Lillian Scott Troy Biography and Timeline

The AFI miners put final touches on this biography and timeline of Lillian Scott Thomas. Please save these records to your private files to be passed down through the generations so that humanity will know the real truth about lies and propaganda of the Pilgrims Society.

Lillian Scott Troy Biography, Timeline, ZIP Archived Documents

Lillian Scott Troy (1882-1964). (Jul. 14, 2022). Biography & Timeline. Anonymous Patriots.

Lillian Scott Troy (1882-1964). (Jul. 14, 2022). Biography & Timeline. Anonymous Patriots.

Putin’s Powerful Remarks at ‘Strong Ideas for a New Time’ Summit

From Matthew Ehret: “Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered powerful remarks to the Plenary session of a conference titled ‘Strong Ideas for a New Time’. Participants attending the event represented leading figures from the public and private sectors and was sponsored by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

The purpose of the conference which was first convened in 2020, was to chart out the most cutting edge ideas needed to reform every aspect of Russian life, touching on cultural, economic, scientific and democratic processes.

Since the Russian President’s remarks took direct aim at the underlying flaws in the western unipolar system and succinctly identified the only possible solution to said self-annihilation, I thought it fit to reproduce his remarks in full…”

Vladimir Putin gives the Globalists a blast | PutinDirect

Remarks by President of Russia Vladimir Putin: 


I would like to begin by saying that I am very happy to be with you today.

Through you, I would like to greet and thank all those who have submitted their proposals to the forum Strong Ideas for a New Time, to thank the team of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives for organising the forum, and to express appreciation for the work of our regions, which have contributed to the implementation of the ideas presented at the first ASI forum, held in late 2020.

It is obvious that there is growing demand for the mechanism proposed by ASI for identifying, selecting and supporting civil projects and initiatives. As we were walking here with Svetlana Chupsheva, she said that, regrettably, an all-embracing and effective mechanism for selecting projects had not yet been created at the state level. But it is good that ASI is doing something like this. We will make increasingly broad use of this practice.

This mechanism is fully consonant with the tasks of our internal development and the time when truly revolutionary transformations are gaining momentum and getting stronger. These enormous changes are irreversible, of course. National and global processes are underway to develop the fundamentals and principles of a harmonious, fairer and more community-focused and safe world order as an alternative to the existing world order, or the unipolar world order in which we lived, and which, because of its nature, is definitely becoming a brake on the development of our civilisation.

The model of total domination by the so-called golden billion is unfair. Why should this golden billion, which is only part of the global population, dominate everyone else and enforce its rules of conduct that are based on the illusion of exceptionalism? It divides the world into first and second-class people and is therefore essentially racist and neo-colonial. The underlying globalist and pseudo-liberal ideology is becoming increasingly more like totalitarianism and is restraining creative endeavour and free historical creation.

One gets the impression that the West is simply unable to offer the world a model for the future of its own. Indeed, it was no accident that the golden billion attained its gold and achieved quite a lot, but it got there not because it implemented certain concepts. It mainly got to where it is by robbing other peoples in Asia and Africa. That is how it was. India was robbed for an extensive period of time. This is why the elite of the golden billion are terrified of other global development centres potentially coming up with their own development alternatives.

No matter how much the West and the supranational elite strive to preserve the existing order, a new era and a new stage in world history are coming. Only genuinely sovereign states are in a position to ensure a high growth dynamic and become a role model for others in terms of standards of living and quality of life, the protection of traditional values and high humanistic ideals, and development models where an individual is not a means, but the ultimate goal.

Sovereignty is about freedom of national development, and thus, the development of every individual. It is about the technological, cultural, intellectual and educational solvency of a state – that is what it is. No doubt, responsible, active and nationally minded and nationally oriented civil society is the most important component of sovereignty.

I am convinced that in order to be strong, independent and competitive, we need to improve the mechanisms for people to participate in the country’s life and to make them more open and fairer. That includes mechanisms for direct democracy and people’s involvement in addressing the critical problems facing society and the public.

The way forward is to rely on our people’s creative potential, to team up with you and people like you who are not with us today. How many thousands participated, did you say?

Svetlana Chupsheva: 19,000.

Vladimir Putin: Some 19,000 people took part in the forum. We can achieve the results we are seeking only if we rely on this powerful potential.

I consider your forum a key platform for an open and meaningful dialogue. Moreover, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives has always brought together people of a particular type. Thinking, proactive and goal-oriented people who are willing to make a significant contribution to making Russia a successful, prosperous and comfortable country for the people who strive to achieve self-fulfillment and to live dignified lives.

I am positive that, as professionals, you have ideas about how to improve the state of affairs in technology, education and healthcare and to make things better for our companies, researchers and engineers, and so on. You have meaningful ideas that have been tested. We must work together to bring them to life. Some things have already been done, and I hope we will spend some time discussing them. However, these newly proposed ideas must be implemented as well.

Of course, today we will be able to discuss only some of your ideas and projects. But I want you to know right from the outset that all constructive and sound proposals will be considered. It is imperative to make full use of the mechanisms for implementing the socially significant projects put forward by our citizens, which is being created by the Government, Vnesheconombank – Mr Shuvalov will confirm this – and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, along with regional involvement.

I would like to emphasise that it is important to do more than organise the training of the teams and fund them accordingly. It is critically important to create, as soon as possible, pilot legal frameworks in specific areas, to test every aspect of the efforts to introduce effective, bold and even out-of-the-box ideas that are ahead of their time and use them as the basis for carrying out systemic changes throughout the country.

This particular approach has made it possible to launch the truly useful projects that were presented at your first forum in November 2020. I will give you a quick example. An initiative that was put forward at the previous forum gave start to pilot operation of autonomous marine vessels, which will be an important step towards developing unmanned vehicles in Russia, using satellite navigation and making advances in AI technology.

The day before yesterday, our colleagues and I discussed in detail the creation of proper conditions for developing and implementing such advanced technologies that enjoy high demand at a meeting of the Council for Strategic Development and National Projects. I am sure that you also have breakthrough ideas that will be implemented. Let us discuss them today.

I will spend a moment discussing public and social projects aimed at saving our nation, demographic development and, of course, the upbringing, as they usually say, of the youth, but I think education is a lifelong process and people should use new knowledge to evolve throughout their lives. So, I believe upbringing has much more to it than the upbringing of the youth.

I would like my colleagues in the Government and the governors to hear me – such sincere initiatives that are often promoted even by small teams of enthusiasts certainly need the interested, weighty support of the managerial teams in the regions, on site, because the experience received in one region is valuable and useful for the entire country. Of course, this is true of the experience is valuable, if is implemented, if it works effectively and brings specific results for the region in question and the country.

Let me recall that at the previous forum, representatives from the Novgorod Region search movement spoke about their efforts to go into schools. A very interesting initiative. As you know, genius lies in simplicity. They go to schools and tell the students about the history of their land by giving examples of their fellow residents, examples of heroism – this is much more interesting and effective than just sitting at a desk in school and thumbing through a textbook even if it is well written by specialists, historians and teachers. This live contact with history, especially if presented professionally, beautifully and creatively, certainly has a much stronger impression on people and affects all their lives.

I would like to emphasise that to move forward into the future we need to remember our great, glorious past, rely on our traditions and be proud of our achievements. And, once again, we must move forward by all means. It is absolutely unacceptable to rest on our laurels, look back to the past and be happy at recalling what our fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers did. No. We must certainly rely on this enormous experience and the achievements of our nation, our peoples – our advantage lies in the multi-ethnic and multi-religious nature of our country – but we must of course look to the future and move only forward.

It is symbolic today, that this forum is taking place at this unique facility. I think all of you are happy to be here, at GES −2. It unites our history, the successes of the domestic engineering school and modern technology. They were used to make this unusual, creative space that reflects the spirit of today’s new era.

I am sure this atmosphere will set a good direction for our discussion and motivate us to search for creative, unconventional approaches to resolving the tasks facing our country.

Thank you very much for your attention.


World War 3 – Game Over

Russia Asserts Full Control Over Luhansk Region With Fall Of Lysychansk

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Just posted these items over on Gab. Below in an audio, Douglas Gabriel explains what this means.

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Dropping Historic A-Bombs

USS Augusta (CL/CA-31) was a Northampton-class cruiser of the United States Navy, notable for service as a headquarters ship during Operation Torch, Operation Overlord, Operation Dragoon, and for her occasional use as a presidential flagship carrying both Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman under wartime conditions (including at the Atlantic Charter). (Wiki Source)

Did you know that Harry Truman met on the Augusta (in international waters, just off the coast of England) with King George VI. Winston Churchill would have accompanied King George on such a high-level meeting, but we have not yet found source material regarding this.

On August 2, 1945

King George VI and President Harry S. Truman met aboard the USS Augusta

King George VI’s Barge Travels to the USS Augusta

King George VI visits President Harry S. Truman on Board the USS Augusta. He is visiting the President before Mr. Truman’s return to the United States after attending the Potsdam Conference. Walking down the stairs from top to bottom are: Captain James Vardaman, Admiral Ralph Leatham, President Truman, and King George VI. Date(s)

August 2, 1945



On August 6, 1945, during World War II, an American B-29 bomber dropped the world’s first deployed atomic bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The explosion immediately killed an estimated 80,000 people; tens of thousands more would later die of radiation exposure. Three days later, a second B-29 dropped another A-bomb on Nagasaki, killing an estimated 40,000 people. Japan’s Emperor Hirohito announced his country’s unconditional surrender in World War II in a radio address on August 15, citing the devastating power of “a new and most cruel bomb.” (Source)

On 2 August, she embarked her distinguished passengers again, and received another visit from King George VIHarry Truman was on the ship when he got the news that Hiroshima had been bombed by an atomic bomb. (Source)

Inquiring minds…. want to know.

Was Truman getting permission to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki from the British Monarch (Pilgrims) headed by King George VI? Why was the King meeting with Truman when Winston Churchill was Truman’s political equivalent. What was the Monarch’s (Pilgrim’s) role in the bombing of Japan?

Was Winston Churchill, the father of WWII, Truman’s handler for the Pilgrims?

Were there two nuclear bombs dropped, or were they just more firebombings that had annihilated dozens of Japanese cities?

Flash forward – will Joe Biden have to ask permission from Sir Nigel Knowles to bomb Russia?

You know who else was on the USS Augusta that day?

Robert Thomas Torba. (Apr. 11, 1950). Application for World War II Compensation, Form No. 1 No. 41921, Batch Control No. 32187. Pennsylvania WWII Veterans Bureau.

Torba’s grandfather was “Robert Thomas Torba.” who served in the US Navy on the TOP SECRET USS Augusta  Sep. 23, 1944 to Oct 12, 1945.


Note: This sentence: “Harry Truman was on the ship when he got the news that Hiroshima had been bombed by an atomic bomb.” is contained in the Wikipedia entry as of May 31, 2022. However, this sentence is REMOVED from the otherwise identical description of the USS Augusta history at the US Navy archives.

USS Augusta (CA-31). (Accessed May 21, 2022). Overview. Wikipedia.

Augusta IV (CL-31), 1931-1959. (Accessed May 31, 2022). Overview. Naval History and Heritage Command.

This sentence (“Harry Truman was on the ship when he got the news that Hiroshima had been bombed by an atomic bomb.”) is REMOVED from the otherwise identical description at the Naval History and Heritage Command at:

Just who is Andrew Torba and why has he hidden his family ancestry? We wondered what skeletons might be in his family closet. See our recent post on Torba:

Lt. William M. Rigdon. (Jul. 06, 1945 to Aug. 7, 1945). Log of the PRESIDENT’S [Truman] TRIP to the BERLIN CONFERENCE [Potsdam]. U.S.S. Augusta.

Pilgrims’ Propaganda Turns Torba into Zuckerberg-like Genius

The Pilgrims Society copied their Zuckerberg “boy genius” Harvard fiction at University of Scranton with Andrew Torba.


  1. Choose their cardboard cutout (to subdue the Christian and patriot social media user base).
  2. Advertise their chosen-one heavily with technology given to him by his handlers.
  3. Fund him into his targeted existence (Christian and Patriot market for eventual takedown)
  4. This publicity pattern mimics the coverage gave to Zuckerberg in the Harvard Crimson – hype their boy to make him look legitimate.
  5. This is way to much coverage for a normal student… but not for a cardboard cutout


Want to know what else we discovered about Mr. Frog? Find us on GAB – @Gabriels_Horn – and see for yourself if/when we get removed on his “free speech” platform. We are keeping a timeline and countdown and are posting FACTS and EVIDENCE, not conspiracy and fantasy.

We Are Gabbing Truth about Andrew Torba

Andrew Torba’s Problem of Gab’s Stolen Technology

By Tyla

Many of you ask why I beat up on platforms and people like Andrew Torba for using STOLEN TECHNOLOGY as the foundation for their social media networking platforms. Briefly, here’s my backstory.

Back in 2010, as the use of social networking was gaining more popularity in the school community (I have been in the education biz since the early 90s), I was concerned about the safety and security of using platforms like Facebook to conduct school online conversations and picture-postings of children. I decided to try my hand at it. I raised $100k in grant money to develop a school-centered social media platform. Of course, in hindsight, I see that I was quite naive about the corruption in social networking.

We called the project Mudpies and Butterflies. Here are two promo videos still available on YouTube.

As the project was being completed, I required the IT developer to secure all the licenses we needed so that our site was legit. However, there was one license that the technical team could not resolve: The foundational platform that all social media networks are placed on. They couldn’t find the original license holder. In the end, I was told that IBM developed the platform and that they had given it as OPEN SOURCE so that everyone could use it for free.

NO WAY! I told the technicians that IBM NEVER gives anything away for free. I told them that if we couldn’t secure proper licenses from IBM, we could no longer continue the project because at any time IBM could close our site down.

So the project was shelved… but my inquisitive mind never stopped asking why this product was given out for FREE. This was the early beginnings for my search for TRUTH about IBM and social media.

So when Mr. Frog trots out his GAB and posts that his platform is totally legit because the foundational platform is FREE and OPEN SOURCE, I say BULLFROGSH*T to him. If a teacher with no social media IT experience can determine that this claim is bogus, then Andrew Torba is LYING to his community because he is surrounded by highly-skilled technicians, financiers, and attorneys. He full well knows that he is STEALING technology from Michael McKibben. And what is even more appalling is that TORBA claims he is Christian, yet rips off another Christian.

Torba isn’t the only thief. Any platform that requires you to ‘log in’ and has scalability like most all internet platforms do these days are parked on STOLEN technology. In the end, once this theft is rectified, all these platforms will need to pay up or close down.

Don’t think the internet so-called truth channels will feature Michael’s story because they do not think that the THEFT OF SOCIAL MEDIA by Highlands Forum, IBM Eclipse Foundation, and DARPA are a big deal. If you don’t know who these shills are, see this post:

Shills in Alternative Media Protect the Pilgrims Society

We Are Gabbing Truth about Andrew Torba

Disturbing Globalist Connections to Gab and Andrew Torba

The miners are currently researching GAB and its founder. We recently posted these finds:

Andrew Torba – Cardboard Cutout for Pilgrims Society to Round Up Dissidents?

Below are more discoveries. We are not in the “conclusion and wrap up” phase of our investigation, but want AIMCats to see what we are finding. Cats are savvy enough to begin to see some deep issues with – hang on as we will do an audio on this topic in the next few days.

And remember, when Andrew shuts down our Gab page at, you’ll know why – because AIMCats are busting his chops for being aligned to the ENEMY. Make sure to follow us on Gab to watch the truth unfold.

Gab AI Inc, CIK #0001709244. (Jul. 07, 2017). Offering Memorandum Form C etc., Andrew Torba, CEO. SEC Edgar.


  1. Torba had no business raising public money at this stage in his development.
  2. The balance sheet is thin, and almost non-existent.
  3. There is no discussion of programming, or licensing or any R&D activity; this is very odd for a technology company.
  4. There is no discussion of his Christian priorities.
  5. This is a marketing company, not a technology company.
  6. There is no discussion of the plans to acquire or license the technology.
  7. This “plan” appears to be a fake, a ruse, an excuse to feed Torba cash.
  8. The money intermediary behind GAB is “StartEngine Capital, LLC”
    2. Howard Marks, Co-founder; chairman of Activision Studios (gaming, $37 billion) sold to Disney; LA Mayor Garcetti’s technology council. TRIPLE national: US, UK, France; Disney and Activision are members of the IBM Eclipse Foundation, thief of social networking from Columbus, Ohio inventor Leader Technologies.
    3. Ron Miller, Co-founder; WPO/YPO executive committee

Torba’s tech guy, Andrew Cates, cut his teeth on IBM Eclipse Foundation social networking code stolen from Leader Technologies: Walmart, Netflix. See IBM Eclipse press announcement below.

Latest GAB annual report:

Gab AI Inc, CIK #0001709244. (May 29, 2020). Annual Report Form C-AR, Andrew Torba, CEO. SEC Edgar.

Gab AI Inc, CIK #0001709244. (Jul. 07, 2017). Offering Memorandum Form C etc., Andrew Torba, CEO. SEC Edgar.

Torba disclosed in 2020:

Note: Trump’s Truth Social also uses Mastadon, that is essentially a European clone of the IBM Eclipse Foundation.

The first named copyright holder of Mastadon is Eugen Rochko, Jena, Thuringia, Germany

Eugen also worked at:

Eunomia is a Consortium consisting of:

·        Univ. of Greenwich (UK) – “International experts in human-as-a sensor and deep learning technologies;

·        BLASTING NEWS – The largest social journalism platform in the world, with 100+ million monthly readers and 2+ million registered authors

·        University of Nicosia – A global leading university in blockchain technologies.

TRILATERAL RESEARCH Ethical AI (UK) – Customers include WHO, British Ministry of Defence, United Nations, European Union . . .

TRANSLATION: How can we manipulate public opinion to our (globalist) agenda.

Andrew Torba – Cardboard Cutout for Pilgrims Society to Round Up Dissidents?

The miners are pulling up info on Andrew Torba. These are some initial findings so that you can begin looking yourself. We will have a complete report to you when we understand what we are looking at.

Ethics Question for Andrew Robert Torba:

Your background is interlocked with notorious globalist Pilgrims Society criminals, yet you say you are a Christian who has only used “open source” software that has been proven in court to have been invented by Columbus, Ohio company Leader Technologies. Are you a Christian, or a deceiver? You cannot be both. Kindly enlighten us, your users.

Also, please provide a biography of yourself. You have told us nothing about your family background, education, past associations.

Andrew Robert Torba

Born: May 2, 1986

Wife: Emily

Father: Bob Torba, Jr.

  • Launched GAB, Aug. 15, 2016
  • In Wikispeak, Torba is smeared” [probably canned handler-labeling to which Torba goes along] as “antisemitic” with hearsay attacks – oddly, too much, appears as a propaganda narrative, as if he is the designated “antisemitic” for a future Pilgrims Society propaganda whipping boy, or a way to be able to label GAB users for a future propaganda excuse to takedown the platform

    The Wikipedia entry is rife with propaganda buzzwords, including: neo-Nazi, racist, white supremacist, white nationalist, alt-right, Donald Trump supporter, conservatives, right-liberatiarns, conspiracy theorists, QAnon [proven intelligence psy-op], parallel Christian economy, antisemitism, radicalization, violence, Pittsburgh synagogue [proven false flag], storming the US Capitol, Alex Jones, right-wing Brazilian, Russian Revolution, Jewish banker, Christian extremism, Pepe the Frog, radical right, silent Christian secession, partnered with the “obscure” Second Amendment Processing for credit card payment processing in January 2019, Torba denied that the frog logo was a reference to Pepe and stated that the logo was inspired by Bible verses (Exodus 8:1–12 and Psalms 78:45) and various other traditional symbolic meanings.—TOO MANY BUZZWORDS NOT TO BE VILE PROPAGANDA
  • Associated with Y-Combinator and WeWorks, Inc.
    • Y-Combinator is a venture capital “incubator” to attrack budding entreprenuers to take the dirty money as “seed capital.” This way, the progenitors get their claws in the ideas while they are still germinating. The usual Pilgrims Society financers are involved, including Sequoia Capital (funded, Apple, Cisco, Google, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Zoom, PayPal, Redditt, Instagram Tumblr ) interlocked with China Baidu, Microsoft Bing, Y-Combinator China;
    • Yuri Milner, early funder of Facebook,, DST Global, 23andMe, Cadre (Jared Kushner), Zynga, Stripe, Twitter, Spotify, Groupon, Airbnb, WhatsAll
    • WeWorks, Inc., DARPA-run global “incubators” to lure promising young entrepreneurs into “shared office spaces” (so their ideas can be more easily stolen).

“In August 2021, WeWork was one of five coworking providers selected by the General Services Administration to provide services for the Federal government of the United States.[148] In October 2021, WeWork announced a partnership with Cushman & Wakefield that included a $150 million investment in WeWork.[149][150] In 2016, WeWork launched a separate but related co-living venture called WeLive in New York City and in Crystal CityVirginia, near the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in the Washington metropolitan area.[29][30][31] A third WeLive location in Seattle was planned in the new Third and Lenora building in 2020, but the lease was terminated in October 2019.[32] In July 2021, WeWork terminated this business line.[33]

  • Crystal City, VA is the notorious home of the commercial enterprises that sell to the world’s spies operating out of Washington, D.C., Pentagon, MI-6 and British Admiralty

Current WEWORKS Stock Ownership:

Take special note of director Deven Parekh – Blackstone Group, Carnegie Endowment, US International Development Finance Corp (OPIC), Export-Import Bank, FCC

There’s more!!




Gab AI Inc (events)




Credit, KYC


Removal of officer ANDREW TORBA, president

Event Occurred

Between 2022-04-10 and 2022-04-16

Partner: Istanbul, Turkey

Analysis of GAB

In September 2017, Gab moved its headquarters to Pennsylvania.[238] U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings, as late as March 2018, stated that Torba operated Gab out of a WeWork coworking space in Philadelphia.[239] A WeWork spokesperson said that Torba had become a member under his own name, not Gab’s, and that his time there had been brief.[239] In late October 2018, a Gab spokesperson told The Philadelphia Inquirer that Gab was no longer based in Philadelphia.[239] As of January 2019, Gab is headquartered in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania.[39]

Andrew was raised in a middle class family and is the oldest of five children. His father Bob Torba, Jr has been a FedEx Express courier for 30+ years in the Pocono Mountains and recently retired to work full time for Gab. His mother Amy Torba was a stay-at-home mom for 25+ years and now lovingly dedicates her time helping animals at the local animal shelter.

Andrew is married to Emily Torba and is a loving father to their two children Sophia and Samuel.

This is a fake prayer. Too perfect: