Will Trump Visit the Windsors and British Warlords in June?

The Queen is ‘set to invite Donald Trump for a full state visit on 75th anniversary of D-Day this June’

Request of POTUS: While you are there please ask the Queen why her Privy Council is out to destroy your administration. Let them know that despite fake news, the American and British people are fully aware of Robert Hannigan‘s shenanigans with John Brennan as they committed espionage and treason to overthrow your administration.

Ask her to bring you up to speed on what they are doing with Arvinder Sambei who, along with her cohort in crime Robert Mueller, have been running operations against the United States since 911. Let her know that the American people are demanding sanctions against her entire country, its oligarch warlord bankers and brokers, and the Windsor Monarchy for their overt election meddling.

We are also demanding that all offshore accounts of the royal conspirators be seized, including those of George Mark Malloch-Brown, Tony Blair, Richard Dearlove, Stefan Halper, Alison Saunders, Geoffrey Pattie, Nick Clegg, Andrew Wood, and the many others we have named for espionage.

Queen Elizabeth as a lizardTell old Lizard Lady that you know how she controls Lockheed Martin, BAE, and other strategic companies in the US military industrial complex with her golden share.

On behalf of the American people, please let her know that we understand how SES and SERCO work with the Crown Agents to keep British rule over America.

We ask you to proclaim that America is free from British Rule and we are terminating their operations in America.

Then we can party like it’s July 4, 2019, which could become, under your presidency, our true Independence Day from British Rule.

British Attempt to Overthrow Donald Trump – FAILS

Espionage posters corrected

While you are dining with the lizard family, Mr. President, Rand Paul has a few questions…. basically was Brennan colluding with the Brits – a foreign government – to insert itself into our elections? We are feeling some juicy American economic sanctions on these British oligarchs! Seize their offshore accounts for ESPIONAGE. Then let the international tribunals begin. Let’s leave our children and grandchildren a world of peace and prosperity and not one filled with globalist oligarchs and sociopaths.

Rand Paul Goes Off On The Russia Investigation

Shenanigans of Robert Hannigan

AIM Patriots, don’t forget the British involvement here! ROBERT HANNIGAN set up wiretaps for the FBI. 

trump tower frame up

Wanted Robert HanniganMeet the British spy that came over to America and worked with John Brennan to set up a wiretap on Trump. Companies like Infosecurity Group are proud to sponsor an enemy of America to be their keynote speaker…..but then maybe they don’t know about Robert. Has he not told his compatriots what he did to meddle in U.S. elections?

Calling a digital flashmob here. Please leave your comments under the video so that we can educate the folks at Infosecurity Group. We started the party with the comment below. The last person we did this to resigned his political position within a few weeks of our digital flashmob that exposed his corruption with the US Patent Office and SERCO.

This is just another information weapon that you can use against the opposition – you and your audience don’t have to leave your chairs. Please info flashmob along with us.

robert hannigan comment.JPG

Here’s Robert Hannigan.Then please visit the YT site directly to leave your comments.


The Origin of The Feces – President Trump Smartly Draws Attention to Beginning of Russian Conspiracy Effort

tt russia collusion

trump tweet how did it start


Make sure to contact the White House. The President needs to know that ordinary citizens like us know what happened. Here is his email box: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/


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