Remember that time when we were ‘Q’?

Y’all remember how Q started…way before 4chan…back in the day when Cicada 3301 ran its online puzzle that year called “Q” and used AIM material for their early posts. Took off like lightening…until here we are today, with fake news media trying to figure out who and where is Q.

For those following the American Intelligence Media a few years ago, you may recall the epic take-down of Q in March 2018 after we attacked them as being a psyop that had taken over the Cicada 3301 operations. The “new” Q was misleading its followers into nonsense like : Trust Sessions. Trust Horowitz. Trust Huber….

….. We busted them and then went on to solve a higher level/dimension of the puzzle than deFango did and the spear was sent to us. But all of that ‘origin story’ stuff would blow Watters out of the waters and dumbfound his Fox news masters, especially when we would get to that part where Douglas Gabriel created the Star Wars original treatment. And Indiana Jones, too.

You see, the original intent of the Cicada 3301 puzzle was to attract really smart people to work together to take out the evil planetary rulers, which we have now identified by name – the Pilgrims Society. The folks in the AIM community have become this group of “really smart people” and this is why we encourage you to participate in our comment boxes.

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Remember Cicada 3301’s puzzle that year? This video of March 2018, entitled Q Leak Plugged, was given to us by Cicada 3301 to be posted on our YouTube site. Make sure to watch the video’s end – spectacular music by Thomas Schoenberger and graphics by Arturo. This was the video announcement of that year’s puzzle – “Q”.

We learned that the puzzle solvers would get to hold the “spear of destiny” as deFango describes in the video below, which also describes the early beginnings of Q. Now you see why we say Watters and his guest are clueless about who is Q and what is its source. Well, what do you expect from propaganda Fox News?

(March 2018) DeFango, AIM, Q, and Cicada 3301

This video of March 26, 2018 is the one that created the havoc in the Q-community – we busted it as a psyop. Today Q seems nothing more than a passing fad. Q Exposed as Psyop

American Intelligence Media’s ‘Betsy Ross and Thomas Paine-in-the-ass-of-the-globalists’ (Betsy and Thomas) would go on after Cicada 3301 and Q, inspiring patriots everywhere in the world. The Betsy Ross flag became our symbol of a global movement of patriots to take down the planetary rulers.

So, no, Rush, it isn’t Colin Kaepernick selling these shirts for you. It is a patriot force that is swelling from the grassroots. It is a global movement to end tyranny from the Pilgrims Society.

Get on in here, patriots, and get your Betsy gear. Much cooler gear than “Q’s”. And fun to watch Rush figure out that he has been our ‘uniform manager’ for Team Betsy Ross Patriots Everywhere.

Betsy-Ross-rush limbaugh.jpg

Betsy Ross Redpills Rush Limbaugh

11 thoughts on “Remember that time when we were ‘Q’?”

  1. On Nov 20, 2017, a few weeks after the QAnon phenomena began, John Barnwell and Thomas Paine of American Intelligence Media discussed the true identity of the mysterious “Q” personality. The battle between the NSA, CIA, and FBI is spelled out against the backdrop of Top Secret clearances in intelligence. The “intelligence wars” raging between the military and corporate intelligence groups is ripping DC apart.

  2. It matters not who or what is “Q” original or current, what matters is the RESULTS obtained by Trump. At this stage of the “game”, beliefs for the purpose of the “Hope” factor are becoming increasingly irrelavant, we want RESULTS.
    Some of those puzzels have been revealed by Trump this week when for the FIRST time Trump was asked by MSM about Q. His reply was illuminating……has a Coupe d Etate by the Military happened and Trump is covering to maintain society, whilst attempting to take down the Cabal/Pilgrim Society for good…….remember Trump walked DELIBERATLY infront of the Queen on his State visit here, sending a stong message to the head of the Merivingion Family?

  3. Interesting comments on utube!!! Time the Sheeple started beliving in themselves, and taking the VERIFIABLE evidence from Q, Cat reports and every other verifiable proven source

  4. “Probably” the BEST variafiable source you will ever find….it does not make for palitable reading so brace yourself before you do….and it is all centred in Europe and especially in the UK….answers MANY questions, such as who, why, and for what purpose.

  5. Thank you for all the great insights and information. I am new to the group and I am studying these information now

  6. Q’s Origin is that of the Archangels?

    The Ones Who Hold the Spear of Destiny?

    JEDI Masters of the New Age?

    Ahh the Mysteries of The FORCE !!!


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