GEET Instructions Build Your Own Plasma Generator

Important GEET document to download below. Save it to your PC. Share it with everyone. Condor spent several decades compiling this historical information that has been kept from humanity by the Pilgrims Society and the PetroLords. Even if you don’t understand it and it looks too complicated, save it. We need to get this technology in the hands of everyone on the planet, especially those with critical energy needs.

It is a big file, so give it a few minutes to download. Tons of hyperlinks make this document highly valuable to those future scientists in our audience. We look forward to seeing the inventions that come from this basic knowledge of GEET.

Condor. (Dec. 05, 2019). Kid Atlas, 237 pgs. AIM.

An aside: Today, Douglas was on the phone with an engineer friend of 50 years. Rick is a really smart guy who is totally dialed-in on Tesla-type technologies. Douglas was telling him about GEET and Rick knew all about it. Said he visited the inventor decades ago to book of geetvet the technology. Said it was the real-deal. The inventor was Paul Pantone. If you didn’t download his Book of GEET, yet, please do it now. Did you see the engine demonstration?

You would actually be building a plasma generator and, as it looks, an anti-gravitation device, if you follow Paul’s instructions. Please help us disseminate Paul’s gift to humanity and spread these documents wide and far around the world so that the evil petrolords in the Pilgrims Society can’t keep hording all the energy technologies to themselves.

Is this what was going on in a garage in Ohio yesterday? Was one of our Ohio AIM patriots tinkering with a GEET plasma generator? Inquiring minds want to know.

Advancing Thorium Molten Salt Reactor R&D

The Schwarzman Scholars: Future globalist operatives for the Pilgrims Society

ses recruits pilgrims senior executive.jpg

Patriots, make sure to download the links below. We found a huge rats’ nest where the Pilgrims Society prepares its future “foot soldiers” who will hold positions in government and corporations around the world. This is really no different that finding the names of future ISIS fighters. This is their globalist training camp; they will be recruited for positions around the world where their “special training” is desired.

Their names and bios are put online so that globalist recruiters can find them. Our miners found it so everything you see below inside the links was available on a public platform. We preserved the website in PDF format. Thank those amazing miners at Americans for Innovation who cataloged, organized, and formatted the documents for easy searching.

young bill clintonGlobalist recruiters know that the people presented on these pages would have been thoroughly indoctrinated in “the New World Order agenda.” Schwarzman Scholars are akin to Rhodes Scholars who are also indoctrinated in Cecil Rhodes special 200-year plan to take over the world.

These young men and women come from around the world. Notice how many of them have U.K and China connections. Take some time to go through the files to find bios of future bureaucrats, politicians, bankers, and corporatists for your country.

We will have plenty more to say about this group, but for now…save the records. It will become important intelligence for the patriot movement as these young globalists begin their careers as ground troops for the Pilgrims Society.

Treason & Sedition

Schwarzman Scholars Awardees, all years. A Pilgrims Society, CIA, SES Rhodes Trust for China. (Accessed Dec. 08, 2019). Schwarzman Scholars.

“The most significant program of its kind since the Rhodes Trust, Schwarzman Scholars is creating a historic new path for the next generation of global leaders.”

“Schwarzman Scholars is designed to prepare its graduates to build stronger relationships between China and a rapidly changing world and to address the most pressing challenges of the 21st Century.”

Online version:

With Photos & Bios PDF

Without Photos; With University & Country List Only PDF

Without Photos; With University & Country List Only XSLX

scharrer.JPGjuliana lawrence.JPGzachary tan.JPGAlioune Fall.JPGzixin wang.JPG

And guess what their team colors are!

schwartzman scholars.JPG

Notice the beehive logo…reminds us of other beehives we have seen with globalist  indoctrination programs.

schwarzman scholars.JPG

Remember Burroughs-Wellcome? What’s up with the hive – are they trying to nudge us into becoming BORG with their evil hive mind, plugged into George Soros’ brain and consciousness?

wellcome 2


Speaking of team colors, did you see our post about the Betsy Ross team shirts? We have designated Rush Limbaugh as the Betsy Ross “uniform manager” for Team Patriots. Go to to pick up your Betsy Ross gear. The globalists wear purple as their team color. We wear Betsy Ross flags.

Betsy Ross Redpills Rush Limbaugh

betsy ross rush limbaugh


schwarzman scholars 2schwarzman scholars 3.JPG

China, China, China!!!

Job Specification. (Accessed Dec. 05, 2019). Schwarzman Scholars Alumni Affairs Coordinator. Schwarzman Scholars.

schwart 4



EU and UK Policies Aided Crypto Criminals to Pocket Billions of Euros

Posted by Jonathan Levy

Cryptocurrency Victims Claims

BRUSSELS: Today an unprecedented complaint was lodged with the EU Ombudsman, asking for intervention to convince the European Commission to establish a compensation fund for the ever increasing victims of crypto criminals.  The proposed compensation is to be funded by cryptocurrency relay fees, the “Nakamoto” coins, and contributions by social media, crypto exchanges, and domain privacy providers.

The complaint filed by lawyer Dr. Jonathan Levy on behalf of victims, whose claims totaling over €27 million, is aimed not only at the European Commission but singles out the United Kingdom and several other EU member states as safe havens for crypto criminals. The complaint coincides with recent exposes of the One Coin / One World Ponzi scheme which has defrauded victims of over €4 billion since 2017. The scheme operates from the EU’s own domain at

The EU Commission is accused of shirking their duties to enforce and apply Anti Money Laundering and Payment Processing rules to cryptocurrencies, allowing member states to pursue policies of nonenforcement, and failing to halt ongoing criminal operations brought to its attention.  The EU Commission has also evaded the primary question: Are blockchain and cryptocurrencies subject to the EU’s sweeping General Data Protection Rules (GDPR)?

Dr. Jonathan Levy represents the Victims and the National Liberal Party, a UK political party with a platform that includes cryptocurrency. Dr. Levy has long criticized the United Kingdom’s handling of cryptocurrency related claims.  According to Dr. Levy, “The United Kingdom and European Union have rolled out a welcome sign for crypto criminals and provided them unhindered access to Top Level Domains like .EU and .IO, their banking system, companies registration, and have turned a blind eye to the largest transfer of wealth to international criminal organizations since World War Two.”

The Cryptocurrency Victims are from the Europe, North America, Africa, Australia and Asia and the claims involve a variety of criminal hacking, extortion, identity theft, online casinos, crypto mining, Initial Coin Offerings, bitmixers, unlicensed trading platforms and pyramid and Ponzi schemes, many of which are ongoing, notorious and known to the EU and United Kingdom law enforcement agencies including the aforementioned One Coin.

Read the complaint here: Levy Complaint


tt bitcoin

Remember when we told you that something was happening behind the scenes with Bitcoin? August 2019 – Bitcoin Troubles and Philip Venables

Listen to a discussion between Douglas Gabriel and Dr. Jonathan Levy about the dangers of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme Explained with Jonathan Levy and Douglas Gabriel


Thorium is New Energy for a New Age

Q: Why aren’t we using thorium for our energy needs?

thoriumA: Because this energy-buster is outlawed by the U.S. government. Want to know more? Drill down on the why Kissinger and ARAMCO agreed to tie U.S. currency to petroleum. You will find that GALT technology was used to blackmail the Arabs into the petrodollar system.

Basically saying, “We will leave you in your tents and waterless deserts and unleash GALT, leaving your petroleum worthless, unless you agree to the central banker petrodollar scheme.” GALT technology is suppressed by the Pilgrims Society as they work overtime to heave-ho humanity into a third-world planet where they are the rulers and the rest of us are their neo-feudal slaves.

GALT: The Best Kept Secret in the World that Could Free Humanity with Unlimited Free Energy


Thorium: Kirk Sorensen at TEDxYYC

We have lots of information to share with you about thorium. Many of you will not know about this metallic chemical element with the symbol Th and atomic number 90. Your public school indoctrination did not permit you to explore other alternatives to energy. The petrolords in the Pilgrims Society need you to keep believing that energy is scarce and so you were not taught about thorium in your science classes.

Welcome to our lessons on thorium. We are breaking it down in bite-sized pieces so that you can learn to make your own water-powered lawn mower and demand that the U.S. Energy Department start using thorium as an alternative to uranium. Big shout out to Condor, our energy expert in the Conclave, who is helping us with the technical aspects of this presentation.

Folks, it is just a lie … a straight up LIE that we can’t produce enough energy for everyone on the planet to have inexpensive, clean, abundant, reliable, and safe energy. 





Patriots, history has been a lie. Schools were indoctrination centers. Free and abundant energy is being suppressed by the Pilgrims Society. You must start awakening your circle of influence that we can have our own GREEN NEW GREAT DEAL and it begins when the U.S. government demands the release of these technologies to the world.

Here’s the deal: It’s abundant. It’s cheap. It will help us get through the major climate crisis coming our way – a mini ice age. There are several varieties from GEET to GALT. We can grow anything, anywhere with cheap and abundant energy.

Thorium thorAnd, yes, A.O. C., we can give up petroleum-based fuels. We can even save the dinosaur fossils with our GREEN GREAT DEAL. You should see the anti-gravitation devices that can lift transportation technology into the current century, instead of running on ancient fossil fuel technology. And have you seen those GEET engines that run off water?

Fossil fuels are so “yesterday” when you have thorium. America has enough to run the entire planet for 1000 years says our Conclave energy expert Condor.

…and talking about that mini-ice age that is headed for us (for real), the folks in the PILGRIMS SOCIETY have known about this for a long time. They don’t tell us about thorium and all the other exciting energy technologies because it would make their petrodollar as irrelevant as their fossil fuels. It would also give us plenty of heat, warmth, and energy we will need with the climate change they aren’t talking about.

They don’t want us to know what they know. The mini-ice age is their next big genocide plan for all of us. But don’t you worry about those PILGRIMS who will be staying warm and toasty with plenty of fruits and veggies in their greenhouses just waiting for the rest of humanity to die off from cold and starvation. Do you see now?

VOTE TRUMP 2020. He knows.

After all, his uncle was John G. Trump.

“A few days after Tesla died on January 8th, 1943, his possessions were seized by officials from the amazingly-named government Office of Alien Property. About 3 weeks after that, all of Tesla’s things and documents were given a thorough examination by a group of FBI agents that included none other than John G. Trump, the uncle of the current Republican candidate for U.S. President Donald J. Trump.” Source


Inside the presentation below, you will find videos and slides that tell truth history of the suppression of thorium. Important stuff in here so don’t skip the lesson.

Thorium Energy Technology Can Free the World from Nuclear Poisons Today


Thorium can give humanity clean, pollution free energy | Kirk Sorensen Educate yourself on this technology that the Pilgrims Society is suppressing from the world. Share this with others so that we can educate more and more people of how dated the use of petroleum is.


thorium dinosaur framed.JPG

If you believe that there is a scarcity of energy and that the world is going to end if we don’t do something about carbon emissions, then you have been indoctrinated by the Pilgrims Society from the books that they publish and disseminate throughout the U.S. school system.

Educate your liberal friends about thorium. The wide use of thorium will give the planet abundant energy while starving the bankers from their never-ending resource wars. With one fell swoop, we can get rid of bankers, future Uranium Ones, while bringing energy abundance to all the people on the planet.

barney the dinosaur.jpgLet’s start getting this thorium education campaign rolling, folks. This is where the craziest of liberals might join us in saving the planet from energy tyranny. Send your memes and videos to Betsy!

Remember how the left used the polar bear images to yank our hearts about the climate change agenda? Well, we think dinosaurs are cute and cuddly and the crazies are so indoctrinated that they won’t know that dinos are already extinct. So plan to see lots of dinosaurs in our memes.

Even Andrew Yang, a Democrat candidate for president, is advocating thorium. Fossil fuels are ancient. Listen:


thorium thor

The PDF document inside is a 75-slide presentation. If it doesn’t mean anything to you, still save it….because one day all of this is going to make sense for you or your progeny. Plus there are some great resources inside that you will not find anywhere on the internet. This makes excellent material for patriots to write articles, create memes and videos, and move the Overton ‘energy’ window over to THORIUM recognition.

Who was John Galt?

thorium by tons

Patriots, let’s start getting on the OFFENSE of the Great Information War. The PILGRIMS do not want the people of the earth to know about THORIUM. It would end their business model of never-ending war, refugees, energy scarcity, and control. Our next education front needs to be waking up as many people about thorium as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Our research shows that memes are a great way to get the conversation going. But they won’t work if you don’t fire them through your network.

learn about thorium.jpg

The left will love what it does for their imaginary climate change crisis. The bankers will hate it because it interferes with their petrodollar. The globalist will hate it because it ends wars for energy and they won’t be able to collect a carbon tax. Patriots will love thorium because it is clean, safe, abundant, and inexpensive.

People around the world are demanding their governments switch from uranium to thorium within the next few years. Those who know about the real climate change coming – a mini-ice age – love thorium because everybody and the greenhouses stay warm and toasty for the decade of colder than average temperatures.

Have you contacted your congresspeople to educate them about thorium? Remember the folks in the Senate and Congress aren’t the brightest bulbs around. They count on information patriots like you to advise them. If you don’t, they only listen to corporate lobbyists and staffers.

Contact your congressman here.


Why Thorium rocks — Science Sundays


Getting very excited here about our upcoming lessons on new energy. We have been given permission to share some amazing videos and files with the AIM audience about these technologies that are being suppressed from us by the Pilgrims. The files are enormous so Betsy needs to get them well-organized for presentation purposes. We want AIM patriots to be well-informed about energy choices.

Each day, we will present a little bit more, building up to a release of a 1,200 page book that a Conclave member has been working on for decades, just waiting for the time in history where enough people are paying attention. Conclave Condor is making a philanthropic gift to the planet to share these discoveries with the AIM community so that you can push the info out to your audiences. We want to scale the information all at once, planet-wide.

Let’s educate citizens around the world that there are safe, abundant, inexpensive, clean alternatives to fossil fuels that can bring people everywhere unlimited energy. Yes, this will change civilization as we know it…so giddy up and help us pioneer the NEW WORLD AWAKENING. Don’t sit on the sidelines for the greatest time in human history – come on and join our worldwide movement towards lasting planetary peace and prosperity in a world full of separate, different, and distinguishable planet thorium.jpg

Scale it. We placed this post in a handy tiny url for easy sailing through your social media:

thorium new generation


GEET Small Engine Video Demonstration


Betsy deVos is a Pilgrims Society Globalist

betsy devos thumbnail

Conclusion: Betsy DeVos is a Total Globalist Investing Priority and Relationships, Part I analysis

2013 Financial Disclosure:

Betsy Elisabeth Prince DeVos (Filed Jan. 19, 2017). 2016 Financial Disclosure, OGE Form 278e. Office of Government Ethics.$FILE/DeVos,%20Elisabeth%20P.%20%20final278.pdf

devos 1.jpgdevos 2.JPGmusallam.jpgchandaranadimitri.jpggorczynskicosgrove.jpgkrishnan.jpgappel.jpgalice li.jpgmiddleton.jpgchapin.jpggonzalez.jpglibowitz.jpgshea.jpg

Offshore Holding

new horizon.jpg

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy deVos Heavily invested in Big Pharma


neurocore 2.jpgproctor gamble.jpgterra firma.jpg

terra firma 2.jpgterra firma 3.jpg

terra firma 4.jpg

guy handshands family.jpggoldman.jpg

lakeshore management.jpg

DST Systems is a Russian company that was the largest shareholder in Facebook before the IPO. Also a long-time partner of Goldman Sachs Moscow

BMW.jpgcorporations 1.jpgcorporations 2.jpgcorporations 3.jpg

Bottom line: The U.S. Department of Education is headed by a BILLIONAIRE GLOBALIST.

Your children’s education is NOT her top concern or interest. In fact, Betsy has never been an education professional and is clueless about the difference between indoctrination and education.

Her concerns are her globalist investments – so you can bet that she will continue the Pilgrims Society indoctrination in public schools across America.

Who recommended to Trump that doNothing Betsy deVos head the U.S. Department of Education?


Google is rigging search results about Fiona Hill’s Congressional Testimony

Google is rigging search results about Fiona Hill’s Congressional Testimony two days later

Fake Tech defends Fiona Hill despite her’s and the DEMS’ lies about her relationship to George Soros and the Open Society Institute (OSI). On Sunday Nov. 23, 2019, Google is rigging  search results about Fiona Hill.

When the subject came up in the hearing (raised by Dems), Fiona Hill diverted the discussion as an anti-Semitic attack on George Soros, despite the fact that Soros openly admits to collaborating with the Nazi round up his fellow Jews in Hungary. (They slandered Alex Jones and Roger Stone in the screed—who were right about Fiona Hill’s long-time Soros relationship.)

See Steve Kroft. (Dec. 20, 1998)60 Minutes George Soros interview. CBS.:

The Google search result below was made on 9:27 am EST to get Brietbart coverage of Fiona Hill. Here is what Google presented as the first five results:

#1 Jimmy Kimmel

#2 CNN

#3 CBS News

#4 Guardian News

All these sources are notoriously-known to be Pilgrims Society Fake News Intelligencers who HATE TRUMP and were evidently ordered by the Pilgrims Society to reinforce their stories that were discredited by Hill’s own testimony.

breitbart fiona hill.jpg

This one entry (below) in the UK’s government corporation securities website Companies House PROVES Fiona Hill and the DEMS are lying about George Soros and Fiona Hill’s long-time

FIONA HILL. (May 10, 2001). NEW DIRECTOR Appointment of director or secretary, Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) Co. No. 2744185, Form 288a, disclosure of member of Advisory Board for the Open Society Institute, signed Nov. 04, 2000. Companies House (UK).

fiona hill open society.jpg

George Soros is notoriously known to be the founder and funder of Open Society Institute, New York, USA where Fiona Hill has been an advisor since sometime before this filing on Apr. 11, 2000

fiona hill soros meme



Proof Roger Stone was right–Fiona Hill has been inside Soros’s Open Society Institute

Media Matters (Soros) called Roger Stone’s outing of Fiona Hill as a Soros (OSI) operative a “SMEAR” (Stone was right)

fiona hills 1.jpg

fiona hills 2.jpg

Here’s proof Roger Stone was right–that Fiona Hill has been inside Soros’s Open Society Institute (OSI) (NY) since before Nov. 04, 2000 directorship filing for the INSTITUTE FOR WAR & PEACE, Co. No. 2744185.

Remarkably, she was hired to advise OSI while she was still completing her PhD at Harvard in History. Her PhD thesis chair was Richard Pipes, a notoriously biased Russian history professor who was a speaker at two Bilderberg conferences, was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and was a C.I.A. advisor to Daddy Bush.

Also remarkably, no Fiona Hill biography discovered so far ever mentions her relationship with George Soros or his political entities.

parliament of press.jpgFiona Hill received an MA in Russian and Modern History in 1991, then a PhD in History in 1998. This means that all her perspectives are bred by her Pilgrims Society handlers and that she has NO real life experience outside of academia and intelligence. She is very evidently an operative for political handlers. Indeed, her association with the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) is buried with Fake News Intelligencers from Financial Times, Sunday Times, The New Yorker, The Times.

Pilgrims member Viscount Camrose (1879-1954), editor-in-chief, Sunday Times

Pilgrims member Walter J.P. Curley, Jr., director, The New Yorker

Pilgrims member Earl of Drogheda, owner, Financial Times

Pilgrims member Maj. Gen. Julius Ochs Adler, owner, The New York Times

… all or nearly all these newspapers were founders of the Empire Press Union that founded British MI5, MI6 and GC&CS renamed GCHQ in 1909. Their owners had earlier co-founded the Pilgrims Society in 1902.

moberly bell.jpgnewspaper men 1.JPGnewspaper men 2.JPGnewspaper men 3.JPG

Excerpt from Parliament of the Press (1909) record of the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909 that even identifies the Empire Press Union used to recruit the first newspaperman spies for the newly forming MI5, MI6 and GC&CS now GCHQ.

Sir David Bell, Financial Times

Adrioenne van Heteren, Small Media Foundation

Christina Lamb, Sunday Times

George Packer, The New Yorker

Gillian Tett, Financial Times

This was concurrent with Harvard Professor Larry Summers advocacy of the disastrous post-Soviet voucher privatization system with his student-squeeze researcher Sheryl K. Sandberg (later led Gmail and Facebook). Economic and History critics have eviscerated her PhD advisor Richard Pipe’s media-intelligence views of Russian history, attempting to blame ancient communist sentiments buried in the Russian soul for the Revolution, rather than his Pilgrims Society handlers in London and New York. Richard Pipe’s handlers appear to have all been Pilgrims Society members who tapped him to write fake propaganda history on Russia.


Fiona Hill. (Filed May 10, 2001). NEW DIRECTOR, Appointment of director or secretary, Form 288a, Advisory Board, Open Society Institute, signed Nov. 04, 2000, Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR), Co. No. 2744185. Companies House (UK).


We previously posted these notes about Fiona Hill that may be of interest to AIM patriots.

Let’s take a closer look at Fiona Hill…..

“There was no basis for her removal,” Hill testified. “The accusations against her had no merit whatsoever. This was a mishmash of conspiracy theories that…I believe firmly to be baseless, an idea of an association between her and George Soros.”

“I had had accusations similar to this being made against me as well,” Hill testified. “My entire first year of my tenure at the National Security Council was filled with hateful calls, conspiracy theories, which has started again, frankly, as it’s been announced that I’ve been giving this deposition, accusing me of being a Soros mole in the White House, of colluding with all kinds of enemies of the president, and of various improprieties.” Read more. › 2019/10/14 › politics › who-is-fiona-hill

fiona hill.png

Fiona Hill –

Oct 15, 2019 – Washington (CNN)Fiona Hill, President Donald Trump’s former top Russia adviser, raised concerns about Rudy Giuliani’s role in US foreign policy toward Ukraine, telling lawmakers on Monday that she saw “wrongdoing” in the American foreign policy and tried to report it to officials …

Institute for War and Peace Reporting

fiona 1

fiona hill 2.jpg

Biden Pay to Play

ABSOLUTE PROOF THAT ROBERT (“HUNTER”) BIDEN WAS TAKING PAY-TO-PLAY PAYMENTS FROM BURISMA HOLDINGS at least 14 months before Donald Trump was even a candidate for President.

Johnson, Grassley Call for State Department to Release Documents on Hunter Biden and Burisma

Nov 07, 2019

Rosemont Seneca Partners

Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, and Christopher Heinz, John Kerry stepson, formed Rosemont Seneca Partners, a private equity firm in 2009 with their friend, Devon Archer. The three friends established a series of related LLCs.[7] It was anchored to Rosemont Capital, the alternative investment fund of the Heinz family fortune.[8] The fund grew quickly. According to an email revealed as part of a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation, Rosemont described themselves as “a $2.4 billion private equity firm co-owned by Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz,” with Devon Archer as “Managing Partner.”

Archer was convicted in Manhattan Federal Court for the fraudulent issuance and sale of more than $60 Million of tribal bonds.[9]

Robert (Hunter) Biden’s payments received from Burisma Holdings Limited between Apr. 09, 2014 to May 31, 2016 via Rosemont Seneca Bohai , LLC – All this activity had occurred in 25 months from Apr. 2014. Donald Trump announced his candidacy on Jun. 16, 2015. Therefore, Hunter Biden was being paid for OBAMA-BIDEN PAY-TO-PLAY at least 14 months prior to the Trump candidacy.

In addition, Biden, Heinz and Burisma hired REPUTATION.COM (Managed Services for Google) to purge negative publicity – THE PEOPLE WHO HID HUNTER BIDEN’S CRIMES


reputationreputation 7reputation 6reputation 5reputation 4reputation 1

REPUTATION has a gaggle of Pilgrims Society directors and officers from World Economic Forum (WEF), Reuters, HBR, BBC, CBS, Fox, Bloomberg, MSNBC, New York Times, Heroic Ventures, DocuSign,, Bessemer Ventures, Blue Nile (Mark Cuban), LinkedIn, Lifelock, Verisign, Forbes, August Capital, Draper, Skype, Teledyne, Ebay, Yahoo!. Sterling, Pritzker, Ascension Ventures, Heritage Group, Ted Schlein (Kleiner Perkins), Symantec, Icon Ventures, Canaan Partners, Cisco, McAfee



Burisma pdf 1burisma pdf 2burisma pdf 3


For your convenience, here are up to date lists for the Pilgrims Society.

Congressional Record – PILGRIMS SOCIETY membership lists, Aug. 06, 1940:

Selected  PILGRIMS SOCIETY shortlist:


PILGRIMS SOCIETY list with detailed commentary:

hunter biden crack pipe 1

biden ukraine


A Pilgrims Society / Senior Executive Service (SES) / Crown Agents-Groomed Harvardian Lawyer plucked from the Chicago Hood

Note to Miners: START DIGGING! The devil is in these details, even if they are scrubbed, the bad guys always miss things. Download and repost these supporting documents in many places so they will not disappear from web availability.

This Deval Patrick resume is too good to be true. We’ve looked at too many of them now. They have a standard grooming signature: larger than life, exhausting just to read all the alleged accomplishments, busier than life, broader than life, more connected than real life, especially for a man who says he was raised in the hood on the Chicago South Side. Raising yourself up to be successful is one thing. This resume is pure fiction, in our opinion.

What is the strategy here? We believe it is “baffle the ’deplorables’ with b__ s__”

Here’s the Pilgrims Society / Senior Executive Service (SES) spin (lies and misdirection) on Little Patrick:

COURT RECORDS SHOWING COLLABORATION WITH HIS BOUTIQUE LAW PARTNER ROBERT MUELLER ARE MISSING![Deval-L-Patrick-director-to-Global-Blood-Therapeutics]-San-Francisco-Business-Times-Jul-09-2015.pdf$6m-Candidate-says-he-has-what-it-takes-to-run-by-Frank-Phillips-Boston-Globe-Mar-08-2006.pdf