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David Lin interviewed the founder of WallStreetSilver and asked a few questions that Bayoukhi didn’t really answer. We left David an answer in the comment section of the YouTube, as he requested, but our comment is not showing up. Too bad for David as the real truth behind the silver movement is an amazing story of global unity among enlightened human beings. .

WallStreetSilver founder: ‘Waking up billions of people to get silver’ – Ivan Bayoukhi’s motives


Here’s our reply to David Lin’s question. We wanted to put a date/time stamp on our answer for historical purposes. ‘Cause you know how they messed up the early history of CIcada 3301 and Q.


AIM Cats were on silver like a cat on catnip from January 28 through today. Here’s our first post about #silversqueeze (January 30): . First target was SLV to force GS (that weenie Jeff Currie) to admit that the ETFs were the shorts. Once he was busted (which took less than a week), we moved on to a two-part SQUEEZE – PSVL and physical. Gotta yank the balls off the bull. Two balls. Two pulls. It’s war.

We commend WSS for what they are doing, but it is the global AIM community that stoked the fire early on. On January 30, we updated our community with this: Our silver warriors had been preparing for this opportunity since 2017:

That was after we started the Q movement, but jumped out when the spooks got in and started creating a psyop. We see that the movie on CICADA 3301 is coming out. We watched the trailer and it is bullsh*t.

By January 31, the AIM community had already created silver shortages around the world This was well before the Reddit WSS community had organized. We were firing out memes and articles full blast that weekend. Here’s another

Our global community really loved this silver boomer and we asked folks to share wide and far:

We reinforced our digital troops with this update on February 5, and so many more….

FYI – this was the original comment left by jjalaj30 in the WallStreetBets comments that Lin refers to. It was quickly removed so it was doubtful that it alone is responsible for the global movement to take possession of physical silver. However, AIM Cats took note that OPPORTUNITY had met PREPAREDNESS and used our vast, decentralized network to get the word out – BUY and HOLD silver.

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  1. I was banned from facebook a few years ago for donating $850.00 to Palestinian refugees, banned from comments on Youtube fornsuggesting a fair trial followed by an execution for Liar Faucifraud was overdue, and banned from Twitter because I felt the mayor of Seattle and The Seattle County Council allowing Rothschild/Soros agents Antifa and Black Lives Matter destroy that U.S. Government Certified Enterprise Zone in Seattle to be a self-indulgence and treason against the citizens of the U.S. no matter what race or moral code. ie, PRISON OR EXECUTIONS. What I have claimed about Microsoft during their first years as a high school computer club up to 1994 should by now be evident to all that I was, indeed, telling the unembellished Gospel truth. Bill Gates behaves as a psychopath who has sucked in fake MD Anthony Tall Mud Banger Faucifraud to implement the British Empire’s evil racist/non-racist bidding as U.S. Government policy as he also collects a government paycheck determined by CFRtv elected stooges. This is a criminal enterprise, nothing more. We are NOT waging battle against geniuses. We are, however, being very patient and kind processing criminal spoiled brats.

    On Wed, Mar 17, 2021 at 12:56 PM Patriots for Truth wrote:

    > Our Spirit posted: ” . David Lin interviewed the founder of > WallStreetSilver and asked a few questions that Bayoukhi didn’t really > answer. We left David an answer in the comment section of the YouTube, as > he requested. If any of you AIM Cats would drop inside the YouTube ” >

    1. We placed our comment there TWICE. Each time it was removed or not accepted…because to leave our links of truth would be the final detonators to their rickety financial system of corruption and lies.

  2. I also searched for your comment on the YouTube page for the Kitco News clip, seems like it was deleted.

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