Remember ‘Mao Tze Tung Loving’ Communist Anita Dunn?


FLASHBACK TO AUGUST 4, 2016: “Pervasive ties have been uncovered that directly link the former and current personal legal counsels to President Obama, Robert F. Bauer (PDF) (No. 23), and his wife, Anita B. Dunn, and their long-time law firm, Perkins Mao-Tse-TungCoie LLP, with the Facebook Cabal.

Y’all remember Anita Dunn..right?

Her favorite political philosopher is Mao Tze Tung.

Remember the article recently regarding another attorney from Perkins Coie – Michael Sussman? See here.  Connect the dots. They couldn’t be more obvious.

Glenn Beck – New exclusive video of Obama staffer Anita Dunn & her freaky tongue


Anita Dunn and Robert F. Bauer reminded us of some gems in our archives about these two and the corrupt Obama adminsitration. Hope this helps our white hats understand how their operations worked. Get a good picture of this image with this PDF:

Click to access 2013-08-07-How_disinformation_bought_the_White_House_and_plans_to_keep_it_PERT_CHART_Aug_07_2013.pdf

disinformation and the white house

Take a look at this one. Here is the PDF.

Strategy to Power


The assessment of Perkins Coie LLP in 2013 was prescient.

Bauer Dunn Cutler

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Obama white house plumbers

Romantic Poet. (Accessed Oct. 08, 2018). Robert Bauer and Anita Dunn (Spouse) in Obama’s White House. Nepotism? Or Political Protectionism? UPDATE! Bauer is “IN”. Romantic Poet’s Weblog.

Perkins Coie Muckety


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