Sarah Makin-Acciani: Global WHO Vaccine Paramilitary

We were requested by an AIMCat to identify Sarah Makin-Acciani, who was leading a Zoom call this week with some mucky-mucks regarding the topic of non-governmental organizations assisting Afghanistan evacuees, and let the public know who she really is.

Sarah Makin-Acciani: Global WHO Vaccine Paramilitary

Thomas Acciani newly-minted husband of Sarah E. Makin-Acciani (married May 26, 2018)

HHS, Office of Infectious Disease and HIV/AIDS Policy (OIDP)—Tony Fauci

Sarah Makin-Acciani is a career bureaucrat who was appointed to the National Security Council (2020-Jan 2021) as Senior Director for International Religious Freedom.

Contributor to Vaccines National Strategic Plan, Nov. 13, 2020

  • (“The Vaccines National Strategic Plan 2021–2025 (Plan) provides a vision for the U.S. vaccine and immunization enterprise for the next five years.”)
  • (“Objective 3.1 Counter vaccine mis- and disinformation and increase public support for the individual and societal benefits of vaccination.”)
  • (“Objective 3.4 Reduce disparities and inequities in vaccine confidence and acceptance.”)
  • (“Objective 4.3 Strengthen data infrastructure, including Immunization Information Systems, to track vaccine coverage in the United States and conduct surveillance of vaccine-preventable diseases.”)
  • (“Objective 5.2 Support global partners in efforts to combat vaccine misinformation, disinformation, and hesitancy worldwide.”)
  • (“Objective 5.4 Increase coordination of global immunization efforts across federal agencies and with global partners.”)

Sarah E. (“Elizabeth”) Makin-Acciani (b. Mar. 1983) |

Thomas H. (“Henry”) Acciani (b. Jun. 1983)

(Fauci’s cheerleader inside Pence COVID taskforce via wife Sarah E. Makin-Acciani)

(Received significant NIH/NIAID funding from FAUCI)

610 I Street SE

Washington, DC 20003

Thomas H Acciani’s District Of Columbia Voter Registration

Washington, District Of Columbia

Thomas H Acciani is listed at 610 I St Se Washington, Dc 20003 and has no political party affiliation. Thomas is registered to vote in District Of Columbia.