Bank of England hides American operations in England, Arkansas

Corner Store World Banking Powerhouse nobody knew: the Bank of England… England, Arkansas

Appears to be fronting for the Bank of England, UK… getting Americans used to seeing the name

Almost as many deposits as J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. in a farming town of 2,800 people

Researchers just stumbled upon yet more world banking deception

On paper, these are supposedly all subsidiaries of the Bank of England, England, Arkansas (Population: 2,825 people, 2010 census); 123 Main Street, England, Arkansas 72046.

The bank has $576 million in assets, 361 governors and 151 locations around the country.

The Arkansas Sec. of State listing says it is a foreign (non-Arkansas-based) but has deleted all detail about that location. The principal, Brad Canada, is an evident cardboard local yocal.

361 Governors, Foreign Corporation

Who is Brad Canada? Who is Gary Canada?