Technology is not good for everything – especially when it comes to voting integrity!

Two intellectual giants – Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben – explain the latest findings from their research into world-wide election rigging. Citizens around the world need to take time to listen to this interview and help restore integrity and honesty to their local, state, and country elections.

After you listen to the audio, then continue your “deep dive” into the research that the research teams at the Americans for Innovation and American intelligence Media have discovered for your use.

Call for election integrity NOW


Indictable Evidence: Foreign Interference in US Elections Since 2005


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Scrap election corruption

Queen Elizabeth II Rigs Elections Worldwide




2 thoughts on “Technology is not good for everything – especially when it comes to voting integrity!”

  1. I don’t think paper ballots will fix the problem, but it could help. However, I think hanging crooked politicians caught in any illegal instance may Improve it more.

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