Bankers and Pilgrims Enemies of Humanity


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Killer Bankers Are Humanity’s Enemies



pilgrims targetFrom all the wars we have known in our lifetimes from the Korean War, to Vietnam, to the war on terrorism, our sons and daughters have spilled their blood for American freedoms and liberties. But as truth is revealed to us through diligent research, we find that all modern wars have been started by the evil enemy of humanity – the PILGRIMS SOCIETY.

As we have shown you with our extensive research, this group includes monarchs, bankers, oligarchs, and CEOS, with their on-the-ground crown agents and Senior Executive Service operatives, who LITERALLY want to take over the planet in one world tyranny.

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The warmongering bankers have this in common – membership in the EVIL PILGRIMS SOCIETY

all wars are banker wars


Ronald Regan Patriotic Speech


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Even if you don’t make it inside the event, your physical presence speaks loudly to the world. No George Soros – Romney family rigged election box can create formulas to fractionalize the votes when our eyes show us the YUGE support for MAGA-KAG. The voting begins by:

1) Donate 2020 campaign donations to NOT the Romney RNC  (boo, hiss, spit on those nevertrumper, rats, rinos, and Romneys – a bunch of globalist soldiers that needs to fade away like the Democrat Party.)

2) Attend a Trump Rally (today’s ‘Woodstock experience’ for people who love freedom). It doesn’t matter if you are inside or out. It’s a huge party of freedom-loving patriots.  When we show up physically to show support, the Romney-family can’t hide fractionalized voting in cyber space. The math on the ground won’t match the Romney-family math in the rigged machines.

3) Get local. Go vocal. Send your message global. Your job as an AIM patriot and influencer is to get your circle of influence engaged and on task. Have them do the same with their network. Some of you have an audience of a dozen; others an audience of thousands. Metrics don’t matter in the Internet. “Radiant influence” is our weapon of mass intelligence.

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  1. Please consider


    Henry Makow @HenryMakow

    Gangster President Iraqi PM 2

    “When the defence minister said that who kills the demonstrators is a third party,

    Trump called me immediately and physically threatened me and defence minister in the event of talk about the third party.

      1. Please consider

        The key to understanding the globalist’s strategy in implementing the New World

        Order is to understand that there are actually two NWOs: a

        Western-fronted decoy New World Order and a

        BRICS-fronted real New World Order.

      2. johnsoulman says:

        January 7, 2020 at 10:06 pm

        (Douglas . Second request for your comment!)

        * Trump making Israel Great . attacking Iran!

        * Trumps non disclosure-cover up of 9-11!

        * Trumps advocacy of 5G!. 6G!

        * Trumps involvement with the Chabad death cult!

      3. Please consider .
        Sunday, February 26, 2012

        Iran’s Supreme Leader, Patrice Lumumba University’s Secret Graduate

        It is not the first time, it has been claimed that Iran’s Supreme Leader has graduated from the former Soviet Union’s notorious Patrice Lumumba University,

        or the University of “Friendship” aka KGB Tech.

        A former CIA agent, Clare Lopez was quoted as saying this during an interview:

        And a book titled China & Iran by John Garver, also mentions Iran’s Supreme Leader to have graduated from the Patrice Lumumba University in 1968

        But a program broadcast on Russia Today on 5th February, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the university was the first time this information was

        confirmed by a Russian source.

        The Russia Today presenter mentions with much pride- see below 1:41min – two current heads of state as former graduates of the university,

        Mahmoud Abbas and Ali Khamenei, IR’s Supreme Leader.

        The consequences of this information can be cataclysmic and once again it goes to prove the unholy alliance between Iran’s Communists and Islamists before the 1979 revolution.

        For it is inconceivable that the Supreme Leader could have studied in the Soviet Union without the puppet Soviet Communist Party of Iran, the Tudeh Party
        not having facilitated his move to Moscow.

        It also explains all the Stalinist methods so diligently deployed by Iran’s rulers in the past thirty years.

        The current IR Judiciary Spokesperson, Gholam Hossein Ezhei is also said to be in the university’s alumni list.

      4. Please consider

        Setting the Record Straight to SERCO

        Posted: 08 Jan 2020 03:49 PM PST

        By Anna Von Reitz

        There is a group of relatively high level government employees both Military and Federal Civil Service (SERCO types) who are mis-advising President Trump and our veterans.

        Whether they are doing this because they don’t know any better, or because they are disloyal, is unknown. They do have and hold many incorrect ideas about the whole situation and how the “world” outside of government is a actually set up.

        Communicating with them is extraordinarily difficult because they “only know what they know” and aren’t particularly open to learning anything else.

        I recently received an email from one of these characters in which he berated me and congratulated himself on his support of American veterans.

        I am sharing my response to him in hopes that it MIGHT finally break through the Brain Block some of these people clearly have:

        I don’t care what you do with your own money or how you spend it. I have been supporting the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) the last three decades myself. So what?

        None of that has anything to do with how to fund GOVERNMENT operations for the military or the veterans, either one. Nor does it shed any light on the topic at hand.

        You cannot pay people using their own assets to do it.

        That is simply crazy-making, and no matter how you cut it, it is a LOSS to them, not a gain.

        If a robber comes to my house and steals everything I own, then relents and gives me a little of it back, have I gained anything?

        No, I have not.

        The robber may have soothed his conscience a little bit, but I am still far worse off than when I started, having lost the bulk of my possessions and being forced to spend what’s left to survive.

        That is what you are proposing as a remedy, Mr. Robber. What I am proposing is something quite different.

        Quite apart from your budgets and knowledge of things, the Queen and the Pope both owe us Americans a tremendous amount of money and credit—- and we have every right to access it and spend it ourselves however we see fit.

        So we can afford to actually pay Veterans without robbing them first.

        What a concept!

        But the only way we can access those funds is by claiming back our birthright status as Americans and joining together to operate our actual government.

        Otherwise we remain in a “dependent” condition and can’t inherit all the money and credit that has accrued in the so-called Legacy Accounts.

        So while you and Phil have been fixated on the dribs and drabs and chiseling a little bit more out of what the Queen provides as charity for the “Paupers”—- that’s what they literally call our veterans—- to live on,

        I have been concentrating on our “lawful inheritance” and claiming back the money and estate that all our “Paupers” are actually owed.

        And you have the nerve to accuse me of doing anything wrong?

        You are the one that is so clueless that you are actually harming the people you claim to serve, and insulting me and my efforts, and making all these bizarre assumptions about my motives.

        I want our property and control of it returned to us, because that is to the advantage of all Americans— including veterans—-and it is also what is required by international law and treaty.

        I want the “Robbery and Give Back System” ended, but I have not been vengeful about it.

        I might add that the very people who suffer the most under this system are our Military and Federal Civil Service Employees and that they were the first ones to suffer enslavement under this system of things.

        Apparently, Mr. Trump has recognized this with his new Executive Order and has even come up with a new term to describe it: “National Enslavement”.

        Logically, they are the ones — especially as Retirees — who should be most interested in seeing the present system reformed and the actual government owed to this country restored.

        There are “pledges” of their assets and resources actually on the record — FDR’s First Inaugural Address pledged the Municipal (Federal Civil Service) Employee’s assets to the Pope, and the Territorial Conference of Governors pledged the U.S. Military Personnel in the same way.

        Federal Employees and Retirees have the most cause to object, as technically, nobody has any authority or right over the rest of us to “pledge” us to anything — whereas for them, the loss of their assets has been a condition of their employment.

        Any idea that I am unsympathetic to their distress and dilemma is completely off-base and untrue.

        I am simply coming at these issues from a different vantage point — one that is outside the box that our Federal Employees have been forced to live in.

        And from where I sit, it is perfectly clear that every American regardless of their political status and regardless of their employment, benefits greatly by finishing the long-overdue Reconstruction of the Federal Government and by the proper operation of the Federation of States that we are spearheading.

        Many Federal Employees, retired and present, are afraid of the rest of us.

        They know or have cause to know that things aren’t right, and though most of them don’t know why, they fear reprisals and losses of retirement pensions, and all sorts of other Bug-A-Boos.

        Let’s put an end to all that and realize that we are all Americans.

        It is not possible for something that benefits all of us to be bad for anyone, and continuing to kick against change that restores our lawful government only delays a far better life for everyone concerned — including our veterans and our civil service employees.

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