Kamala Harris Shielded by British Pilgrims Society

British GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE issued bogus birth and marriage certificates for Sir Nigel Graham KnowlesBritish Pilgrims Society handler for Vice Pretender Kamala D. Harris

The birth and marriage certificates provided by the British government for Knowles have multiple fatal flaws and are evidently doctored for propaganda purposes.



6 thoughts on “Kamala Harris Shielded by British Pilgrims Society”

  1. Harris is not an American citizen, let alone being eligible to be vice president , she was born of parents that were not American citizens, she is an anchor baby and not eligible according to the constitution.

    1. The CFRtv has taken the minds of millions of fellow Americans. Just say, “NO!” to CFRtv television, dedicated since 1911 to “buying up all influential news media in the U.S. to create public debate, and thus control the minds of the American people.” This quote can be found in original 1911 documents entered into the Congressional Record February 1917 by Honorable Representative Oscar Callaway. We been had. The CFR(Council on Foreign Relations was originally set up by JDRockefeller, JPMorgan, and the bottomless pit of ponzi scheme fiat currency based on fractional lending, fraud, and racist genocide. Until recently. In 2014, GB agent freemasons shot up a crowd of children at a festival thrown by the freely elected Norway political party, killing 70 and injuring twice that. The British Empire, with Obama military assistance immediately occupied the Norwegian off-shore oil fields.)

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