Smoke and Mirrors of Donald Trump

We received a very odd email filled with info below from someone in the network.

First, there was this PDF with a photoshop image of Melania Trump.

The image is shown with this caption: “Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida, September 15, 2021 – Former First Lady Melania Trump greets over 1000 women she invited to Mar-a-Lago for a “Trump Angel” YouTube Video Viewing Party of the latest video by the Chinese social reformer and democracy activist. Melania Trump said, “She is wonderful! I can’t wait for her next one!” Requests for further information were not returned by the First Lady’s aides or her media contacts. One America News Network, September 15, 2021


“Chongsunwah” (the person who emailed us this material) wants us to believe that Melania Trump had a viewing party of over 1000 women to view the videos below. A second PDF came with the email (see below). This Chinese woman indicates that President Trump is supportive of her and her YouTube channel. Notice the stilted language Trump is supposed to have said:

“I am so glad that she is doing a weekly YouTube show to gain back her global supporters. I am counting on her to keep gaining viewers before she finds a new Mysterious Lady to dominate her and prevent Sunflower from communicating even as she bravely struggles to speak”. “I will need her to be back in the saloon for a late October Mysterious Lady creaming. She has never let me down and I know I can always count on my Trump Angel!”


We aren’t sure which video was shown at this so-called viewing party, so we have attached the 3 that were sent to us in the email.

Trump Angel and the World Patriots waiting anxiously for President Donald J Trump’s return!


President Donald John Trump is a Gift for Humanity


In the video below she is promoting Trump’s globalist censorship and surveillance site TRUTHSOCIAL. Bizarre. Yet, the file images above want us to believe that Melania and Donald Trump are fully supportive of “Trump Angel” a la shaving creme. She wants the video to scale to the 400 million mark, yet her channel only has (at time of this publication) 182 views and 690 subscribers.

She also discusses Looking Glass, Zionists, January 6, and other relevant topics that we highly doubt Donald Trump supported with a video viewing.

Dear Patriots, President Donald J Trump TRUTHSOCIAL COM IS LIVE share the great news!!


On a separate note, @Scirel (Gab) sends us the video below with the comment: “Oh goodness. What further need for witnesses? You have heard the testimony yourselves! I mean, this is treason, right? In case you think this is doctored, here is the original interview (about the 10:30 mark).”

AIMCats will notice that the interview, conducted by the Jew Ari Hoffman, is an audio. Frankly, any good voice impersonator can be “Donald Trump” these days and be a featured guest anywhere. Maybe we will see him with the Trump Angel” sometime – wink.

Ari Hoffman interviews President Donald J. Trump (October 29, 2021)