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alison saunders 5


Alison Saunders, CB, the Queen’s top prosecutor came to dinner at Bruce and Nellie Ohr’s home four days before the infamous Trump Tower meeting

Election interference by a Queen’s agent is espionage and for the Americans who helped is treason

(MAR. 21, 2019)—Following a month-long investigation—aided by a Judicial Watch Mar. 7, 2019  release of more stonewalled DOJ FOIA releases—the long held suspicions of many that British Privy Council intelligence, technology and banking interests are behind the attempted coup d’état of President Donald J. Trump can now be confirmed, in our minds anyway, beyond doubt.

What moved our thinking from circumstantial evidence to fact?

“Dinner with the Ohrs” —A secret Jun. 05, 2016 dinner meeting between Alison Sanders and her entourage at the home of Bruce and Nellie Ohr’s in McLean, VA on .

That was just four days before the infamous Trump Tower meeting.


She is a British barrister (lawyer) who at the time of the Ohr dinner was the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for the Crown Prosecution Service (CCP). In short, she was the Queen’s top prosecutor. She held a roughly equivalent post to U.S. deputy attorney general Sally Yates—Bruce Ohr’s boss.

On the surface, one might think that such contacts are not uncommon. After all, lawyers and law enforcement officials the world over compare notes. So what was different about this meeting?

A closer look at Saunder’s past and her conflicting relationships shows that she was on a secret mission by her Privy Council handlers to stop Donald Trump. The “Why?” will become obvious as this evidence unfolds.


The circumstances of “Dinner with the Ohrs” were suspicious on their face.

As Judicial Watch just uncovered, the Ohrs started planning this dinner party with Alison Saunders a month earlier, on or about May 06, 2016. Anecdotally, Peter Strzok refused all House questions about the activities of this May-Jun 2016 time period. He even said that his reason was to protect a “very sensitive source.”

At least six people dined at the Ohrs: Alison Saunders, her executive assistant, Helen Kershaw, Sue Patten and Patrick Steves, Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr. Saunders also had MI-6 security with her. We do not yet know who attended on the American side besides the Ohrs.

From a protocol perspective, this meeting was a non-starter. First, Saunders was meeting with an underling of her professional equivalent, Sally Yates. Second, being there under diplomatic immunity begs the question:

What did Saunders bring with her to give to the Ohrs? McVities, tea, crumpets, money, non-traceable gems, documents, weapons, drugs, what? Both Saunders and Ohr were international organized crime experts, so they would certainly know the opportunities that such a secret meeting provided. It appears that they were engaging in their own organized crime this time.

So, thanks to Judicial Watch, we have proof that American Bruce Ohr, one of the DOJ’s paymasters for Obama’s stay behind 10,000-man army innocuously named the Senior Executive Service (SES) Performance Review Board, is having a secret meeting with the Queen’s top Crown prosecutor.

Hindsight being 20-20, we can now look back to the date of the Dinner with the Ohrs, Jun. 05, 2016, and then see that the Trump Tower meeting occurred just four days later on Jun. 09, 2016.

It makes sense. Saunders’ American assets, the Ohrs, Strzoks, Comey, Mueller, Lynch, Page, McCabe, etc. were committing treason, and the Privy Council was anxious to make sure they would execute on the plan to frame the Trump campaign with their phony Steel “dirty dossier.”

Before we draw any conclusions regarding this suspicious timing, we need to review Alison Saunders’ background.


Strzok Tells a Big Fat Lie About Hillary’s Email Service

peter strzok afiPeter Strzok’s big fat FBI lie about the reason for the set up of the private email server. The FBI knew years before they released tranches of Hillary’s emails starting in Sep. 2016. Tellingly, he volunteered this explanation even though he wasn’t asked about WHEN. Whoops.

Peter Strzok. (Jun. 27, 2018). Peter Strzok TRANSCRIPTION of Interview with Peter Strzok released by Rep. Doug Collins (GA 9th), Committee on the Judiciary, pgs. 312. U.S. House of Representatives.

private email server strzok

FACT: The alternative media is better at presenting FACTS than the FBI. Her domain was registered in January 2009.

The ‘rank and file’ FBI SUCK at their jobs! When ordinary citizens do a better job at finding facts, then why do we employee these people?

clinton email.JPG

fbi clinton email.JPG

who is clinton email.JPG


Time for Patriots to Support a Political Party of American Pride

These UnAmerican Republican Globalists Rebuked the American People

Time to REBUKE the Republican Party

dirty dozen
The Dirty Dozen

We urge MAGA Americans: DO NOT give campaign contributions to the RNC.

First, it is chaired by a ROMNEY (Ronna, darling niece of corrupt Mitt and cousin to election-rigging Hart InterCivic Tagg Romney).

Secondly, your funds will go into a pool where a ROMNEY doles it out to any one of the DIRTY DOZEN unAmerican republicans who voted to keep our southern border open and leave Americans vulnerable to murderous invaders.

Literally, these Senators supported legislation that would have left Americans unprotected from foreign invasion. Thank goodness, Trump VETOED their insanity.

We also want to flush out globalists like Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Lindsey Graham, Joni Ernst, Corey Gardner, Richard Burr, daughter-of-demon-Dick Liz Cheney and all the Koch Brothers – Chamber of Commerce candidates in the cesspool called the Republican National Party. See 25 top RINOs.

The Republican Party needs to die along with the DNC. Please do not feed the RNC beast. Get the word out to your circle of influence. Give directly to the MAGA candidates of your choice or give directly to

Let’s get a huge decentralized campaign going to educate and enlighten patriots that the Republican Party does not work for the American people. It works for the Romneys and their globalist ilk.

globalist patriot parties

Support the ‘AMERICAN PRIDE’ party.


lion pride
This is a lion pride.

Remember this February 10, 2019 retweet from Trump of two jaguar cats snuggling? AIM Cats come in all sizes and types.

Baby Harvesting is the Government’s Right

Baby Harvesting is the Government’s Right


Answer due date updated for Andrew M. Cuomo answer due 3/18/2019; Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. answer due 3/15/2019; The State of New York answer due 3/18/2019; Voice for Choice: Planned Parenthood of New York City Action Fund, Inc. answer due 3/15/2019; Warren “Bill De Blasio” Wilhelm, Jr answer due 3/15/2019. (hmr) (Entered: 03/11/2019)

URGING that POTUS Donald John Trump revoke PROCLAMATION 2040 of 9 March 1933 of the PRESENT 85 YEAR EMERGENCY GOVERNMENT to return the REPUBLIC to We the People who are only those “Pre-1933” Private National Citizens of the United States of America…Versus… The EMPIRE of 12 USC 95a with 50 USC App. 5(b) (CHAPTER 53) under the Executive Proclamation 2040 time of war or emergency using the SURETY INDENTURE SERF to pay the Debt for the Creditors

That POTUS ORDER THE IMMEDIATE USE OF The Sherman Antitrust and Robinson Patman Acts and prohibit The SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE  members of 10000 SES members of the so-called DEEP STATE from SES fixing of no-bid Federal contracts that support the CROWN’S Monopoly SERCO INC. running the Congressional Military Industrial Complex among other real suggestions if he would listen.


Christopher E. Strunk’s new website includes a blog where you can leave your own research to share with others:

Reader note: Are you outraged? So are we!

It’s Time for a Spring Uprising


Here are the FOUR TREASONOUS CARTER W. PAGE FISC warrant requests

james comey afiHere are the FOUR TREASONOUS CARTER W. PAGE FISC warrant requests certified as true by Comey, Yates, McCabe and Rosenstein.

Download the PDF and use the Bookmarks to navigate the document and see the criminal fraud signatures more easily.

We now know that these warrants were TEASONOUS ATTACKS to attempt to take down a sitting U.S. President.

In re. Carter W. Page. (Oct. 2016). 17-cv-597(FBI). SURRVEILANCE WARRANTS #1 (10/2016), #2 (01/2017), #3 (04/2017), #4 (06/2017). Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).

carter pagecarter page 2


CIA Director Gina Haspel is Complicit with the Coup

When we saw these tweets from George Papadopoulos, we thought we could help him out with some answers. If you can get them to George, please do.

Has congress figured out why Peter Strzok’s former boss, Bill Priestap, was in London (of all places) the days before Alexander Downer was sent to spy on me and lie about our meeting? If not, time to get a move on it.

— George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) March 12, 2019

Britain is in a political crisis. To push Brexit hard, declassifying the spy role of the David Cameron government on Trump and his team is paramount. Congress can not overlook the vital importance of London as the center of the coup attempt.

— George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) March 12, 2019

What was I REALLY under surveillance for then? Explosive

— George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) March 13, 2019

Our reply to George:

preistap bill.JPGBill Priestap was the Director of the FBI national security division and would have gone to the London CIA “office” for a meeting. There he would have met with Stefan Halper and Gina Haspel who was, at the time, head of the London CIA office and would have been in charge of the connections with Robert Hannigan (British GCHQ) and John Brennan who planned and executed the wiretapping of Trump Team at Trump Towers. Haspel’s communications, when released, will reveal the full scope of the CIA led international attack on the 2016 presidential election.

Gina Haspel would have known about the coup. If she has not reported all of this to the President Trump, she is complicit in the coup attempt and is guilty of HIGH TREASON.


Keep in mind, Peter Strzok was a CIA Regional Director who John Brennan appointed as the head of Crossfire Hurricane, the CIA counter-intelligence operation to “take out” candidate Trump – later it became the Mueller Witch Hunt after 13 different iterations spanning:

the CIA (John Brennan),

FBI (James Comey, Andrew McCabe, James Baker, etc.),

DoJ (Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, Andrew Weisseman),

State Department (Victoria Nuland, Jonathon Winer, Hilary Clinton, John Kerry),

ODNS (James Clapper),

NSA (Admiral Mike Rogers)

and the White House senior staff (directly to Obama, Biden, Jarret, Rice, Powers, etc.).

Bill Preistap was the supervisor for Strzok and Lisa Page who also worked for John Carlin in the Department of Justice National Security Division under Sally Yates. Then Strozk and Page continued their CIA operation as they were appointed to Mueller’s Special Council Investigation.

Gina Haspel worked directly for the instigator of the Crossfire Hurricane operation – John Brennan. It would have been impossible for Haspel not to have known about the British spying from London since it was reported in UK newspaper on a weekly basis. She certainly was controlling Stefan Halper, Josef Mifsud, Stephan Roh, Alexander Downer, Andrew Wood, John McCain, Mark Warner, Adam Schiff and the other conspirators.

All of these facts are well known and reported in open source documents. As the 53 testimonies of the House Intelligence Committee are released, we will see the house of cards all fall down and Gina Haspel will go with it.

Keep in mind Haspel was Michael Gaeta’s handler. Gaeta handled the frame-up of George Papadopoulos.


It’s Called TREASON


Lisa Page testimony.

trump wiretap tweet




Kamala Harris is an Anchor Baby and She is not Black

kamala harris birth certificate.

Conclusion #1: Kamala Harris is an anchor baby, born to a Caucasian Indian mother and a Jamaican father.

Conclusion #2: Kamala Harris is not African-American, she is Jamaican-Indian.

Conclusion #3: Kamala Harris is not eligible to be a United States Senator if she was an anchor baby and has not become a U. S. citizen.

Conclusion #4. Kamala Harris is not eligible to hold the position of President of the United States.


Kamala Devi Harris. (Oct. 20, 1964). Certificate of Live Birth, Mother: Goplan Shyamala, Age 26, from India, Caucasian; Father: Donald Jasper Harris, Age 26, from Jamaica, Jamaican, Occupation: Student and Teaching Fellow, Univ. of CA, date signed Oct. 23, 1964; 2531 Regent St. Apt. 5, Berkley – 4, Alameda Cty., CA; Reg. Dist. No. 6015, Reg. No. 15318, State File No. 64-295984, Kaiser Foundation Hospital, Oakland, Alameda, CA.


Unless proven with court documents – at the time of Kamala’s birth, her parents were not U.S. citizens. They were foreign students. At the time of her birth, her parents were not U.S. citizens. This makes her an anchor baby. She is not eligible to hold the office of president.

Where are her papers to prove CITIZENSHIP. And this time citizens are not going to let corrupt JOHN ROBERTS pull a fast one and claim that she is eligible for the presidency like he did with Indonesian Barry Soetoro. Demand that Kamala show documentary evidence of her citizenship and those of her parents.

Nellie Ohr Has Ties to the Clinton Foundation

the ohrs

Bruce Ohr. (Aug. 28, 2018). TRANSCRIPT of Interview before an Executive Session jointly between the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees, p. 184. U.S. Congress.

Bruce Ohr speaking about Nellie Ohr, TRANSCRIPT p. 184

ohr testimony 1

One month before the 2016 Nov. election, Nellie Ohr moved from the DOJ and FusionGPS that was paid by the DNC and Clinton Foundation via hers and Obama’s law firm Perkins Coie LLP to created the “Steele dossier”. Then she went to work for Clinton Foundation donor/Clinton Speech sponsor VeriSign, Inc.



When will President Trump realize that all SES staffers are MAGA sabateurs?

Jessie K. Liu Nominated #3 at DOJ to Protect the Unelected Senior Executive Service (SES) Secret Government

No Question.

liu eyes

New Graham Senate Steele dossier document request will likely be stonewalled by Liu, who is paid by . . . swamp rat Bruce Ohr!

All unelected, unaccountable SES members should be removed from all political inquiries due to their NWO, anti-Constitution bias

The SES is a globalist nation state undermining the U.S. Constitution

jessie liu 2

Mar. 09, 2019—New investigations into AG Bob Barr’s pick for #3 at the DOJ, Jessie K. Liu (from the Harvard and Yale Ivy League corruption cesspools), raises huge red flags among American patriots who urge the President to stop perpetuating fake justice at the Justice Department with these hires.

The SES 500 attorneys at the DOJ pay compensation to the 10,000 Obama stay-behinds who claim they cannot be fired by the President. This globalist Fifth Column is the reason Washington D.C. is the swamp. It is the Deep State. These people are only accountable to their new world order globalist handlers aligned with the British Privy Council.

The now totally discredited DOJ attorney Bruce Ohr is one of the DOJ SES 500.

jessie liu 3

Jessie K. Lius is SES. Here’s proof from the Senior Executive Service (SES) 2008 Plum Book, PDF p. 107:

jessie liu ses.JPG

We believe President Trump’s Make America Great agenda will continue to be undermined if he continues to allow SES swamp rats to be appointed to senior agency positions.

16 Disclosed Relationships with Clinton Foundation donors

Liu has disclosed relationships with the following Clinton Foundation donors: including Accenture, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Marriott International, Ford Foundation, Harvard, Booz Allen Hamilton, Chevron, GE, Goldman Sachs, Hertz, Credit Suisse, Schneider Electric (QRS-11 autopilot/Bain/Romney), Citibank (up to $500K holdings), Vanguard (up to $565K holdings, Fidelity (up to $3.55 million holdings), TIAA-CREF (up to $515K holdings)

Jessie K. Liu. (Apr. 17, 2017). 2017 Financial Disclosure. OGE, ProPublica.

Jessie K. Liu. (Apr. 17, 2017). Senate Confirmation Questionnaire. US Senate.

Full story (half way down the Cat Report 22).

AFI AIM logo combo


Below are some additional notes we are keeping on Liu. They may be useful to researchers in the AIM4Truth community.


jessie Liu bannerjessie liu pix

Senate Questionnaire & Financial Disclosure shows numerous relationships with Clinton Foundation donors

… including Accenture, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Marriott International, Ford Foundation, Harvard, Booz Allen Hamilton, Chevron, GE, Goldman Sachs, Hertz, Credit Suisse, Schneider Electric (QRS-11 autopilot/Bain/Romney), Citibank (up to $500K holdings), Vanguard (up to $565K holdings, Fidelity (up to $3.55 million holdings), TIAA-CREF (up to $515K holdings)


jessie liu husbandMarried: Michael Bernard Abramowicz, Aug. 15, 1999

2006-2007 Deputy Chief of Staff National Security Division United States Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20530

2006-2007: Deputy Chief of Staff; National Security Division, United States Department of Justice; Alberto R. Gonzales, Attorney General.

2007-2009: Deputy Assistant Attorney General; Civil Rights Division, United States Department of Justice; Michael B. Mukasey, Attorney General.

2017: Deputy General Counsel; United States Department of the Treasury; Steven T. Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury.

Ford Foundation Fellowship for Undergraduate Research, 1994

Yale Law Journal, 1996-1998

Edward Bennett Williams Inn of Court Associate-at-Large, 2003-2014 Barrister, 2014-present

Yale Law School Class of 1998 Class Secretary, approximately 2014-present Yale Law School Alumni Association of Washington, D.C. Director, approximately 2006-2008

Legal Issues and Judiciary Working Group (informal advisory group), Marco Rubio for President, 2015-2016. Crime and Domestic Law Enforcement Legal Team (informal advisory group), Mitt Romney for President, 2012.

HealtheState LLC v. ASM Research, LLC and Accenture Federal Services, LLC Case No. 2016-13752 Circuit Court for Fairfax County, Virginia Judge Randy I. Bellows 2016-2017 HealtheState LLC (“HealtheState”), a health care consulting company, sued my clients, ASM Research, LLC and Accenture Federal Services, LLC (collectively “Accenture”)

Accenture 1network of donors

accenture 2.JPGus chamber of commercemarriot internationalford foundation.JPGharvard scholarship