What interesting family members you have Governor Gavin Newsom

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AIM Patriot Laura writes:

Kimberly Guilfoyle. Don Jr’s new babe. Just doing a Wikipedia search on her (I realize Wikipedia may not be 100% accurate) and found that she was married to Gavin Newsom in the early 2000s, lived much of her whole life in far left San Fransicko, and was a member of La Raza in 2006. That’s what stuck out the most to me- her association to La Raza. I knew she was formally First Lady of San Fransicko but didn’t realize her husband at the time was Gavin Newsom.

Gavin happens to be Nancy Pelosi’s nephew through marriage (I believe his aunt married Ron Pelosi who is the brother-in-law to Nancy). He also has family ties to the Getty family. That family has a very checkered history… having to do with a certain topic involving pizza. Oh, and they are also chummy with Adam Shitt. But that’s no surprise.

Anyways, my point is from this very basic search is that the swamp is so incestuous.

I also wonder if she is legit or is she a spy? An MK Ultra kitten? Kinda like Marilyn Monroe was? I don’t like all of her left connections and her Left Coast upbringing. Hard to believe it didn’t wear off on her. Anyways, food for thought. Keep an eye on her.

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Our reply: Yes, Guilfoyle belongs(ed) to an organization called La Raza Lawyers Association and, indeed, she was Gavin Newsom’s wife. Gavin’s aunt is Nancy Pelosi who, by the way, has been associated with Goathill Pizza. Most of the stuff about Nancy and the pizza joint in San Fran has been scrubbed from the internet…but we remember….like how San Fran/Napa Valley area is a terminal point for human trafficking network (See our Zodiac Killer article) that runs from the Southern Border through Los Angeles (Maxine Water’s district) to San Fran/Napa up through Canada.

Yet, we are to believe that Nancy and Gavin are clueless about these operations as they desperately try to keep the border open at both ends, allowing human trafficking operations to flourish? All the while, we read horrific stories about the Queen of England abducting children in Canada.

As we look at Kimberly, are we looking at another “Judge Napolitano” who is controlled opposition and will flip on patriots at a critical moment ….or perhaps a carefully planned CIA operation to infiltrate the Trump family …. or a globalist Trojan Horse to get inside the Tavistock Trump campaign to plant Russia Collusion crapola?

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “What interesting family members you have Governor Gavin Newsom”

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Another typical Illuminati crime family, involved with pedophilia, human trafficking, left-wing political groups, the CIA… so what’s new. Nothing to look at folks; move along.


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