It Was An Overthrow By The Brits

It was an overthrow run by the Brits.

Please correct all those fake news channels calling it a “soft coup.” It was a hard coup.

It was a British attempt to overthrow the United States President.

It was conducted from the highest levels of the British inner Fleet Street cabal from the Queen, her Privy Council, the Pilgrims Society, and the media. This also includes: Alison Saunders’ conspiracy with Bruce and Nellie Ohr,  Arvinder Sambei with Robert Mueller, Robert Hannigan with John Brennan, Richard Dearlove, Mark Malloch-Brown, George Soros, Nick Clegg, Geoffrey Pattie.

Our AFI-AIM researchers are pulling out the TRUTH and the EVIDENCE daily from our research mines.

Call it what it is: ACT OF WAR

The British Monarch is enemy of the entire world. We must call for immediate action against the Queen and her co-conspirators for their crimes against humanity. All patriots around the world are called to action to free their nations and its citizens from the tyrannical rule of the British Empire. Historical facts don’t lie.

It Was An Overthrow By The Brits


Articles referenced in the audio are:

Wellcome and the Wee Little Death Box


Venetian Takeover of British Banking


July 29, 1909, 120 years ago, The Day Satan (disguised as a British White Supremacist) Took Charge Of The 20th Century

Hard proof that Britain is the source of modern weaponized intelligence and propaganda… to this day

COMMITTEE OF IMPERIAL DEFENCE [Subcomms MI5,MI6]. (Jul. 29, 1909). Committee Report that led to the founding of MI5 (Home Defence) and MI6 (Colonial Defence), HC Deb 29 July 1909 vol 8 cc1381-432. UK Parliament, Hansard.

Committee of Imperial Defence. (Accessed Aug. 24, 2019). Committee Report to UK Parliament on Jul. 29, 1909 that led to the founding of MI5 (Home Defence) and MI6 (Colonial). Wikipedia.

Correspondent. (Jul. 23, 1909). EMPIRE PRESS UNION formed, published Sep. 07, 1909, Issue No. 14622, Dunedin, New Zealand via National Library of New Zealand, Ref. No. ODT19090907.2.6. Otago Daily Times.

Henry S. Wellcome. (Jun. 01, 1909 – ca. Jul. 1909). THE EVOLUTION OF JOURNALISM ETCETERA – International / Imperial Press Conference, 1909, Great Britain (incl. Lord Burnham, Sirs Edward and Harry Levy-Lawson). Burroughs Wellcome. FULLY INDEXED, BOOKMARKED, SEARCHABLE. 27.1 MB.

The White Supremacists who ran cover for the establishment of MI5 and MI6 using the Imperial Press Conference, 1909 to recruit War Correspondents (Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Reuters, Financial Times, the Times, Manchester Guardian, Daily Express, BBC, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Daily Mirror, Fleet Street, etc.) and (propaganda) writers from across the Commonwealth.

lawson wellcome.JPG

The Origins of British Counter-Espionage

boer war.jpg

p. 59 Fabian Ware, Editor, Morning Post

p. 93 Lord Glenese, Sir Algernon Borthwick; Proprietor, Morning Post; President, Newspaper Press Fund

UK Intelligence.png

April 19, 1909

secret police 1.jpg

“We seem, since the inauguration of the Imperial Department of Criminal Intelligence, to be on the verge of constituting a Secret Police Force, and no innovation could be more dangerous and more liable to become a weapon of oppression with the material we are obliged to work through.”

Imperial Department of Criminal Intelligence


HC Deb 29 July 1909 vol 8 cc1381-4321381 (The Day the Empire Press Union was formed by delegates from the Imperial Conference just concluded)

Motion made, and Question proposed, “That a sum not exceeding £66,171 be granted to His Majesty to complete the sum necessary to defray the charge which will come in course of payment during the year ending on the 31st day of March, 1910, for the Salaries and Expenses in the Department of His Majesty’s Treasury and Subordinate Departments, including expenses in respect of advances under the Light Railways Act, 1896.”

The PRIME MINISTER (Herbert Asquith)

imperial conference 1.jpgimperial conference 2.jpgimperial conference 3.jpgimperial conference 4.jpg


british never left.jpg

8 thoughts on “It Was An Overthrow By The Brits”

  1. This is but a recent aspect of the history of the fallen angels . the larger picture is . the reptilian anunnaki . malevolent 4D aliens . conquered the Earth kindergarten . trapped we souls in created body shells . they became humanity’s slave masters . secretly controlled our holographic history . Lemuria . Atlantis . four Empires . using war . revolution . to cull us . their “energy” herd . they control inter dimensionally . from mind control platforms on Saturn . Moon . + from underground bases . their human hybrid blue blood . are infiltrators in every aspect of society . the trinity of evil . city states . City of London . Vatican City . Washington DC .
    An insightful video .by ex US Air Force intelligence officer . and author Len Kasten . Books + videos on line.
    * Alien World Order: The Reptilian Plan to Divide and Conquer the Human Race
    * Secret History of Extraterrestrials: Advanced Technology . the Coming New Race
    * Secret Journey to Planet Serpo: A True Story of Interplanetary Travel

  2. All roads lead to Rome and the Jesuits, Crypto-joos and their minions. History is a fiction of Hollywood (USA) and Holyrood (UK). State Actors are all under the control of the Jesuits as in the Vatican now, black and white. Try to find a major political leader who wasn’t trained by the Jesuit education complex. SPECTRE is real! The Octopus has many arms and eyes but it all started with Pilate and the Kabal A Chymical Wedding of Rose Cross, Masons and Templars and the wolves dined on the Pascal Lamb.

    1. Yes boiled down to the core. Shallow are all the entities like Club of Rome, RIIA, Le Cercle, Trialeral, CFR and the stinktanks who control Politic, Media and Finance. All from HQ’s of Vatican, City of London, DC and Tel-Aviv. The criminals, their governmental and NGO’s, Corporations could fill volumes but the core committee are jesuits trained cryto-joo-joo-bees.

  3. Done. Downloaded all of them. That’s so much to read and digest. Some with morning coffee. John Dee is a huge frustration. We live in an interactive universe. If more people would live it immortality’d be next. Recipe : fluffy soil, using principles and practices of permaculture, depending on what the baseline knowledge is – easily accomplished in 3 years. Yards, or fields. Surround ones homelife with it. water : good ionized water filtration system for personal care and home hygiene. Endocannabanoids, CBDoil grown outdoors by good farmers and least extracting steps possible (coconut oil) and coup de gras, Lake Champlain chocolate. ;). Heal Thyself! undo the Dee-man mind control brainwashing propaganda. Keep the enlightenment coming Xx.

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