Is this the pin that popped the stock market bubble?


You know that pin that pops the really big bubble? It doesn’t have to be a big pin…just needs to have a very sharp tip, like this:



Looks like some patriots on Reddit have banned together to take advantage of the collapsing markets. They are sick and tired of the globalshits making money on the backs of small-time investors and have decided to play the “short game” along with them…and how apropos that this game would start on GameStop stock.

Listen to the videos below to learn what’s going on:

GameStop Rally to Push Some Hedge Funds to Bankruptcy: Gartman

The big problem for these hedge funds is that they were BETTING (yes, it is a casino) that companies and markets would crash and on the way down, they would make huge gains shorting individual companies, like GameStop, Bed Bath&Beyond, AMC Entertainment, Dillards, and Twitter.

To cover their investment asses, the hedges are having to sell other stocks so they can shore up the damages in the investments they shorted. Where are they going to find the money needed?

Answer: Any and all of their other investments must be sacrificed to cover themselves.

10 highly shorted stocks are soaring as Reddit traders wage war against top Wall Street hedge funds


GameStop Stock Is Making Some People Very Rich

Learn more and see other video selections on the topic under the headline link below:

GameStop is a Game Changer


These indie investors are not stopping with GameStop, and that is what is troubling Wall Street today. We even saw a report that the globalshits may try to close trading for 30 days! Think about the Wall Street carnage that is coming. We told you a few weeks about what we saw coming:

I sold off my entire stock portfolio because of election confusion


Maybe you should check your investments TODAY and NOW and get out of the way of the coming collapse. The biggest bubbles burst easiest with the tiniest little pin prick.

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