Protonmail is Spying Mail

We have written to folks individually about Protonmail and wanted to create this page so that we can easily link to our notes for future reference and to help you educate your downline about Proton Technologies. At the bottom of the page, we show you our solution and invite you to join LEADER MAIL.


Perhaps the easiest thing is to view Protonmail’s personnel and their interlocking histories with the Pilgrims.

CERN, Harvard, Caltech, Large Hadron Collider (Klaus Schwab, Escher-Wyss, etc.), MIT, Richard Tetaz (no info background), Yanfeng Zhang (no info background), Dino Kadrikj (no info background), Univ. of Chicago, Geneva/Swiss Federal government (Klaus Schwab, Davos sponsor), Giacomo (no info background)

Switzerland Federal government is part of the new world order takeover:

They were/are Klaus Schwab’s Davos World Economic Forum organization:

BlackRock, FMR (Fidelity), Vanguard = C.I.A. / British Pilgrims Society


This is why we recommend that AIMCats use a email, operated by Leader Technologies. Yes, it will cost you a bit of $$$ but it is a great way to support Michael and the miners and their never-ending work in the data mines to bring citizens the truth about our history and world. Michael’s company was ravished by James P. Chandler, III and the SES creeps who stole his patent and gave it to Facebook, Twitter, and anyone for free.

You will have the privacy you want and support a great cause. WIN WIN.

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6 thoughts on “Protonmail is Spying Mail”

  1. I do not believe anything on the Internet is Private…emails & all…. Mark Nestmann suggested the Proton Mail. Really You Can’t Trust Anyone anymore, either… Jesus will Guide Our Steps!!! Thanks & Blessings!!!

  2. “Michael’s company was ravished by James P. Chandler,”

    Did they have a good time…?

    I think you mean “ravaged”…?

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Protonmail, too, would be a honeypot.

    On the other hand, at the point at which Protonmail is able to spy on you, the computer or the mobile phone you wrote the email with, spied on you and collected the very same information already. Privacy is an illusion, folks.


    Please create a truly private email service that uses Satilite frequencies and a roving encrytption , also the dumpsthe message onto your computer then deletes and storage leaving it only on sender and receivers computers.
    POINT is maybe if you can do that soon, the trillions of peoples private messages wont get hacked before the next Presidential Election. DEFCON. BLACK HAT, DARK TANGENT and many others train cyber criminals in VEGAS every year at DEF CON conventions. AMERICA was raped and rpbbed by hackers.
    DEF CON has classes called Voting Village where they even teach young children as young as 11 years old to hack voting systems for fun. The assignnment of millions of hackers was//is to get temp jobs during elections and actually handle set up ,program the voting systems then off laod the data , then deletethe systems, then send false data up to the central server controlling the outcome….Joe Biden hired JAKE BRAUN top computer scientist in the USA to hack the election.FACT… anyway , please create a truly private internet. Milions of cyber criminals…..we are doomed.

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