AIMCats Fire Silver Truth Bullets

It wasn’t WallStreetBets that created such a fervor in the silver market; it was the influential community of the American Intelligence Media who were armed with information and truth from years of study and knew just what to do.

Congratulations, AIM Cats!

On Thursday, January 28th, we alerted you to the brewing silver movement and reminded you of the history of silver and the Federal Reserve. We pulled up some old “lesson plans” for your refresher.

On Friday, January 29th, we pulled up a vintage lesson on JP Morgan and Spoofing in the Silver Market. We told you why we were making a play in the imaginary SLV market. You made your own plays in one or more of the silver games. You alerted your downline and the word was passed through the internet.

On Friday afternoon, January 29th, we showed you how this was going to erupt into a SILVER WAR and that everyone needed to get ‘bullets’ of silver, literally buy silver. Go to your coin stores and start buying up as much physical as you could. You did. You informed your downline and the word was passed.

On Saturday, January 30th, we fired up the meme machine and delivered fresh, dank memes for you to fire into your downline to get them engaged and motivated. AIMCats know the power of memes and fire them generously. We gave you three reports to keep your audience stoked. Report 1. Report 2. In Report 3, we were already reporting that the silver transactions were clogging the financial system.

On Sunday morning , February 1, 2021, we reported that the dealers were experiencing huge shortages. In the afternoon, we unleashed the Kalki Avatar with a second report.

Our community of truth seekers were so hyped, they could hardly sleep on Sunday night, waiting for the markets to open…and goodness, we opened with a bang as this CNBC person describes with the CEO of JM Boullion. This was not WallStreetBets, who have disavowed any association with the silver revolution. This was the power and influence of our AIM truth community.



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  1. Can anybody respond on the removal of the newly installed 5G towers on tha national mall inWashington Dc. There were least 5 of them and now gone, very mysterious.

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