Dr. Douglas Gabriel Comments on the Bill Hicks-Alex Jones Entertainer

This video is traveling through social media today; I showed it to Douglas who’s always preaching that Alex Jones and Bill Hicks are the same person. This time I asked Douglas to give me a comment about the videos so that anytime someone brings up the topic, I have this handy-dandy url to share with them.

Video available on Bitchute: Bill Hicks – Sane Man [1989]

Dr. Douglas Gabriel writes: “The Blaze did an expose on Bill Hicks’ character Alex (Angry) Jones (see link below) that is conclusive enough for any rational person to see the truth that Hicks and Jones are one and the same.

That having been said, don’t forget to examine the ears because it is hard to fake that- they are the same. Even the two moles on his neck and the exact duplicate messed-up teeth fit the “bill” for a positive DNA test between “devil-possessed” Bill Hicks’ evil and tasteless diatribes and Alex Jones’ anti-government tirades. Kevin Booth (original producer for both Bill & Alex) simply had Bill play a character that someone thought would be good to defuse and characterize the anti-government, screaming-mad Americans who are fed up with “establishment” platitudes while witnessing an anti-social war against “we the people”; while selling plenty of Jones-labeled merchandise and product.

I personally thought all rational people knew that Alex was the fake spin-zone of a B-Grade comedian/actor who was paid to start his show to be the leader of the “Information Wars”, all the while leading you into nothingness, total nihilistic angry venting while selling health products to elongate the seeming suffering. Alex is nothing more than what Woody Allen characterized his entire movie career as a cheap imitation of Bob Hope’s nervous New York materialistic, pessimist character found in every one of his movies. Nothing new here, just “imitate the best and make up the rest.’ Alex is Howard Beale from the 1976 film Network yelling, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m going to take this any more!”

Ultimately, Screaming Alex Jones is just a slightly cleaned up version of angry Bill Hicks, still apparently possessed by self-righteous anger and wrath, hating most people. But all Alex does is yell. Fortunately, he has more intelligent people on his show that deviate from the set mold Kevin Booth and Bill HIcks have in store for you. Alex stays away from anything actionable: British, Pilgrims, Senior Executive Service, SERCO, Babylonian Radhanites, or the current banking family lineages — probably because they control Jones’ purse strings. All in all, Bill and Alex are cheap followers of the demon of wrath, fury, and rage who was called in the Talmud, Asmodeus the prince of demons and hell. Personally, when I watch Alex it is for comedic purposes only. But I don’t laugh, so I turn it off or wait for another Greg Reese video. 

Now is the perfect time for Alex Jones to admit the truth. He is Bill Hicks.

Only place I can find this is on Facedbook: https://www.facebook.com/stuburguiere/videos/10155864069128379/ If you find other links, please post in comments.