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  1. I’ll answer you back right now and thank you not to post nonsense again. there is a timing in God’s plan in all this and know it. putting out lies against trump only gets God mad at you  We will testify to love 😍 https://youtu.be/Uu0wYHRMfwA

    1. We DO NOT follow Trump blindly. He has come out on several occasions, post election theft, to encourage citizens to take the deadly vaccine. There is no excuse for this, other than he and his handlers want to see more Americans exterminated by germ warfare.

      1. Does President Trump know only as he is advised? If his Anthony Riverrat Faucifraud heallh advisor lies to him, who is businessman President Trump to realize that Faucifraud IS a liar and then chop off his head, which personally I feel is called for at this time. Of course a suitably short legal trial should precede any punitive action for his gang’s lethal attacks against the American people and property. The trial should start with the Gates/Fauci bribe, and progress to involvement of the Pirbright Institute, if it has not been done already..

      2. I would never follow anyone blindly, but I do think President Trump had the best of intentions. He beat the left at their own game. Remember all the polls predicted Clinton would have an easy win. The left was stunned when he won. Forbes recently reported that President Trump lost 1.1B while he was in office, he should have divested some assets before taking office. He went down 300 places on the billionaire list😉. In contrast, Obama (forgive my mentioning him) made 20M while in office, most from writing 3 books. No wonder he did almost nothing productive for the U.S. President Trump left Biden a country that had an envious economy especially for minorities. 🇺🇸Patriots🇺🇸 will never forget what President Trump had to endure his entire time as a candidate and as the President through being attacked by the left for every crime they could think of and an unbelievable lack of support, he even had very little from the GOP especially the RINO, he went through 2 impeachments and came out a winner.
        🇺🇸Patriots🇺🇸 will not forget how he talked to us not down to us. That’s what twitter (lower case t on purpose) was all about. He left office accomplishing more than he promised. Finally NAFTA was done away with, and can the left believe President Donald J. Trump🇺🇸 after being called racist, and every other ‘ist’ there is, he was nominated for three separate Nobel Peace Prizes!
        I, as a 🇺🇸Patriot🇺🇸, believe President Trump truly wanted to make America great again and yes he enjoyed people and he enjoyed knowing that tens of millions of American citizens thought he was doing a great job.



      3. The digitally delivered B.S. keeps me busier than a cat trying to bury feathers in the wind. If the grounding of the container ship in the Suez canal recently resulted in the rescue of may kidnapped children, though many were dead, President Trump is at least 99.95% of what could possibly be. That is a fine performance, and the U.S. Navy SEALS and Special Forces allegedly involved score that high too. Human sacrifices and Satanism is real, from my own personal exposure, and :”1989, Utah State Attorney general, human sacrifices and cannibalism at Mormon church gatherings” Look it up. We need more help in getting rid of this. Men dying their hair blue and wearing their sister’s jeans does not cut it. Class time. Homework. Attitude.

      4. This is a reasonable conclusion to make. Trump knew the score when he took the job. Kennedy knew they were trying to kill 😢 him but he didn’t back down. Trump had the people behind him and at some point we either die 😢 on our feet or live on our knees

      5. I hope you’re enjoying your Dictator-in-Chief. Those of us that’ve served this country, worked for a living, small business owners & Patriots, are the ones that will lose the most. Communism is here!!

  2. I’m recovering from chemical poison in bath water pipes, after Texas freeze. Extra chemicals were added to kill mold sludge etc. I took an Epsom salt bath after returning from hotel shelter and it’s taken a few weeks to recover.

    Yep, boring interview, Military Dethcon 2 ?? Still dangerous to give away the next moves!!?
    I’m loving reading about The Spear.
    And I’m going back to read Douglas’ teaching reflections of Elementary children.
    How do we have all schools everywhere like this ??
    Omg, I had my son Jeremy in a 7th Day Adventist school from 2nd to 9th grade . Drive am and pm every day all those years. Public Education was already so corrupt.. I love teaching and I’m a forever learner/ seeker.
    So much for the news…. yep boring

  3. Well, I have been very disappointed as well and after seeing the interview Sydney Powell did with Dinesh D’Souza and her saying how he could have stopped the steal and he didn’t seem to try really made me rethink if he was really on our side.

    1. That’s a reasonable conclusion. Even if he was threatened at some point we’re going to have to fight back

  4. April 11th – Mars at 28 degrees Taurus Oppose Eclipse degree

    Mars is a trigger of events, and when it transits the previous eclipse degree that occurred on December 14, 2020 at 28 degrees of Scorpio an event will occur. As this happens to be the degree of Donald Trump’s natal Moon an event that wakes up humanity will occur. The truth is surfacing and there will be a new realization of recent events that will bring a more awakened world. Expect the unexpected.


  5. I know a fellow in denial so bad that he rejects obvious and clearly recorded incidents like Hillary Clinton in leg irons and hand cuffs being tossed into a black SUV on 2016 near the 9-11 memorial. He also denies the military tribunals exist, and almost drops to his knees with any mention of the earth being destroyed by the Vatican/British Empire CJ ‘End Times’ pageant. Such talk is treasonous, is it not?

      1. The military tribunals have a schedule of hearings posted at their website. Prove what? Do you want me to take their fingerprints or do you just want to spout off? Please clarify yourself.

      2. Here is a much editted sequence of Killary Stab Kitty Clinton being arrested. MOST of the jewelry has been editted out, but her arms are stilled locked behind her back. Also, the stretch where she was video recorded being thrown into the back of the black SUV was editted out of this one. Igot a good edition clearly recording the irons and the gunny sack toss of her Stab Kittyness 4 years ago, but I will not indulge your fantasies of omniscience even for 10 seconds. Any questions. Watch the video and don’t get fooled again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TflXQ2L1Io0

    1. Where is the footage of her just prior to “standing there awaiting the SUV?…i.e. walking from the event to the SUV???

  6. Trump is, for the most part, being cancelled or blocked so he has to be careful as to what he says and how he says it; also fox reporters are being told to walk a fine line by their management. TRUMP IS SUPPOSEDLY DEVELOPING HIS OWN SOCIAL NETWORK – not sure when it will be up and running but our “woke cancel culture” is driving the bus.

  7. I don’t know about you guys, but my friends and I were in high school in Seattle in 1971 when we decided that the neighborhood had over tolerated pedophile politicians and their pimps preying on kids who had falling outs with their parents. We DID, d, i, d, DID something about it. Under age beer keg parties out in the street until the cops became visible. Then, my good buddy Gilbert would grab the taps and get on his 10-speed and peddle like mad downhill with them. One friend and I were the spokespersons who faced the cops, with some kids in the crowd packing loaded guns. We made the police chief a deal he could not refuse. No adults would help the parents who had gone broke, to the Senator Henry Jackson’s staff’s glee, over trying to hire legal clout to force information to get their boy back. I have seen and downloaded a large number of informative videos of President Trump allegedly stopping wars with China and Russia, jamming up electronic triggering devices controlling nuke detonations, rescuing a few thousand kidnapped kids, with over 1,000 already dead, and more. You want to call people a useless ‘potty potty caa caa’ in the spirit of the ‘pee pee dossier’ which alleged President Trump was orange and had been taking Russian help during the 2016 election. How many people have YOU arrested and got convictions against? I have seen some of the photographs of these human trafficking victims, some already dead. I have also talked at length with 2 of the kids traumatized and abused by neocons in Seattle during the 1960s and 1970s. Your whiney pee pee caa caa talk does not help. Please stop it..

    1. Then why to you listen and follow our site? If you think our “whiney pee pee caa ca talk” doesn’t help, why in the world would you waste any time here?

  8. In my opinion, 80% of America or more are clueless as to what’s really going on..
    They sit around watching garbage all day mindless hypnotized, garbage eating, debt slaves.
    They haven’t any morality or real faith to speak of.
    Out of their own ignorance, lack of faith or the ability to think for oneself they begged for a Vaccine, they adore their masks and the idols who they follow.
    They love to follow orders from their heros. There next orders will likely be to be rid of those who aren’t like them. Millions upon millions are on feeding of the boots of their leaders
    THERE IS NO WAKING THEM UP. They are scarred to death of us!
    As far as I’m concerned they are the enemy and this is war they are committing on us, if they die from the Vax or mask it is their own dam fault. They will hopefully learn as they cycle into another incarnation. While they are still alive they are a threat to everything even themselves.
    Trump doesn’t matter at this point. They mean to kill us!
    What you should be concerned with is mobilizing, arming, growing some balls. THIS IS WAR! We are days away from camps and whatever other atrocity they are programmed to commit. People are going to die, get used to it. I don’t have any clue as to what’s in the Vax or what it will do to those who take it. If a hundred million die, there are less I will have to fight.

    1. President Trump is a strange case. See the Youtube video, “this is Your Life, Francis Farmer”. Ms. Farmer was a BRILLIANT well educated young actress who had wanted to become a physician, but was led by her mother into what proved to be a very lucrative career as an actress. She starred with some of the greats, and made a huge amount of money for the time. Money which her mother managed and became obsessed with. So much money that when Francis announced that she had enough, and wanted to return to school, her mother ganged with Francis’ manager and they had her committed to a mental hospital and lobotomized when Francis became enraged over her imprisonment. The separation of Francis Farmer’s frontal lobes ended her career as an actress, since she could not access her emotions. President Trump was in with a wild crowd and pampered and cultivated into a powerful personality, and would have become 100% manageable, if by following MKULTRA mind control intrusive but quick and simple techniques of brain pruning, Trump sometimes appears as a rendered and emotionally dead subject. See the Francis Farmer video and note her emotionally ‘flattened’ effect, and tell me that this characteristic is not also found in B.H. Obama and President Trump.”It’s all good”. President Trump is a brilliant and intelligent person still, but an emotional flattening exists where a person can not care one way or the other. This all CERTAINLY is not intuitively obvious and is only a very subtle and difficult phenomena to pick up on. Watch Francis Farmer and remember that the NYC/Hollywood Khazarian mafioso were doing Donald Trump’s conditioning before the military took him away for repackaging and reassigned duties. This entire process of peacefully getting past this massive vote fraud and Council on Foreign Relations directed enslavement of the world with the looming potential for a catastrophic outcome is not for the feint of heart.

    2. you have a supporter here in England. Hopefuly after the British Government have been brought to Court, the USA will like us here in the UK be free from the Rothchild/Rockerfeller tyrany

    3. Yup, and sadly that ill includes all our family members and friends apart from my “other half” We are alone it seems!

  9. I give President Trump SOME credit for his weird 100% errors concerning how to deal with this hybrid virus mess by Pirbright. I studied microbiology in school long ago. I am no expert, but I soon could tell the media was lying about the entire corona hybrid program. President Trump would not have seen the mistakes by Faucifraud in his presentation of the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Lockstep Plandemic backed by the British Empire and the Billkill program. Way back when the corona-SARS jumped from Wuhan to killing 29 elderly people at a convalescent home across Lake Washington from Seattle, near Gates’ house, I called ‘bullshidt’. The info finally showed up a year ago that this convalescent home sits in the middle of the strongest 5G field in the U.S. as of a year ago. Harvard’s Charles M. Lieber holds the U.S. Patent for using 5G radiation to vibrate corona virus particles from preset nanotubule containers. This biowarfare scene is not for the light of heart. Psychotics are threatening us all.

    1. does that mean that 5G can be directional or not? If not then the Globalists are also in the firing line! How are they gping to avoid “The Rona” what ever it is or even if it exists at all….according to Andrew Kaufman!

      1. Remember the dropping of the WTC towers with the nuke demolition system installed 32 years in advance? How many of the office workers ‘luckily’ did not show up for work that day? Check out the Abys family crest again, and Ratboy Faucifraud’s present occupation. Classtime. Home work. Attitude. All they have to do to turn 5G into a murdering lung blaster is crank up the signal transmitter or fire off the capacitor in the record as designed with the 5G broadcast antennae works. Fauci/Abys do this stuff for a living. Look at the KJV Samuel 15:3, and book of Sanhedrin, Steinsalte Edition VolXVIII Tractate Sanhedrine Part4, P.110.

  10. I can not over stress the need for folks to consult the 1917 Hon. Rep. Oscar Callaway hearings on the new seditious Council on Foreign Relations. Immediately thereafter, go to Facebook for free or splurge anywhere from $4.00 to $400.00 for ex-Vatican cardinal pen named ‘Avro Manhattan in his journal of personal participation as a Vatican cardinal, PLUS the 100 year and more history of the Europe based campaign to overthrow the U.S. with the British Empire. 1982, The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance’. Nearly all books about the CFR falsely claim that the CFR began in 1921, This figure is for slackers and sissy boys. Cowboy up and read the Callaway hearings, or be lost. The folks here at AIM/MichaelMcKibben are A++++++++… for years. This immense crowd of stupid people in the U.S. is directly linked with their addiction to their CFRtv programming, and the accompanying infectious nature among the unaware. Kill your television set.

  11. Prior to his presidency Trump denounced vaccines. One of his 2016 campaign promises, was that he was going to create a vaccine safety commission led by Robert F Kennedy Jr. That’s the whole reason the entire ex-vaxx community voted for him, it was the main reason I voted for him. But the vaccine safety never happened, he let RFK Jr. and the rest of us down. The subject was never discusses again.. I suspected something was amiss at that point.

    1. Trust freemasons to betray goyim and non-freemasons for the sake of the British Empire. It is intuitively obvious. We all must die for them to have more. They possess few marketable skills. Lord Pirbright got his ‘Sir’ for using microbial and chemical weapons to wage genocide against all non-whites. Now, they use it against ALL parties not in control of the City of London/Chinese/Russian communist parties British Empire gang.

  12. Please remember, folks. About 15 years ago, I noticed that of the 70,000 PLUS hours of free television available WITHOUT CABLE in my area per year, absolutely ZERO of that time was provided for ANY communications department or ANY other department to broadcast ANY college or university lecture. ZERO time out of 70,000 PLUS hours. It is intuitively obvious that we found the root of our problems with ignorance and hate. It is broadcast 24/7 on our television sets. Thank The Council on Foreign relations. who control nation wide syndicated news programming.

    1. The only time that Trump is lying is when his lips are moving and when his lips aren’t moving and when he is reading from a teleprompter and when he is not reading from a teleprompter.

      The truth is found in everything that has not been disclosed and everything that has not been understood. At Goethe once said, and Steiner noticed, wisdom is found solely in truth. And is not truth known in consequences?

      Where does
      the truth lie
      nakedly but shy.

      There are no sacred actions in government dead-end cul-de-sac redactions.


      Trump is reading from a teleprompter and data-mining responses on unTruthsocial. The so-called freedom cites are just Potemkin smartcities with a coat of Red paint to conceal the biometric panopticon prison beneath.

      The Warp Speed voodoo juice killed fertility and made barren the wombs of next generation, and now the father of the va666ines wants to play cupid and start a baby boom. With the vaccine on the CDC childhood schedule, a child will have had over a dozen fertility killing injections before puberty.

      Anybody can read from a teleprompter and make magical promises. Here Don-the-Con promises magic carpets, artificial pie-in-the-skyscapers, love and rockets.


      Speaking of Love & Rockets:


      But it’s the same old song and dance… will you fall for the temptations?





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