Surgeon explains the coronavirus hoax

Read the Contagion Myth to learn more and dazzle your downline with how smart you are! Chapter 2 is about electricity and disease and chapter 15 is about 5G.

Why is electricity and 5G a part of the virus conversation, you ask? We explain why in this report below:

The Hidden Dangers of Electricity Are a Mortal Threat to Humanity

Raw audio file:

Continue your citizen education:

Face Masks for the Walking Dead

2 thoughts on “Surgeon explains the coronavirus hoax”

  1. RE: Electricity Dangers.
    When machine, mechanical and electrical came into fruition on this planet, a change in human behavior as well settled in. This is not to discount the effects you’ve explained in your report, it is to highlight what I believe to be another effect that is as much and maybe more detrimental to the health and well being of our species.
    The cumulative effects of human inactivity by handing over to machines the activity needed to sustain a healthy body. For the human body to function properly, it must be exercised. The need for exercising the body is paramount to its operation. When machines reduced the need for much of the human labor and activity once needed in daily routines of basic survival and how the result of this free time spent in an inactive state the human bodies circulatory system becomes weak. The pressures of our circulatory system needed to carry the needed substances in, the used substances out, or burn the energy taken in are not being produced. When this happens the body becomes unable to function properly, this lack of blood pressure the flow is unable to move the materials out or burn them off, depositing them throughout the body much like sediment where they coalesce and clog our organs and circulatory systems, as well as starving them of the oxygen and nutrients needed to function correctly. As well as poisoning the system with the system not moving the used materials out. Inner standing how the human machine works is the key, it has to be worked continually every day, not sitting in a chair with your face in a box. Walking, not riding in a vehicle to the nearest parking space to your destination. Adding this to the cocktail of the bad foods, the effects of EMF’s on the body it’s no wonder all the new diseases have appeared.
    Think deeply here folks, look at the conditions of those around us that expend little energy. Think back to life before machines took over the laborious things in our lives. It’s not rocket science.

  2. it is sad to see how out of shape most people are And then to come to the understanding that the technocrats have created a situation where they want us to become even more indolent. Dependent on ai and the like. Horrible food to go along w it. It starts at the top of the food chain potus fights for a better world for us all but he himself clinically obese not exactly an exploratory role model. Does he frequent mcds along w slick willy or what ppl

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