The Nudge Leads to the Robot Gestapo

If we knew that the end-game is to create Atlas Robots with guns and police powers to enter our homes and arrest or shoot us…or herd us into the self-driving cars off to the FEMA internment camps because we posted a naughty meme on social media, we would resist the first step of the process by bringing Siri or Alexa in our homes.

The globalists nudge us into brainwashing and indoctrination through decades of bad education; they use fear to have millions willingly inject ‘vaccine’ poisons in their bloodstreams; THE NUDGE is how they are going to inch all of humanity into the abyss of hell on earth.

Here we see the ‘benign’ robot bring a package to the front door. The actress is excited about her package and has permitted the first step of the nudge by allowing this robotic process at her residence.

Digit: Curb to Doorstep Delivery

Robots have so many great uses, especially in replacing the slave class that civilizations have always had in order to grow their empires. In the new world that we are entering, we will not want to enslave fellow human beings, whether in chains or debt. Robotics would be important in freeing humans from tiresome, mundane, yet sometimes dangerous labor.

The problem is that right now this technology is in the hands of people who have no morality or Christian cosmology. They are satanists who want to destroy humanity and keep a few million around to be their sex slaves and baby breeders. They know that picturing an Atlas Robot inside a residence would be too shocking for us…so cartoonish images like this (pictured below) are used to get us to accept this technology.

The next step will be to have these bad dudes show up in your neighborhood to police the area….for your safety, of course.

The final stage is to roll out the neighborhood police robots. Robotic Gestapo.

New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete (Corridor Digital)

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