Donald Trump in Bed with Blackrock and Vanguard

Donald Trump’s attorney for TRUTH SOCIAL is a notorious embedded New York-London globalist shill with interlocking life sciences and banking relationships with Vanguard, Blackrock, Rothschild Biotech, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, BDO China, Motorola Bio, GE, Akzo-Nobel, J&J, Abbott, Sanofi, Eli Lilly, Bristol Myer Squib and more than 234 more

Lawrence A. Rosenbloom. (Accessed Nov. 03, 2021). LIFE SCIENCES PRACTICE, REPRESENTATIVE COMPANY CLIENTS. Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon.


Smoke and Mirrors of Donald Trump

We received a very odd email filled with info below from someone in the network.

First, there was this PDF with a photoshop image of Melania Trump.

The image is shown with this caption: “Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida, September 15, 2021 – Former First Lady Melania Trump greets over 1000 women she invited to Mar-a-Lago for a “Trump Angel” YouTube Video Viewing Party of the latest video by the Chinese social reformer and democracy activist. Melania Trump said, “She is wonderful! I can’t wait for her next one!” Requests for further information were not returned by the First Lady’s aides or her media contacts. One America News Network, September 15, 2021


“Chongsunwah” (the person who emailed us this material) wants us to believe that Melania Trump had a viewing party of over 1000 women to view the videos below. A second PDF came with the email (see below). This Chinese woman indicates that President Trump is supportive of her and her YouTube channel. Notice the stilted language Trump is supposed to have said:

“I am so glad that she is doing a weekly YouTube show to gain back her global supporters. I am counting on her to keep gaining viewers before she finds a new Mysterious Lady to dominate her and prevent Sunflower from communicating even as she bravely struggles to speak”. “I will need her to be back in the saloon for a late October Mysterious Lady creaming. She has never let me down and I know I can always count on my Trump Angel!”


We aren’t sure which video was shown at this so-called viewing party, so we have attached the 3 that were sent to us in the email.

Trump Angel and the World Patriots waiting anxiously for President Donald J Trump’s return!


President Donald John Trump is a Gift for Humanity


In the video below she is promoting Trump’s globalist censorship and surveillance site TRUTHSOCIAL. Bizarre. Yet, the file images above want us to believe that Melania and Donald Trump are fully supportive of “Trump Angel” a la shaving creme. She wants the video to scale to the 400 million mark, yet her channel only has (at time of this publication) 182 views and 690 subscribers.

She also discusses Looking Glass, Zionists, January 6, and other relevant topics that we highly doubt Donald Trump supported with a video viewing.

Dear Patriots, President Donald J Trump TRUTHSOCIAL COM IS LIVE share the great news!!


On a separate note, @Scirel (Gab) sends us the video below with the comment: “Oh goodness. What further need for witnesses? You have heard the testimony yourselves! I mean, this is treason, right? In case you think this is doctored, here is the original interview (about the 10:30 mark).”

AIMCats will notice that the interview, conducted by the Jew Ari Hoffman, is an audio. Frankly, any good voice impersonator can be “Donald Trump” these days and be a featured guest anywhere. Maybe we will see him with the Trump Angel” sometime – wink.

Ari Hoffman interviews President Donald J. Trump (October 29, 2021)


Donald Trump’s Social Media is Interlocked with Google

RightForge (Trump’s selected platform) is a psyop

Donald Trump has either been deceived by his (Truth Social) technical people, or he is in on this globalist scam. For sure, Trump is participating in a mammoth GASLIGHT of his supporters about privacy.

Truth Media is interlocked with Google

They include a “we may disclose your information in the good faith belief…” clause that negates their entire privacy commitment! (I won’t steal from you, unless, in good faith, I decide it is good for me.)

One look at the website tells you this is a globalist operation. It’s too slick and full of propaganda buzz words.

First, it features WordPress for its front end skin. WordPress is actively censoring alt-media as we speak.

Second, the “Community Policies” are classical media censorship excuses, full of double meaning:

Thirdly, Right Forge is interlocked with GOOGLE

They say they won’t share your data with third parties, them proceed to describe six major execptions when they will. Those exceptions are big enough to drive a Mack truck through, like to their interlocked vendors and suppliers, if they sell their company, with subsidiaries, with your consent (this one is a joke, see below).

Instances in which we may share your Personal Data include:

  • With Service Providers: We, like many businesses, sometimes engage other companies to perform certain business-related functions on our behalf so that we can focus on our core business. Examples of these services include, but are not limited to, payment processing and authorization, fraud protection and credit risk reduction, product customization, order fulfillment and shipping, marketing and promotional material distribution, website evaluation, social media management, data analysis and, where applicable, data cleansing. In connection with services those partners provide for us, we may provide or otherwise give them access to certain Personal Data, but their access to and use of this information is strictly limited to the purposes of providing these specific services to RightForge.
  • For Business Transfers: As with any business, it is possible that as our business develops, we might sell, assign, buy, transfer or otherwise acquire or dispose of certain businesses or corporate assets. In any such event, Personal Data may be part of the transferred assets. You acknowledge and agree that any successor to or acquirer of us will continue to have the right to use your Personal Data and other information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.
  • With Parents, Subsidiaries and Affiliates: We may also share your Personal Data with our parent company, future subsidiaries and/or affiliates consistent with this Privacy Policy. Our future subsidiaries and affiliates will be bound to treat and to maintain any Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  • Legal Requirements: We may disclose your Personal Data if required to do so by law (including, without limitation responding to a subpoena or request from law enforcement, court or government agency or other public authorities) or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary (i) to comply with a legal obligation, (ii) to protect or defend our rights, interests or property or that of other customers or users, (iii) to act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of users of the Services or the public, or (iv) to protect against legal liability or potential fraud, as determined in our sole discretion.
  • With Your Consent: If we intend to use any Personal Data in any manner that is not specified herein, we will inform you of such anticipated use prior to or at the time at which the Personal Data is collected or we will obtain your consent subsequent to such collection but prior to such use. In short, we will honor the choices you make regarding your Personal Data and will inform you about any other intended uses of such information.

The Big Privacy Gaslight:

Legal Requirements: We may disclose your Personal Data if required to do so by law (including, without limitation responding to a subpoena or request from law enforcement, court or government agency or other public authorities) or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary (i) to comply with a legal obligation, (ii) to protect or defend our rights, interests or property or that of other customers or users, (iii) to act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of users of the Services or the public, or (iv) to protect against legal liability.


Trump’s New Social Media Platform Blocks Gab and Brighteon

Trump’s New Social Media Platform Blocks Gab and Brighteon

This week we read the announcement that Trump Special Media Acquisition Company was launching the new Trump social media presence called Truth Here are few of the announcements:

Shares of Trump Special Media Acquisition Company, DWAC, Climb 400% in Heavy Trading Despite NASDAQ Halts of Trading


Shortly after the announcement, Gab CEO Andrew Torba posted this message:

“SEC Documents reveal that SPAC merging into new Trump ‘media entity’ TRUTH Social run by CEO of China Yunhong Holdings Ltd. which has an address in……….


(See Gab with attached images)


Plenty of internet commentators weighed in on this news, with posts like this:


We sent these links to the AFI miners to find out what is really behind Trump’s (or Jew Jared’s) site and we find a company named Mastodon which is just ripping off Leader Technology’s social networking invention, calling it their own.

Trump’s social network has 30 days to stop breaking the rules of its software license

“Truth Social ripped off open-source platform Mastodon” reads the subheading.


Read below to learn what the miners found and why we have NO INTEREST in supporting another DON the CON scam.


Mastodon = Honeypot

Note: Mastodon BLOCKS Gab and Brighteon!

Clue: Whenever the British Pilgrims Society wants to hide its technical activity related to the theft of social networking from Leader Technologies, Inc., Columbus, Ohio, they push out their activity as “community” open source development activities. They are vague about the true sources of the ideas they are ripping off.

Why? Because Leader’s ideas were expansive and expensive to develop. Therefore, Mastodon, like all the others, seed their “community” with a large base of Leader Technologies’ invention, then direct the “community” on the pieces and parts they want to add. It is likely that very little if any of the “community” activity is actually “contributed” by altruistic “volunteers.” Rather, the core developers work for the British Pilgrims Society and are hiding behind “the community.” This is the same modus operandi that the Rothschilds use to control global banking behind a “community” of brand names like JPMorgan, HSBC, Barclays, NatWest, BoA, etc.

Mastodon gGmbH is yet another. It promises to be “open” but provides all the hooks to takeover a user community into the BORG-DARPA-MI6-CIA global system any time they wish to.

Although Mastondon’s address is in Germany, their main activity has been in Japan through a company name Pixiv, Inc.

Notation on specified commercial transaction

Business person

Pixiv Inc.


Shingo Kunieda


6F, JPR Sendagaya Building, 4-23-5 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051


Inquiry form

Email address:

Phone number: 03-6804-5348


Described on each page

Payment time


method of payment

  • Credit card payment
  • WebMoney
  • BitCash
  • Convenience store settlement
  • Alipay payment
  • DoCoMo mobile phone payment
  • au simple payment
  • Softbank pay in bulk
  • Google Play payment
  • iTunes Store payment
  • PayPal payment
  • pixiv point payment

Pixiv Inc. is interlocked with MERCARI, CEO, Hirohisa Tamonoki


Note: NTT Japan… the Japanese telephone company is controlled by the NSA that is controlled by British MI6, that is controlled by the British Pilgrims Society

GREE International, Inc.,_Inc.


Nobuyuki Watanabe

Nobuyuki Watanabe was appointed as GREE’s Outside Director as well as Audit and Supervisory Committee Member in September 2020. He also serves as Outside Auditor at CREO CO., LTD since June 2012 and Auditor at Kadokawa Dwango Gakuen since June 2020. Nobuyuki was admitted to the bar in Japan in 1999, and joined TMI Associates. He graduated from New York University School of Law(LL.M.) in 2005, and briefly worked at Simmons & Simmons LLP in London. He then returned to TMI Associates in 2006 and was appointed Outside Auditor at SOTSU CO.,LTD in November 2018.

Simmons & Simmons’ work with offshore companies and major overseas property owners, including an investment company run on behalf of Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah Al Thani (then the foreign minister for Qatar), while Troup was its senior tax partner.[6] The papers also reveal that Simmons & Simmons worked until 2003 as director and agent for a company in the Virgin Islands called Chale Ltd, which owned West End properties in Piccadilly and Mayfair. The company also allegedly advised Blairmore on moving its location away from Panama.[6]

What is Mastadon?

The devil is in Mastadon’s details. If you follow this, the current Pilgrims Society providers have all your data any way.

Hostdon is a technical honeypot for MI6/CIA (Google Cloud)

Mastodon is a pied piper to the new world order

(“Interoperability” means full access to operators of Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Baidu, Alibaba, etc.

Remember the Richard C. Walker Internet of Things patents?

Note that “Metaverse” is to be the new name for Facebook.


So basically this new site,h rolled out supposedly by Donald Trump, blocks GAB from the start. We will not be joining Jared Kushner’s site and we certainly will NOT be investing in his fraud.

Share the meme and make sure this info gets to Andrew Torba @a

Medical Chips, Human Interfaces, and Dianne Feinstein’s Husband

Synopsis was initially funded by Blum Capital Partners, L.P. in 2002.

Richard C. Blum is married to Senator Diane Feinstein.

These people appear to be working on the tech for embedded medical chips and their human interfaces. These bios are collectively telling the story.

After digging in their SEC filings… This embedded medical chip technology company was funded from inception by VANGUARD, BLACKROCK, and T. ROWE PRICE, who essentially own every major multi-national company on the planet.

DEF 14-A Proxy Statement, 2020

This embedded chip technology company was funded from inception by VANGUARD, BLACKROCK, and T. ROWE PRICE, who essentially own every major multi-national company on the planet.

What is Needed to Keep the American Election Honest?

Hosted by James Miller, Election Hope

Doug Roulstone (GOP Chairman, Washington State, Snohomish County):

“Confidence in the voting system is gone for the vast majority of people in the country.”

This was recorded in Auburn, WA at iLocal Studios, owned by  a local and successful webpage entrepreneur Jason Morgan.  Guest speakers are, Steve Schommer a retired IT and cybersecurity Director (never been hacked), Doug Roulstone, retired Navy captain of a nuclear carrier, myself, and Jason Morgan.

It covers the topic very well, but it is a long video. We have been invited by Jason to do a complete series on electionhope. He is the first Puget Sound business to take up our cause. This will be posted on, when we publish the new and improved website in a week. I am writing a script for the whole series, including all of the graphic art for the series. Very time consuming. It will all be on the new website.

NOTE: The most important concept in this project is “100% Ballot/Tally Sheet Chain-of-Custody”. This is our mantra. Listen carefully to what the cybersecurity expert says about ‘online data’ and ‘digital ballots’?  In, short, nothing digital is ever secure, it never has been, and it cannot ever be secure…it breaks all rules of ‘evidence’…and therefore it has to be abolished for elections.

We have a new concept and idea as part of the hand count process. Put a QR code and serial number  on the ballot and ballot stub. The stub once removed from the ballot, is divided in half. The voter gets one half, and the other is stored until the ballot is counted, and re-united with the ballot or tally sheet, before the tally is posted on the public whiteboards. The ballots and tally sheets are ‘scanned’ as images (.jpg) to a database.

The voter can then input their number to the online auditing public website, and find their ballot. No one else can see their ballot, and cannot identify it without the QR code or the serial number. In this manner, anyone can perform an audit on the entire election. It truly becomes public property per the constitution, not a ‘state secret’. This process along with the additional hand-count processes we have designed, virtually destroy all of the problems and uncertainties of the ‘mail-in’ ballot system. Thus, we return the constitutionality to the election process.

Bank of England hides American operations in England, Arkansas

Corner Store World Banking Powerhouse nobody knew: the Bank of England… England, Arkansas

Appears to be fronting for the Bank of England, UK… getting Americans used to seeing the name

Almost as many deposits as J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. in a farming town of 2,800 people

Researchers just stumbled upon yet more world banking deception

On paper, these are supposedly all subsidiaries of the Bank of England, England, Arkansas (Population: 2,825 people, 2010 census); 123 Main Street, England, Arkansas 72046.

The bank has $576 million in assets, 361 governors and 151 locations around the country.

The Arkansas Sec. of State listing says it is a foreign (non-Arkansas-based) but has deleted all detail about that location. The principal, Brad Canada, is an evident cardboard local yocal.

361 Governors, Foreign Corporation

Who is Brad Canada? Who is Gary Canada?

Meet the AIM Cats

We tell you all the time that our community of AIMCats is remarkable. In this post, we introduce you to AIMCats who are on Gab that you may want to follow. We simply can’t post and repost all the important info these cats leave us in our Gab timeline, so we invite you to follow them on Gab. You will receive a constant stream of information from trusted sources who took the effort to educate themselves on real history and current events.

To become a STUDENT in the American Intelligence Media School of Truth, go to and begin your re-education and deprogramming. There are no starting or ending points in our school of truth. Adults learn best through the process of discovery, not classroom lecture. AIMSOT is an online “school” for any seeker of truth. “Lesson plans” are organized in Cat Reports. Plus, you will find hundreds of articles and posts that uncover our real human history as you discover the identities of the people who are attempting the total annihilation of humanity.

When you are ready to “graduate” and become a verified AIMSOT grad, you are asked to demonstrate what you have learned into a project, an ongoing social media presence, or some other method or creation that shows you are educating and enlightening your downline in a significant way. Below we offer you the first class of AIMSOT graduates and invite you to follow them on Gab. We also introduce you to AIMCats students who have been studying AIM material for several years.

Recently, we called out some of the shills in the internet and since then, even more have appeared. We are being bombarded with CIA and globalist internet shills and puppets who want to distract us from truth.

Who are the current alternative media shills?

Below, we offer suggestions of people you can read, watch, and follow who are in the AIM tribe.














We are C.A.T.s. – Citizens Addicted to Truth


AfriCat has been in the AIM tribe for several years. In the video below, he provides a ground report on what his happening in South Africa.


Below are some of our favorite commentors on Gab:


If you would like to be acknowledged as a student or graduate of the AIM School of Truth, please contact “Betsy” for details. If you are an AIM student, you will know how to do this. This is a great way for AIMCats to begin their own global community of TRUSTED truth seekers. We encourage you to join our citizen intelligence network by following these cats on GAB or other platforms that they support.


In the meantime, let’s keep our prayers on President Trump that he find the wisdom and courage to lead us out of this globalist nightmare. Maybe…just maybe, he has been an AIMCat all along.

Is Michael Flynn going to claim that he is the reincarnated St. Germain? Inquiring minds want to know…..

This is a place holder for an audio we are uploading today and we needed to create the url for the video thumbnail. To read the backstory, see this GAB link from AIMCat @PrivateLee1776 who writes:

“Might you lend an ear here?

Regarding Mike Flynn, Gen, USA Ret. comments last Friday morning, words were not clear but here’s a recording:

“Flynn’s Prayer: “We are your instruments of the sevenfold rays….”
[and: …”legions, all of them…”]

What’s he referring to?”

Why is Mike Flynn promoting the sevenfold rays of Alice Bailey?

Correction to video: Alice Bailey’s husband was Foster Bailey not Paul Foster Case. St. Germain’s lodge in France that he participated in was The Nine Sisters not the Seven Muses. Sorry for the mistake, Douglas knew better than that but was going too fast and not being careful enough.

Here are some articles we have posted in the past about St. Germain that we discuss in the audio.

How Nibiru’s Return Accelerates the Schumann Wave

St. Germain Explains Artificial Intelligence and the Internet

Finding St. Germain: Modern Sources Reveal Truth of Ancient Teachings

Secret Incarnations of St. Germain as Compiled by John Barnwell


We will also be discussing the Marcia Lucas statement that was recently on Breitbart.

Oscar-Winning ‘Star Wars’ Editor Blasts J.J. Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy


More on Douglas’ involvement with these Hollywood hits.

Source of the Force: Secret Behind Star Wars Inspiration

The Enduring Legacy of Hans Solo and Indian Jones

Midichlorians and the Force Revealed

Q and A from Indy Fans