Vaccine Wars are British Imperial Wars

conquered common cold


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Exposing Harvard’s Chinese Agent Charles Lieber’s “Virus Transmitters”

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9 thoughts on “Vaccine Wars are British Imperial Wars”

  1. Betsy + Thomas – you are two fabulous geniuses – I am listening to all your mp3 shows – incredible info – speak on FOX or Mark Levin !!
    You should have a meeting with DJT and teach him everything – thank you !!! MAGA !!!

    1. Fox is fake news propaganda. Period. Levin is of no interest to us as he is too far behind the cutting line of truth revelation and full disclosure. Perhaps he is ok for folks that are that behind. The AIM community are frontliners in the info war.

      1. I agree with your comment about FOX + Levin …
        Have you ever informed DJT about everything ???
        I have an internal contact e-mail for DJT – should I send him all your mp3 audio files ???
        Thank you for being there + God Bless !!!
        Hannelore from Germany who had to flee from the Russians in WWII …

  2. I see the fear everyday, the heath care providers like Mayo Hospitals carrying the water for Rothschild’s, I can’t talk to many relatives, some friends, this is heart breaking to watch, I watch this doctor on YouTube and the thousands who believe his every word of fear, everyday, three four times a day, I never watch the media, turned in my cable box over 13 years wonderful souls doing the hard work our government should be doing..its not enough..a couple million awake, its not enough..this President needs our prayers big time.

  3. SHOCKING: just sent this article: DOJ sends three US marshals to G2 Church to halt sales of MMS chlorine dioxide – MMS heals almost all disease w/o side effects – I have used it – pls spread the word and protest – thank you !!!

  4. I have noticed the media fear branding of Covid has eerily similarities to global warming. People who don’t believe the hype are branded as deniers of science. People who want to ask questions publicly must first qualify themselves with, “Now I’m not saying it’s not real, but…” Fighting an invisible, slow-moving, apocalypse.

    It seems as though they think guilt-tripping everyone would keep everyone in line and indoors.But it’s not working very well since state government incompetence is on full display as they overplay their authoritative hands. People are taking to the streets here in California as well.

    Thank you, AIM Team.

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