Evil Bill Gates

gates evil

This evil eugenicist has been working for decades to find a way for citizens to be injected by his poisons. Has your child been harmed by his vaccine poisons? In the United States, you can’t sue him because long ago he set up special vaccine courts  – star chambers for the pharmaceutical industry, CDC, and Bill and Melinda Gates so that they can never be held responsible for the lifelong damages done to your children. If your doctor is still pushing untested vaccines on your family, they have been brainwashed in medical school by the very industry that financially supports medical schools – the pharmaceutical industry.

When are you going to see this for what it is? Humanity is being FARMED by the global controllersthe Pilgrims Society sits top of the apex that David Icke described in the video we posted. Membership in the Pilgrims Society includes the Queen and Privy Council members. No one who is a citizen in a Commonwealth Nation is legally permitted to research or speak about the “Queen’s business.” As good as their research is, Amazing Polly (from Canada) and David Icke (from the UK) will never be able to give  you details about the apex of the control pyramid without legal, personal repercussions. They will not be able to tell you that the Queen holds the controlling shares of the corporations that unleashed the deadly coronavirus on to the world. It is the Queen who controls Pirbright and Qinetiq and it is her propaganda arm called the BBC that pushes the fear porn to frighten the sheeple.

We did the research. You examined it. The corporate media is an enemy of the people. You have a patriotic responsibility to turn it off in your house and begin a campaign to get other people to do the same. This is a war for the minds of individuals in order to destroy humanity.

48 red borderAs David tells us, get off the couch and do something. This is a very important message for the influencers who read this blog.

The time has come to win the American Revolution against the British Empire.

We must win for the sake of our cousins in Britain who have been left defenseless, our patriot friends around the world who long for freedom, and for our future peace and prosperity here and around the world.

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CoreyAnder posts:

People will now need to choose – was it all overblown by the media, or was handled expeditiously by Trump? Either way we win.


6 thoughts on “Evil Bill Gates”

  1. maybe you need to get your heads round the fact that all these evil people are being controlld and driven by SATAN’s SECOND GANG OF ANGELS

  2. Heard the royals worldwide were replaced long ago by Insectarins or Dracos.They are aliens infiltrating the world thats why theyre so coldblooded.Americans should quickly learn the Constitution and other laws like the Govt. Sunshine Act,Logan Act,Hatch Act,Foia,Federal anticonspiracy laws wherein if two+ people intentionally try to deprive you of life,liberty,free speech,etc. Its extraillegal.U.S.Righttoknow,experimentalvaccines.org,Anthonypatch.com,covdskeptic.org,forbiddenknowledge.tv.net,disclose.orgDr.Breggins.com,Dr. Mercola.com,Briteon.comSunshinewatch.com-soros chaos group,antifawatch.org,Start a classaction lawsuit for fraud,Nuremburg breaches,tort damages to biz/health.Gates funds:GAVI,The Who,U.N. Health initiatives,The Guardian,and G knows what else.He gives$ to provacc groups.There are constitutional laws against illegal laws.Look into Domestic Violence section lv,article four or something. Dr. Who and X-Files were on to many truths..

    1. This comment is filled with unsourced material. No evidence to support these claims. Just cites a bunch of names…which does not bring clarity…just mumbo jumbo from ‘bb’. You will need to do better, ‘bb’ if you want to leave comments in the future.

  3. Trump® is a brand-name egregore. The following is part of the game that is just as real or not as draining the swamp or sealed indictment and the GITMOtel or DUMBfoolery and numbskulduggery.


    Prior to the 17th century, the trumps were simply part of a special card deck used for gaming and gambling.[2] There may have been allegorical and cultural significance attached to them, but beyond that, the trumps originally had little mystical or magical import.[2] When decks are used for card games (Tarot card games), these cards serve as permanent trumps and are distinguished from the remaining cards, the suit cards, which are known by occultists as the Minor Arcana.[3]


  4. Bill Gates has my mother miserably frightened and me too.The cavalier way in which he talks about children and “injections” and potentially dangerous biotechnologies is unsettling,to say the least.His scattered,vague and inarticulate speech doesn’t exactly inspire confidence either.

  5. I have been in their torture prisons for sixty-one years. For thousands of years, they procreated the foulest of the devil worshipers as they possibly could. They are inbred/hybrid and blood dope off of torture prisoners to look human…they adore the torture of animals and all the habitat for the animals has been destroyed and billions over the centuries rotted in some level of disgusting skunk poop cages. Thanks for the parasites low life…

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