Is The Reddit Rebellion about to become a SILVER WAR?


He taught his army of patriots well.


Is The Reddit Rebellion About To Descend On The Precious Metals Market?


Yes, we agree with Bix that physical silver is the only silver that has value, but our strategy of jumping in to the SLV (paper, derivative silver) is to drive the digital (rigged) price up and make money all the way to the Moon. SLV shares are casino chips, so to speak, and only worth money when you cash out where it is converted to fake, fiat Federal Reserve currency which will soon be worth nothing. To buy real wealth, take those fiat dollars and buy precious metals from the local coin or pawn shop, or purchase real assets like cars, boats and houses, or grab those essentials that you might need for your household.



Of course, if you have been in the AIM School of Truth for a few years, you know all about JP Morgan, metals rigging, and the secret power of the silver bullet. Here are two reports from our archive that will give you the history of what’s been going on in the silver and banking industries.

J.P.Morgan Controls Major Newspaper Editorial Policy While Spoofing and Hoarding Silver & Gold

“J. P. Morgan Chase is an agent of the Rothschilds and controls the media and metals market. This post with GROUNDBREAKING new evidence from historical records shows the Rothschild plan to control American media and metals market.”


Time to Get Your Silver Bullets as We Fedexit From the Banking Cabal

“Thanks to the banking cabal, the price of silver and gold has been suppressed for over one hundred years in order to cover up their financial crimes to humanity and suppress the real value of currencies around the world. This means that Patriots can still pick up an ounce for less than twenty fiat dollars! This is REAL U.S. minted currency and will be important to have on hand as the derivatives market collapses the entire financial system as the banksters find out that we will not be bailing them out of their Ponzi scheme this time.”


Suing Robinhood – Again


$GME The Movie


Ladies and Gentlemen, WE GOT THEM


It’s not going to be a CIVIL WAR with bullets and blood; it’s going to be a SILVER WAR with naked shorts and a rich middle class.

Be a patriot and do something to contribute to the SILVER WAR efforts. Go to the coin or pawn shop today/tomorrow and load up on real silver and gold… or join silver warriors who are speculating in the SLV market to drive prices of silver to the moon, knowing that if it suddenly collapses, we could lose everything but at least we saved our children from global tyranny because we would have collapsed their evil system.


The Democratization / Demonization Of Speculation

An interesting intersection of dynamics has led to the curtain being ripped aside by the democratized speculations of WallStreetBets, a crowdsourced pool of speculative capital which shares many characteristics with online gaming and live-action role playing (LARP) only the gains and losses are in real dollars (the fortunes made and lost in GameStop (GME) are very real indeed).

Wall Street and the politicos who profiteer as insiders are naturally horrified by both developments.”


Charles Payne Goes “Beast Mode” On Hedge Fund Elites As We See Once Again The Game Is Crooked


Alex Jones explains how digital silver trading can be used to defeat the globalists at their own game!

The silver bullet to slay the globalist werewolf is here!


3 thoughts on “Is The Reddit Rebellion about to become a SILVER WAR?”

  1. RE: The Silver War
    I’m concerned about the repercussions of this effort. I as well admire the tenacity of the people to poke the giant in the eye. I wonder though, through these efforts are these actions going to be used against us? Creating a scapegoat for these criminals to blame the already intended crash of the markets on? We already know how overinflated the markets are, have little or no relation to Main Street or the regular Joe. Still somewhat secure over information the MSM and the criminals actually need a way to crash this Ponzi scheme, walk away with the booty and apply the blame to the Deplorables.
    Resulting in the anger of all who lose everything, their 401k’s, retirements, pensions etc, coming down on us.
    Like the criminals always say, never let a crisis go to waste. Could this be the way they break the back of America’s economy and after a few months of economic despair usher in their great economic communistic reset? Be wary my friends, never underestimate evil.

  2. I think it’s going to take more than crowdfunding on reddit to unrig the silver market. The gold market was unrigged while Trump was in office, and one noticed that although gold never went parabolic (shooting up in a very short period of time), the climb was pretty much steady until we got to the election. One thing that became clear is the paper gold market started being exposed when investors in paper contracts started demanding the physical product. The crowdsourcing on reddit can buy up paper contracts, but unless they hold it to contract expiration, they won’t get the physical product, which I don’t think is possible on a crowdfunded account.

    Silver is an industrial metal so the real price of silver is much higher than the paper market. However as long as the COMEX exists, the market riggers can artificially depress prices, no matter how much reddit buys. COMEX allows fractional ownership, very similar to fractional reserve banking, where that $100.00 you deposit is some extraordinarily large number of outstanding loans. So the COMEX allows more than one owner for an ounce of a precious metal. Platinum is subject to much less rigging, where the paper market and the physical market are similar in price.

  3. Does any know if I can request to be paid in physical silver if I’m invested in SLV (Robinhood)? I see that SLV is backed by silver bullion held in London – can I make them pay me out in physical silver? i recognize they may not be able to or try to convince me to take Rothschild cash.

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