Senior Executive Service: Shadow Government Operatives Destroying America from Within

We love it that more and more folks are waking up to Obama’s stay-behind army of bureaucrats called Senior Executive Service. We have been doing articles and videos on this rogue and unconstitutional faction within our government for quite some time.

Lately, our AIM information warriors are sending us excellent materials they are finding about SES. Look below at some of our recent findings.

CALL FOR ACTION: What can you do?

Be an information warrior. Take moment and leave a thoughtful comment under these videos so that others that “drop by” can be educated and enlightened on the true purpose of SES. Others of you have your own media platforms. Do some more research on the topics below and send us your final products (posts, articles, videos, memes) which we will share with our global, decentralized network of truth warriors.

Also, make sure you have communicated this important information to your elected representatives. You will find that many have no clue what this is…and you will find that others are actually operatives inside the SES.


AIM Patriot Janet reports in with a message to all:

I work for an agency in DC – SESers – this is what I call “the plasma matrix ball”

Civil Servant, see a problem, see a solution, work hard, fix it. Plasma ball feels the torque, will “fix” it back – within months if it’s a bait-and-switch-fix, within 2 years otherwise. Always.

I am a whistleblower already, currently blowing a whistle. It’s like a mine field here – use a map (experience, intuition), do not freeze or panic, cross the field – hold faith.

Here’s a little “gem” used to recruit millennials into the SES. You’ll need to get through about 7 inane minutes re: elite tea drinking, which I presume is meant to encourage those not serious to click off. The symbolism everywhere is stunning. It’s like a game in a children’s Highlights mag. Note how the women “on Skype,” are looking down on the viewer, and note the “Skype” hi-def.

Career strategies for the senior executive service (SES)

AIM note to readers: We are directing you to the YT directly so that you can see her contact info…and of course, if you would like to leave a thoughtful note in the comment box to help others who might drop by his site and think about joining the opposition – Senior Executive Service. Definitely go into the 7:00 mark to get the party started. 

This is an uncommon time, requiring uncommon courage.

Thank you for your service 🙂

Then this comment was left in one of our YT boxes about SES:

JUST CAME ACROSS THIS SES GEM!!!! OMFG!!! There is one video that specifically addresses SES employment tips in GRAPHIC and SICKENING detail.

Getting a Job in the Senior Executive Service Schlinger

AIM note to readers: We listened and agree it is sickening to those of you who are knowledgeable about SES operations.


We continued some basic research and look what else we found:

This government geek also recruits for retired veterans – Yes, there are SES operatives all throughout the military. If any of our rebel alliance or starship members do deep dives on these leads and produce articles or videos, please send them to us for posting and sharing.

Geek soyboy also recruits for these sites on his Gov Geek site:

onet online


Here’s another recruiting page for SES into the military

fasclass ses


What’s up with the star images in these videos?

Why is he promoting the Hamilton Broadway play that was featured at the Democrat boondoggle down in Puerto Rico in January 2019. Is this play some kind of recruiting tool for the SES? We would love to hear from you if you know the backstory to this production.



ses employee insurance strategies
This video is totally weird: Government employee insurance strategies
ses star man
See video here


ses jobs


Who are the SES — you ask?



Safety Library Backup

Javier Lopez. (May 11, 2018). Career strategies for the senior executive service (SES). The Gov Geeks.

Fred Coon. (Jan. 15, 2019). 205 JT Getting a Job in the Senior Executive Service Schlinger. Stewart Cooper & Coon.


6 thoughts on “Senior Executive Service: Shadow Government Operatives Destroying America from Within”

  1. It’s happening – The Republic is being restored this w/end!



    On Wed, Jan 16, 2019 at 9:11 AM Patriots for Truth wrote:

    > Our Spirit posted: “We love it that more and more folks are waking up to > Obama’s stay-behind army of bureaucrats called Senior Executive Service. We > have been doing articles and videos on this rogue and unconstitutional > faction within our government for quite some time. Lat” >

  2. Dear Patriots,

    SES is the United Nations. Please look up the International Civil Services Commission (ICSC); that is where they’re getting their authority. To make a long story short, they have what amounts to UN diplomatic immunity to advance the globalist agenda (including Agenda 21 depopulation), and they’ve been eating our lunch for 40 years now. USA INC is a subsidiary of the IMF, which is owned by the UN. Capiche? Good hunting.

  3. The ones that should be let go are SES/NTEU Directors, Department Managers, Managers, and union thugs on the job that do no work but go around harassing and intimidating non-union employees. These pet-employees (mostly NTEU members) get paid time off, season tickets, free trips, tickets to the movies, etc… for accomplishing the union/agency’s plots and ploys against good employees that had filed complaints or just honestly opposed them.

    The people cant work safely and effectively because they have to look over their shoulder from fear of the “pet-employees” shenanigans. It scary to go to work for some of these employees which our system (DOL,OWCP, EEO/EEOC) has ignored them and forgotten TO DEFEND THEM. Most quit from fear, ill health, or just die at the hands of these evil doers that poison their coffee or lunches. The evil doers are the ones that earn high dollars
    and do no work. Those have to go and it starts at the top!

    You stated “They do nothing that warrants punishment and nothing of external value” how do you know? Have you seen these employees reviews?

    You stated ” Process is what we serve, process keeps us safe, process is our core value. It takes a lot of people to maintain the process. Process provides jobs. In fact, there are process experts and certified process managers who protect the process” So who creates these volumes of Processes/IRM’S? which all employees that work for the agency must adhere to during the workday? Senior officials NEED to be re-prioritized during an extended shutdown better said.



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