serco to run the government, which we has direct ties to the Crown Agents and the British Monarchy. Then all roads lead to the Knights of Malta and the Pope. (See details by clicking on headlines throughout this post.)

We showed you that Queen Lizzie owns it all with her Golden Share.


We showed you that the British Crown runs the U.S. legal system.


We showed you that Serco has its tentacles everywhere in the world.


We unmasked Senior Executive Service and showed you that they are a separate UNIT of government that can’t be fired by the President.


You learned that OPIC and USAID, run by the Senior Executive Service, are gravy trains for the corporate elite and bankers while U.S. taxpayers pick up the bill.


You saw the evidence that the Deep State uses SES, Serco, and OPIC as global portals into unspeakable corruption


You learned that there are 500 attorneys at the Department of Justice – including Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein – who are SES employees there to protect the swamp from their crimes.


We named our British overlords-Gardner and Soames

british overlords

The ENEMIES of Planet Earth – a Jesuit and a Nazi. Until these old vestiges of feudalism and human farming are completely destroyed, none of us – anywhere in the world, will ever be free or know peace on Earth.

Americans, it is time to defeat the Monarch and claim the United States free of British rule. 

evil pope and queen


A brief history of the British Royals and their alleged Nazi connections


Pope Controls Knights of Malta Through Jesuit Proxy


“The Queen is a Knight of Malta and has vowed allegiance to the Pope through the largest insider trading club on the planet. The British Crown Agents are, in fact, also agents of the Vatican’s Knights of Malta.”  Source

America is Still Under British Rule

Post with attachments from a Doug B., reader of the American Intelligence Media.

I do not know you break it to your audience that US Corp is a Crown corporation.  A corporation acting as de facto, overlaid over the original de jure government.  The Founding Fathers were all Esquires and members of the BAR and sold out the colonists to retain their wealth and property in America and Britain.  I do not think it will be received well.

Why does the Queen/Crown take American uranium?  The King NEVER relinquished the land or the claims to its riches in the Treaty of Paris.  Americans are feudal serfs, living on the Queen’s land, as are Canadians, Australians, et al.

It will be interesting to see how you dance around this subject, accusing Crown corporations of interfering with the Crown’s corporation, US Corp.  SERCO is NOT the problem, only a symptom!

This is not conjecture or myth

Below are a few excerpts from a 1996 meeting of patriot researchers. The full document is contained in the headline hyperlink.

we were losers


we were wrong 2.JPG




The Vatican Connection to England

We have been brainwashed by indoctrination and programming to believe that we are a sovereign country. We are not. Read the excerpt below and then open the hyperlink in the headline to learn more.

Is US a British colony



Were We Ever Free?


were we ever free.JPG

See headline hyperlink to access full document.


And there is more………………

“What Mr. Montgomery is trying to convey in this, his final writing on this subject, is that of laying the foundation for how this country operates today. Not that you can go into a court and present these arguments today, you can’t.. If you don’t know the power structures beginnings then you are doomed forever to repeat the same mistakes as those that preceded you in their quest to seek justice. To truly win in the situation there must be a concerted effort by at least 70 percent of the people to overturn the present state of affairs. That will not happen because of the ignorance of the masses that are so easily led by those in power. The people have truly forsaken the true Sovereign, namely the Lord Almighty.

Without going into the so-called “religion” aspect, let me just pose some questions. Did not the Lord Almighty create the land? Yes. Did the Pope create the land? No! Did the King create the land? No! Did any other man create the land? No! Did any group of men called State create the land? No! Now that I have answered the questions for you then here are some that you are to answer.

Then, who is the real owner of the land? Did not the creator of the land bestow it upon all men and their heirs to be stewards of the land, granting to no one man or group of men, absolute dominion over any land? When man dies who does the land escheat to? For those not familiar with that term escheat, it means who does the land go back to when all men die? Your answers can only show that no Pope, King, Man himself, or group of men called State can ever claim they own the land and charge another man a fee to live on that land. Mr. Montgomery is showing you the progression from a certain period of time that certain mere mortal men have decided that they were granted certain rights above all other men in claiming dominion over all land.

The pecking Order starting from the top in controlling land are;

1. The Pope
2. The Kings of all lands, but we are talking specifically England here.
3. Knights
4. Lord Proprietors of the King in America
5. Royal Governors of the King, in America
6. Administrative officers of the corporate colonies of America
7. Freeholders/Freemen of granted property in America.
8. The officers of the newly constituted States of America which, gave way to the;
9. Officers of the United States which now reverses 8 and 9 due to the States joining Union.
10. The County officers which are the corporate instrumentalities of the State.
11. Simple man, meaning you, reading this.



T. S. Ellis III: Wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Judge T.S. Ellis III holds a mountain of Facebook interests; Fenwick & West LLP compromised Van der Meer by representing both sides and tainted Leader v. Facebook; Deep State duplicity abounds

Judge EllisAmericans for Innovation outed Judge Thomas S. Ellis IIIs back in 2014. He has played this confidence trick before. He’s a James P. Chandler III rogue shadow government disciple – he has voted in favor of the EEA (Chandler’s mass surveillance creation), NSA, CIA, Deep State at almost every stage. No question.

What new scam is he playing in the Mueller Witch Hunt? Is he giving Mueller an excuse to withdraw before the ramparts fall? It appears so. We do not believe for a minute that Ellis is turning on the Deep State. He is not strong enough and has dutifully played their games for too many years.

Is Ellis trying to appease the gods for his Deep State surveillance government complicity in his senior years?

AFI. (Jun. 13, 2014). Rembrandt v. Facebook Patent Trial On Like Button Begins – Another Kangaroo Court? Americans for Innovation.


PDF version of article


Our guess is he is not to be trusted. Look at his Blackrock holdings. He knows who butters his bread.