From Rick Wiles: ‘we exclusively and irrevocably own your intellectual property, and by the way, we may also dump it’

This is the “Video and Interview Agreement (Form) – Final.pdf” DRAFT that “Flowing Streams” (Rick Wiles Co.) presented to Michael McKibben, CEO of Leader Technologies on March 2, 2022 in preparation for using his interview and related information in his “THE GREATEST RESET” documentary. In those initial discussions they told him that 4% of the film used his material.

As you can read, Wiles loaded up this “agreement” with intellectual property land mines, for example:


Are you following the drama between the Klaus Schwab-loving TruNews and AFI/AIM? All the details inside the link below:

Rick Wiles Censors Truth and Aids Genocide Operation

Want to know about the attorney that put this egregious contract together?

Travis J. DeCosta – Attorney for TruNews