What is Needed to Keep the American Election Honest?

Hosted by James Miller, Election Hope

Doug Roulstone (GOP Chairman, Washington State, Snohomish County):

“Confidence in the voting system is gone for the vast majority of people in the country.”

This was recorded in Auburn, WA at iLocal Studios, owned by  a local and successful webpage entrepreneur Jason Morgan.  Guest speakers are, Steve Schommer a retired IT and cybersecurity Director (never been hacked), Doug Roulstone, retired Navy captain of a nuclear carrier, myself, and Jason Morgan.

It covers the topic very well, but it is a long video. We have been invited by Jason to do a complete series on electionhope. He is the first Puget Sound business to take up our cause. This will be posted on https://www.electionhope.com, when we publish the new and improved website in a week. I am writing a script for the whole series, including all of the graphic art for the series. Very time consuming. It will all be on the new website.

NOTE: The most important concept in this project is “100% Ballot/Tally Sheet Chain-of-Custody”. This is our mantra. Listen carefully to what the cybersecurity expert says about ‘online data’ and ‘digital ballots’?  In, short, nothing digital is ever secure, it never has been, and it cannot ever be secure…it breaks all rules of ‘evidence’…and therefore it has to be abolished for elections.

We have a new concept and idea as part of the hand count process. Put a QR code and serial number  on the ballot and ballot stub. The stub once removed from the ballot, is divided in half. The voter gets one half, and the other is stored until the ballot is counted, and re-united with the ballot or tally sheet, before the tally is posted on the public whiteboards. The ballots and tally sheets are ‘scanned’ as images (.jpg) to a database.

The voter can then input their number to the online auditing public website, and find their ballot. No one else can see their ballot, and cannot identify it without the QR code or the serial number. In this manner, anyone can perform an audit on the entire election. It truly becomes public property per the constitution, not a ‘state secret’. This process along with the additional hand-count processes we have designed, virtually destroy all of the problems and uncertainties of the ‘mail-in’ ballot system. Thus, we return the constitutionality to the election process.