Miner Finds 7-2-18

American Intelligence Media research teams are divided into geologists, miners, smithies, and jewelers.

American Intelligence Media Organizes Cyber Research Teams

These nuggets below are from mining activities since our last post. Miners research the documents we have provided in the link below, as well as other relevant information they might find, and then send to us for posting so that smithies can drop in and pick up what they need to develop new, cutting-edge articles, stories, videos, etc.

Research Tools for Digital Truth Sleuths


Rep. Devin Nunes. (Jul. 01, 2018). Group of 17 FBI and DOJ officials that Rep. Nunes, House Oversight Committee Chairman, wants to interview about government surveillance abuse. U.S. Congress.


Senior Executive Service 17 on Nunes list




Zodiac picture

The original crime beat investigative journalist for the Napa register was L. Pierce Carson, who later became their wine expert and respected food critic

In June 2000, the Register started a series on the Zodiac and the reporter was Jay Goetting. Various suspects were named, none of them being local Napa citizens.

It is certain Jay Goetting knew Hal Snook, since Jay was the court and crime beat reporter for the local radio station and then the paper of record, the Napa Valley register.

The first article ran on Monday June 18th 2001

Zodiackiller.com Message Board

Jay was an avid Zodiac killer enthusiast.What leaps out to us is that just 10 days before his series on the Zodiac began, his wife died in a tragic fall down a flight of stairs, and Jay was the only witness. Jay immediately took time to “get away’ to his mother’s house in Sun City Arizona. It is unclear if he was ever questioned. It is also rumored that Sherry Goetting feared for her life, and even visited Napa Valley sentinel publisher Harry Martin to express these fears, just days before she died.

Jay Goetting wife comment

Coyotes, Jesus departs, and the editor’s dilemma


Jay Goetting
Jay Goetting

Goetting continued to cover the Zodiac killings, even making pilgrimages to the kill sites.

Die-hard Zodiac sleuths gather at Lake Berryessa

Goetting’s association with the Zodiac killings goes back to the early 1970’s when his partnership with Pat Stanley at KVON consisted of scooping crime stories after being tipped by police.

Pat Stanley was radio station KVYN’s news director during the last 1960s and it was Stanley who discovered the Zodiac Killers payphone off the hook after the Sept 28th lake Berryessa murder.

Zodiac on the line …

Goetting clearly has a long history as a Zodiac buff.

It gets even stranger. In 2013, Jay was the only eye witness to a double fatality in Arizona.

MCSO identifies 2 dead in Sun City house fire

zodiac calling card
Zodiac calling card 1969, promising various methods of death.




At the 10:30 mark of “Obama Spied on Trump” it was acknowledged again that the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee is the most dangerously corrupt committee in Washington D.C.

As you two reminded me of this again, were you aware the little state of Maine rivals California for Senate Intelligence Committee members? Before continuing let me point out some population statistics.

US population:                         328.0 million   (100.0%)

California population:               39.5 million   (  12.1%)

Maine population:                       1.3 million   (   0.4%)

The Intelligence Senate Committee has 13 members which amounts to one individual Senator representing the interests of around 25.2 million US residents on average.

California, with 12% of the U.S. population (and shrinking), it has two participants on this corrupt committee (Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris).  How in blazes does Maine, with only 0.4% of the US population, have both of its Global Warming Progressive believers, Senator Susan Collins and Senator Angus King on this very same corrupt Senate Intelligence Committee?

As a freshman United States Senator, Angus used the pretense of being an Independent, to angle himself on five key oversight committees – Rules, Intelligence, Armed Services, Budget, and Energy and Natural Resources.

He has profited well from his negotiations back in 2011 with his own Democrats.  Angus King is presently cited as the wealthiest Maine politician today.  He is reportedly worth $18 to $28 million.

Not bad considering much of his wealth is attributed to the Global Warming hoax.   As you are aware, the oil industry encourages technologies like solar and wind, which are not competitive with fossil fuels unless heavily subsidized by the taxpayer.  Angus is king of forcing wind mills on many of Maine’s mountain tops.  He works very well in the Swamp!




AIM4Truth David wrote us: You will find an awful lot of filth in ‘THE WESTMINSTER FOUNDATION FOR DEMOCRACY LIMITED’

You are definitely on the right track but when you see the BIG PICTURE it will blow your minds.

Its all done via interlocking/overlapping directorships/boilerooms and at its heart is Lord Rothschilds 6 St James’s Place, St James’s Square, London.

Our reply to David: Thanks for the lead, David. This is what we found:


Well, well. This organization THE WESTMINSTER FOUNDATION FOR DEMOCRACY LIMITED (founded Feb. 26, 1992) is clearly controlled by the Privy Council and Crown Agents and is deep in our U.S. business. They even teach and “consult” at our National Defense University.

In fact, WFD’s Iain King CBE, member of the U.S. National Defense University, benefited from Leader Technologies’ CEO Michael McKibben’s prior work to help bring peace to Northern Ireland. King takes way too much credit (see bio snippet below). McKibben’s organization, Living Sound, was one of the first contemporary Gospel music groups to crisscross the Belfast war zone and sing in both Catholic and Protestant churches during the height of “The Troubles, culminating in a joint Catholic-Protestant finale concert in Ulster Hall ca. 1982. King’s bio says he was “”one of the first people to engage with republican and loyalist groups”.

No, Mr. King, brave people long before you were engaged in efforts for peace in Ireland. Not with guns, missiles, bombs  and globalist deals, but with love. In fact, Lord Hylton (Ammerdown Study Centre at Ammerdown House, Kilmersdon, near Bath, Avon) told McKibben in 1982 that his Living Sound music group’s efforts with local churches who came together in Belfast, Northern Ireland were more effective than all the peace programs initiated by the House of Lords at the time.

THE WESTMINSTER FOUNDATION FOR DEMOCRACY LIMITED, Co. No. 02693163. (Aug. 30, 2017). Full accounts made up to 2017-03-31. Companies House.


We request that readers research each person who is or has been a director in WFD since 1992. Our cursory review found a goldmine of Privy Council insiders, but more cross-referencing needs to be done. The ties among WFD, Privy Council, Crown Agents, USAID, OPIC, MCC, State Dept, Commerce Dept, Defense Dept. are astounding.

Westminster Foundation 1

They received the majority of this ~$12m funds from DFID (Department for International Development UK – another UK gov’t public-private investment group).



Westminster Foundation 2

On March 31, 1996,  WFFDL disclosed this Board of Governors:

6 of 12 knights or dames – Evidently making this organization a tool of the Privy Council, not the UK Parliament that funds it:

Westminster Foundation 3

Class Sep – 21 Oct 2016 National Defense University

WFFDL staff the US National Defense University in Washington on behalf of the Westminster Foundation. Evidently, this Privy Council foundation is in our business:


Iain King

DFID / WFFDL teams (no doubt through the Crown Agents and SES) with Commerce, State, Treasury, OPIC, USAID, Export-Import Bank.


OPIC clients


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