Getting ready for military tribunals in the swamp


Under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution:

“No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”


Graham asks Kavanaugh about Military Tribunals


EO 13848: Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election



All members of Congress and the government who supported this insurrection and have been working with the American-British Pilgrims and the British Imperial Empire (including SES, Crown Agents) are NO LONGER members of Congress or government office holders as they have forfeited their rights and offices by committing acts of TREASON.

In the Congress, their TREASON was to vote to accept Electors from states where brazen voting fraud took place, despite that fraud being brought to their official attention on January 6. They gave “aid and comfort” to the people who stole a federal election.

As for the rest of the swamp, the American Intelligence Media has spent over 4 years detailing the crimes of the swamp rats, in detail and with evidence. These crimes will be exposed over the next few months, if what we are seeing in D.C. is a military zone being set up for arrests and trials.

Do you think the traitors will be executed in the Green Zone, or do they have a special zone designated for this and where will the corpses of the traitors go?

We are thinking that a mobile crematorium would have lots of use in the swamp as these traitors are found guilty, one after the other, then to the gallows or firing squads, promptly removed to the crematoriums.




History will show that Donald Trump tried every legal avenue to solve this crisis against our Constitution. It will show that all others failed to address this Act of Treason. He tried to resolve this peacefully. His only recourse left was to use the military, but it will be a LAWFUL use of the military as these people have broken their oaths and committed TREASON and INSURRECTION.

President Donald J. Trump is LEGALLY REQUIRED to act on this because of his own oath to the Constitution, to protect our Republic from enemies Foreign AND DOMESTIC.

The crimes on their indictments will read; TREASON, SEDITION, and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.


Military Tribunals aren’t just for the election riggers in Congress, it’s for all these other traitors that the American Intelligence Media has uncovered along the way:


And for those ROGUE governments that tried to overthrow the President, distributed DOMINION rigging machines to countries around the world, and who have supported this insurrection with their proxies adn puppets, namely the British Empire and China, sanctions are coming, if they haven’t been implemented already.

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  1. I saw a photo of no flag flying over the White House and a comment that it meant the authority had been handed over to the military but I was unable to find any verification of this. Does anyone know if this is true or not?

      1. That is a lie the last time there was no flag over the Whitehouse is when the British burned down Washington!

    1. The Military has taken over, there will be mass arrests across the globe. They don’t really want to announce the arrests, since people might try to flea. The Military will conduct Tribunals and remove all of the eugenicists, pedophiles and traitors from the government. Then the military will conduct honest elections for a new government. There will only be like 10% of them left. We are at war with Iran and the CCP. Obama and Soros and em all traitors it goes deep. They thought they could game the system.

      1. I’m with you 100%. but if we the regular ppl have this information, wouldn’t the ones going to tribunals already know they are going to be arrested? otherwise, we could give it away by discussing it on line. right? something doesn’t make sense. what am I missing

      2. How many times must I post that there is no need for another election? Not until 2024. The military knows Trump won the election.

      3. When? People are dying from the vaccine! This is another psychological op to keep up calm and not fighting back while they finally take over with vaccine passports! Wake up! We the People need to get the Military to act! Now! Get these traitors out of office and hold a special election!

      4. We won’t ever get an honest election as long as this country is in the hands of corruption. That’s exactly where if’s at the Democrat party is corrupt. And if they’re not stopped we’re going to become a communist socialist country. it’s time to stand up and say enough is enough and drain the swamp

    2. They had taken it down at first. BUT then they put it back up. Perhaps the flag that is flying now is actually a military flag or something. I did confirm that on “Inauguration” day.

      1. I’m not sure I believe all this cause it just seems to me like if we have this information then why wouldn’t the people in question know this as well. I do hope they’re all taken down from power and go to prison for the rest of their life’s. And I could name a few.

    3. There was a video of darken WH never darken b4. Byedens at castle Rock theater shows a scene of WH hes not the real president but a fake. Also there were lots of kids said rescued that were abused bad in cages five miles deep and over 100 miles long Tunnels . The pedo ring destroyed under WH. Military are under Trump they can’t stand byeden .

      1. If this is true, then why are the Republicans in congress trying to get Nancy to take down the wall around the capital and send National Guard home? It makes no sense

    4. Yes this is true, Donald Trump signed the 1807 insurrection act after the deep state tried to steal the election.

  2. The Pilgrims Society were in on the execution of the WTC towers’ destruction by nuclear detonation with specialized application of a neutron flux on low level radioactive isotopes strategically applied. Bush41, having been instrumental in its installation during construction, did his part as Bush41 oversight while Ambassador to the U.N.. Nelson Rockefeller had ordered 2,500 exploding bolts for the prototype test impact by a Boeing 707, then 2,000 more two years later in 1970 for the Manhattan towers. Not theory.

    1. Yes that is what it means but it’s just temporary late until all of the deep state politicians are prosecuted. It’s not like soldiers are going to be walking on the streets or anything like that

  3. Well, till I see real action of arrests and executions of of elite swamp members. It’s ALL talk and the end of the USA…

    1. So what effect the many Exec. Orders have on the country? Why are southern borders wide open if Byden doesn’t have any power?

      1. To show you what Biden was going to do to this country. Do your research. Lots has happened. Read about the “military tribunals ” on duckduckgo. About all of Obama’s cabinet have already been executed.

    2. This is literally when I believe they announce a one world government aka new world order. Because they will finally announce publicly all these arrests and executions and the ones that weren’t killed are serving life in prison at guantanamo bay prison. It’s already being done and carried out if not already completed! They will have it all recorded and it’s already all legally documented to show. Trump with the military has been conducting all this now that he’s out of the media and been silent. His last words when he was leaving and boarding to depart, he had said, we’ll be back.. in some other form. I believe he means by announcing a one world government due to all the corruptness that was going on and all the satanic rituals and sick demonic actions implemented. He will announce they cleared them all out.. they were arrested and trialed and executed. And this one world government will be used to better is as a world. So no more corruption or satanic people can be in control and destroy us like they’ve been doing. He will also announce the list of all individuals that were arrested. Everything will be coming out and that’s when the entire world will change for the worse though. Maybe the aliens will be announced and an invasion occuring , or it might happen before. But that will happen as well.

      1. I think this means we took a giant leap forward in making America free again. Does it mean the world going to end or anything like that we can be proud to be Americans again that’s all

    1. You will see him soon enough. He is speaking at the CPAC convention on February 29th for some reason.

  4. I think I’m like most Americans who are fed up with our current administration!!! Once I see results of these life long crooks being arrested and punished for their crimes, then I’ll believe something is actually being done.

  5. I am 4 Trump all the way, don’t get me wrong. I am a little curious as to why there is so much conflicting information out there on the vaccine. Trump has not come out and say don’t take the vaccine, and has made statements saying that he got us the vaccine with operation warp speed, and he did. The conflict I am having and many of my family and friends are asking is “If the vaccine is bad, then why don’t Trump come out and say so, because he surely wouldn’t stand behind something that would kill people and let it happen”. I need to know how to respond to these questions please. There is a lot of information on vaccines that are out there and they are saying that they are bad,

    1. Frankly, we don’t care what Trump says about the vaccines. We have done the research and have concluded that it is a bioweapon to be used in the extermination of humanity.

      1. Exactly. I find that the people taking the vaccines are followers. I have asked many if they had done the research on the ingredients in the vaccines. 95% said they had not. My question was then why put something in your body that you don’t know what’s in the injection?
        Reply why would my doctor suggest I get it? My reply They need a job.

      2. My husband was a virologist/immunologist for many years and worked in Public Health for state of PA. He worked with coronavirus – it is a form of common cold. He totally agrees with you.

    2. The vaccine is proven bad. It is. It’s factual. Now why Trump isn’t denouncing the vaccine since he is for good and not with the corrupt beings, I believe he knows it’s bad. But I believe he’s the good in this fight against all the corrupt people and leaders, but I also believe he’s still following a very secret agenda as well. I believe we all are still being tricked in as well by him. If you believe in the bible and God then you’d understand that these things have to past in order to be closer to the rapture. This entire shit is something we all can’t understand fully. We think we’re breaking the real agenda and exposing but we will never fully bring it to light. Too much is going on and we will never understand it but I do believe trump knows it’s bad the vaccine and he’s still pushing it out for everyone to get it because he’s on a secret secret plan as well that needs to be done. In the end, we cannot stop them all. We will be tricked and we will know though one day soon the real reason why. We can’t fully trust even in trump. There’s a reason why. That’s why we must be right with God. And never turn our backs on God and just believe and have faith in God. Be safe y’all

    3. The JJ is the safest is what Trump is implying, that the one he had developed. The vax is for those wanted one…the people ask for one. I think the ones that already had the vax …the med beds will help them. Do your research people. So many drs have come forward and said they don’t recommend the vax.

    4. Will trump didn’t take no vaccine how many people fall right into the hands of the enemy has fell right into the hands I think it was brilliant why would anybody wait for someone else to take the vaccine used your brain your common sense and number one ask God I pray Psalms 91 10 over my family over myself and that’s who you need to be trusting if Trump told you to jump off a building would you do it he’s not forcing no one to take it and why people are running to get poisoned putting their body is beyond me

  6. My complete Trust is in Jesus Christ our Saviour. Isaiah said that a Saviour would be born and our Government would be on his shoulders. Jesus is leading our military and our President Trump. They could not pull this off without Gods help.
    This operation is soo huge. There are hundreds of thousands of people involved in these crimes. Pedophiles are everywhere. God save our precious children.

    The best way for us to help our Military, President Trump, and our children is to take a stand against the evil that these people have done to humanity. Live a life free from sin. Submit yourself to God while you still can.
    Be a helper and not a complainer.

    God Bless America

    1. AMEN people need to stop looking at Trump like he’s a God or a savior for them they need to put the Lord Jesus Christ and their heart inviting to come in and start seeking out the word of God read Psalms 91 10 it’s almost like people are hypnotized and they believe everything the government tells them I cannot believe how many Christians went and got this vaccine I have read today over 46,000 people have died just but the Pfizer vaccine this was done to us intentionally they stop Trump for getting her letting the hydroxychloroquine to be used they shut doctors up from speaking truth where people have failed they started listening to science and not listening to the Lord Jesus Christ people get your heart right with God before it’s too late things are going to start getting really Rocky God’s Wrath is coming he’s going to pull the wicked out of here just like he did in the days of Noah 8 people survived he didn’t take them off the Earth he took the wicked off the Earth I’m begging and pleading with anybody reading this if you don’t know Jesus as your personal savior I’m asking and pleading with you to invite Jesus in please

    2. I Love God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit and your comment!!!!
      God Bless You And Your Family!!!

  7. Concerning Tom Hanks , it was stated he was executed in Australia along with his wife.
    Can’t confirm this.

  8. DC is under Martial law. The Military is in full control. Trump gave that power to them to save the Republic.

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