Dr. Kelly Sutton: First Do No Harm

Dr. Sutton has been a member of the AIM community for several years and is one of our Conclave experts in the medical field. In the audio below, she provides an update on how the trial is proceeding. Dr. Sutton can be reached at https://www.raphaelmedicine.com/


Dr. Sutton clarifies terms used above:

A contraindication is distinct from an adverse event following vaccination.

Contraindications — conditions under which vaccines should NOT be administered.  Decided exclusively by the ACIP  Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. Many/most of whom have conflicts of interest. The trend is for states to pass vaccine mandates with no religious exemptions, no personal belief exemptions, and the medical exemptions must comply with the ACIP guidelines.  


Most contraindications are from a person having anaphylaxis (severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction.) following a vaccine. So in other words, you have to be damaged before you can be exempt.Then a person is exempt from that ONE vaccine and still must take all others.  There are a few contraindications for congenital immune deficiency, cancer and chemotherapy, recent blood or gamma globulin infusion, and severe allergies to egg or yeast, in addition to anaphylaxis.  It is important to note that up to 20% of the people die who experience anaphylaxis. Regulations require a high bar to skip a vaccine — put your life on the line. 

NY, ME, WV, MS, and CA currently allow only Med exempt based on ACIP guidelines, no relig exempt or personal belief exempt– great map here:


Vaccine studies for FDA approval are remarkably short — 4-42 days, with some phone follow up. There is no true saline inert placebo, but an adjuvant or another vaccine is the so-called placebo which accurately named is not a placebo but a comparator.  The vaccine performs well in this match-up, as you might imagine In the vaccine insert the word ‘placebo’ is still used!  Misleading!

The primary post-marketing follow up is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System:  VAERS.  By design, doctors are required to report serious adverse events after vaccines, but the process is cumbersome and rarely accomplished.  Patients may report adverse events. Reporting an event does not indicate causality. This data is not considered strong statistically, b/c it is passive reporting (not actively sought). It is not statistically strong. It is estimated only 1% -10% of all serious vaccine adverse events are reported to VAERS.

A grant was given to Harvard Pilgrim HMO to make adverse event reporting an automatic part of the electronic medical record. This would follow appointments, diagnoses, and lab results in the EMR after a vaccine. This system estimated the frequency of adverse events after vaccination was 1/39. The media/medicine statement is the serious adverse events from vaccines are 1/1 million.  The grant never went to fruition, as the CDC colleagues stopped answering phone calls from the study leaders.

AEFI adverse event following immunization is a common term in the vaccine literature. This indicates a temporal relation between the vaccine and the adverse event. 

The Institute of Medicine periodically evaluates adverse events to see if they are caused by the vaccines. There are 20-30 adverse EVENTS 

which are called adverse EFFECTS of vaccines b/c there is consistently supportive evidence of causality.  The other adverse events do not have  enough information to determine if causally related or not to the vaccine.

The claim that adverse events are ‘not related to vaccines’ for the most part is not a scientific statement, because, there is not enough information to determine causality or lack of causality.  That doesn’t stop media/medicine from making claims of ‘no relation.’  If a person were reading the science, they would have to say: we don;t know.  Of course, that makes it harder to justify BROAD vaccine programs, especially MANDATED vaccines, which will impact the most vulnerable, and in those states without exemptions, they are impacted without a defense.

Check out www.PhysiciansForInformedConsent.org.  The educational material is clear, illustrated, and ALL BASED IN SCIENCE.

Carrie Bojo and the Symonds Family

The freshly-minted First British Baby Mommy, Carrie Symonds, works for the $48 million Rockefeller Foundation 501(c)(3) slush fund Oceana in Washington, D.C.

Oceana orders Chinese garbage ships to dump trash in the middle of the Pacific as false flag climate change propaganda

Carrie’s illegitimate bloodline includes British Prime Minister H.H. Asquith, Earl of Oxford, Prime Minister 1908-1916), who co-founded the British Pilgrims Society, helped orchestrate the current British Pilgrims hijack of U.S. institutions, fomented WWI, and formed the modern fusion of propaganda (lying) and intelligence (spying) and vaccine/chemical weaponization (killing)

Carrie’s parents and grandparents helped perpetrate the British fraud that is modern propaganda journalism as a tool of totalitarian corporatist state-ism (communism 3.0).

The Corrupt Couple Highlights:

  1. Prime Minister Boris Johnson (“BoJo”) was president of the Oxford Union (1985) when FISA Court Judge James E. “Jeb” Boasberg was at Oxford University—the FISA judge who approved the surveillance of George Papadopoulos and Carter Page.
  2. Carrie Symonds Johnson “advises” the Rockefellers at Washington, D.C.-based Oceana.
  3. Carrie’s father Matthew Symonds worked for the Larry Ellison (Oracle database) Foundation until late last year when it was closed abruptly following exposes of Ellison’s close ties to British intelligence—Ellison’s Oracle database stores the demonic collection of personally identifiable data by British Pilgrims Society criminals.
  4. Carrie’s grandmother Anne Hilda Symonds was London editor of the BBC propaganda machine; she was also the illegitimate daughter of British Prime Minister H. H. Asquith, a co-founder of the British Pilgrims Society and Prime Minister when MI6, MI5 and GC&CS now GCHQ were founded by newspapermen attending the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909 in London.
  5. Carries grandfather Baron Ardwick, worked for The Mirror Group formerly owned by Gislaine Maxwell’s  father Robert (Jeffrey Epstein’s madam).

Carrie Johnson[1] (née Symonds; born 17 March 1988) is a British political activist, conservationist, and the wife of the Prime Minister of the United KingdomBoris Johnson. She had been the first unmarried partner of a prime minister to reside at Downing Street

Carrie’s Father: Matthew John Symonds (b. Dec. 20. 1953)

Carrie’s Grandfather:

John Beavan, Baron Ardwick

Grandpa Beavan was reporter of the Manchester Evening News, becoming its editor in 1943. Between 1946 and 1955, he was London editor of The Guardian.[2] For two years, 1960 to 1962, he was editor of the Daily Herald, then becoming political advisor to the Mirror Group, a post he retained until 1976.[3] He was a Labour Member of the European Parliament from 1975 to 1979.[2]

On 16 January 1970, he was created a life peer as Baron Ardwick of Barnes in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.[4]




Carrie Johnson[1] (née Symonds; born 17 March 1988) is a British political activist, conservationist, and the wife of the Prime Minister of the United KingdomBoris Johnson. She had been the first unmarried partner of a prime minister to reside at Downing Street

Johnson was born on 17 March 1988 to Matthew Symonds, co-founder of The Independent, and Josephine Mcaffee (née Lawrence), a lawyer working for that newspaper.[3][4] Her paternal grandfather was John Beavan, Baron Ardwick (at one time editor of the Daily Herald and later, during the 1970s, a Labour Party MEP), and her paternal grandmother was Anne Symonds, a BBC World Service journalist.[5][6]

She works as a senior advisor to the ocean conservation charity Oceana – funded by the Rockefeller Brother Fund


Johnson has four children with ex-wife Marina Wheeler, a lawyer whom he divorced earlier this year after they separated in 2018.

The Prime Minister also has a fifth child, with art consultant Helen Macintyre, from an affair while Johnson was London’s mayor; though Macintyre attempted to keep the details of her daughter’s paternity private, appeals court judges ruled in 2013 that the public had a right to know about the extramarital liaison that produced the child.

Johnson—previously referred to as “Bonking Boris” by some British tabloids—has led a complex private life, with two divorces under his belt and multiple rumored extramarital affairs.


Boris Johnson back at work at No 10 after Carrie Symonds gives birth


At 33, the conservationist and erstwhile political PR will be the youngest spouse as she stands by the side of Boris Johnson, 56, at their first key event since their secret marriage on Saturday.

Connect the dots, AIMCats. See who wife of Bojo is related to?

To learn more about Sir Symonds, type his last name into our search bar over at http://www.aim4truth.org.

Also note that Carrie’s grandpa John Richard Charters Symonds (1918-2006) was a big British official in the U.N. after WWII: Relief, Rehab in India and Pakistan, negotiated the Kashmir region deal,  UN Technical Assistance, UN Commission for India, UN Develop. Program, WHO, Commonwealth Foundation, Royal Commonwealth Society (1958-present )  Retired in  1979. Makes him contemporary to Lord Victor Rothschild, Geoffrey Pattie, Mark Malloch-Brown.


2018 Tax filing



US Navy secretly designed super-fast futuristic aircraft resembling a UFO

AIMCat Condor writes:


I wanted to point out Columbia University also helped the Pilgrim Society, at the turn of the century, by corrupting physics and later controlling the U.S. patent office…which you and Douglas have pointed out in previous AIM articles!

Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden, Army. PhD, and his team had major energy breakthroughs, denied by a corrupt “Patent Office” because they had orders not to permit any energy technology which successfully exploited the “spacetime” principle.  Dr. Bearden explains that Nature does not insist on conserving energy in three dimensions (x, y, z) because nature exists in four dimensions (x, y, z, time) from video linked below and which I have time-outlined below.

Pulling Energy from the Vacuum (Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden)


Again, at the turn of the 20th century, to keep anyone from following Tesla’s discoveries involving zero point energy, J.P. Morgan corrupted Columbia’s College physics, and other physic departments throughout the world, by artificially restricting Maxwell’s equations of nature, through the elimination the fourth dimension of time.

Here is a breakdown of the video by minute

01:00    Overview of twenty years of Research and Development (1984-2004) discovering how to extract energy from vacuum.

06:30    Nature does not insist on conserving energy in three dimensions (x, y, z) because nature exists in four dimensions (x, y, z, time)

12:00    There is a history of ‘over unity’ energy systems.  Examples include Nikola Tesla’s work in New York, when he created a magnetizing transformer back at the turn of the 20th century (see AIM article:    ).  Other examples of suppressed ‘over unity’ successes cited include T. Henry Moray (1930s), Gabriel Crone (for Navy) and up to fifty other inventors who have made casual natural energy devices over time.  There were also Russian advances in ‘over unity’ inventions prior to WWII documented.

17:19    How suppression of energy technology occurs and who is doing it. (Back to the Pilgrim Society)

20:00    How do cartels (Pilgrim Society) attack and destroy threats.

26:00    Must educate inventors and scientists on how present energy systems, controlled by the cartels, are polluting and destroying the environment.

29:30    If we fail to break up the elite energy cartels (controlled by Pilgrim Society) and allow suppressed energy technologies to fulfill their role for humanity, as fossil fuels shrink, world wars will arise again like WWI and WWII.  Civilization will enter another Dark Age.

33:30    We need another great Manhattan Project, with evil cartels push aside by Congress,  where scientists and engineering will be allowed to finally develop all the viable energy solutions surrounding humanity.

39:50    Private Sector advances are typically slowed down and stalled out by frivolous cartel (Pilgrim Society) lawsuits claiming fraud, patent thief…anything which might bankrupt or delay licensing for decades.  This preserves the cartel’s monopoly.

41:00    Why inventors should be wary of Venture Capital.

42:10    The patent office has been positioned as another barrier to energy advancements (by the Pilgrim Society).  The patent office will not permit any technology which has not been approved and accepted by the science institutions.  These science institutions are funded by the energy cartels.  They will only permit classical thermal dynamics (based on three dimensions) not non-classical thermal dynamics (which includes the passage of time). 

43:00    The public has to recognize the fact, like any other profession, science and scientists can be corrupted (by the Pilgrim Society).  The cartels buy and corrupt science to do their bidding.  These corrupted professionals become gate keepers and will cry out “perpetual motion” fraud based on three dimensional solutions…not four-dimensional solutions which is the true nature of energy in the vast universe. 

44:20    The entire structure of science, of industry, of the patent office, are against the advancement of any disruptive energy technology (which would harm Pilgrim Society illegal energy monopolies).   If you can’t get a patent, how do you get a license to commercialize?

44:50    The remaining option inventors have to battle the cartels is communication.  We have the internet.  We need to let other energy inventors know they are not alone in their battles with the energy cartels.  We are all in the same boat.

Bearden’s biography can be found at the following link: http://wiki.naturalphilosophy.org/index.php?title=Tom_Bearden ). 

Additionally, in the PDF attachment below, President Trump, encouraged the world to learn what is possible with the reinstatement of the time dimension, t, in Maxwell’s equation.  While the Pilgrim Society has been denying endless, inexpensive energy to the inhabitants of Earth, Tesla’s work has been benefiting our Secret Space Program since the early 1950’s when the Navy patented ‘anti-gravity’ in October of 1954. 


Condor added this interesting article about Tesla’s communications with the inhabitants of other worlds.

Read full article here:

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp used his public office to hide his ongoing interest in ORDERITE, renamed as CM Systems LLC, including its London UK subsidiary COMPLIANCEMATER LIMITED

ABSTRACT: Brian Kemp plays corporate shell games voluminously.

He created the name CM Systems LLC and the company ORDERITE, INC., then shuffled his holdings in ORDERITE, INC. out of GA to AZ and UK and dissolved ORDERITE, so it appeared. He had actually created 38 branch subsidiaries of ORDERITE before ostensibly quiting GA, operated under the name COMPLIANCEMATE, LLC/INC, changed the name of ORDERITE in other states than GA as CM Systems LLC, then he registered the already formed CM Systems LLC as a foreign AZ corporation in GA as well as the UK. THE FIDDLE: It was not foreign. It was the former ORDERITE, Inc. in GA!!! It was itself, rebranded as foreign to distance the corporation from Kemp’s name.

However, the re-registration of ORDERITE as a native GA company to a foreign AZ company occurred just as he was reporting ORDERITE (and not CM Systems LLC) on his 2017 Financial Disclosure.

The interlocking relationships reveal a likely technology swindle and insider deal with Hitachi, supplier to at least the voting machine ES&S that contains the same OpTech scanning module as Dominion Voting Systems, involves two patents and handheld device networks promoted by Hitatchi principals whose storage (for sure) (and maybe touchscreen) is used in electronic voting machines. Hitachi also has four plants in Georgia and heavily supplies Chinese and European markets.

The allowance of the former created/dissolved Orderite company (by then Sec. of State Kemp) to return to GA as CM Systems LLC (by now Brad Raffensberger) is a clear violation of the ethics laws since Kemp did not disclose CM Systems LLC in 2017 as a premedicated container for his ORDERITE corporate and product shuffle via Arizona and British interests.

Brian P. Kemp. (May 03, 2010). Financial Disclosure Statement, 2009, #F20060000867451. Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission.

Brian P. Kemp. (2017). Financial Disclosure Statement, 2017, #F200600008639424. Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission.

Brian Kemp fraud

On Feb. 07, 2001, citizen Brian Kemp formed CREEKSTONE DEVELOPMENT GROUP I, L.L.C. in Georgia. (Note: Kemp as agent disclosures for 2002-06 are missing from the GA Sec. of State website.)

On May 21, 2013, Sec. of State Brian Kemp terminated his own CREEKSTONE DEVELOPMENT GROUP I, L.L.C. without giving notice of his conflict of interest in cancelling his own business record as Sec. of State.

Kemp fiddles with corporate name changes (e.g., “CREEK STONE PARTNERS, L.L.C.” became “Creekstone Partners LLC” and “CreekStone Partners USA LLC”) to get his name off of the Georgia Secretary of State business search website. Eddie Drake is the incorporator on

However, Kemp himself, as Secretary of State, both formed ORDERITE on Nov. 28, 2001 (a day before IBM Eclipse Foundation (Nov. 29, 2001) was formed with $40 million in IBM funds with future USPTO Director (then IBM Intellectual Property Counsel, David J. Kappos) and Leader Technologies’ intellectual property counsel James P. Chandler, III. Leader Technologies is the inventor of social networking technologies.


Then, Kemp himself, as Secretary of State, dissolved ORDERITE, Inc. in Georgia on Aug. 24, 2017.

in the same year he disclosed his ownership in his 2017 Financial Disclosure.


Kemp’s sleight of hand is this: as a 5%+ owner in ORDERRITE, INC. he retained that ownership in N subsidiaries of ORDERRITE IN THE USA and UK.


ORDERRITE, INC. MASSECHUSETTS discloses two directors:


Steven B. Ratoff. (Accessed May 31, 2021). Background Report, including Orderite, Inc. Peoplefinders.

Ratoff appears to be a front man for globalist financiers using him to start entities to hide their underlying control of the companies.

Ratoff is AZ incorporator of CM Systems, LLC and CMSystems Group LLC


CMSystems Group LLC

(Compliance Mate Systems)



Incorporated in the United Kingdom as “Compliancemate Limited”


Also an Australian Company

Kemp sleight of hand… using his public office to hide his ongoing interest in ORDERITE, renamed as CM Systems LLC, including its London UK subsidiary COMPLIANCEMATER LIMITED.

Brian Kemp then licensed, without disclosing his conflict of interest, the AZ successor of ORDERRITE, Compliance Mate, then CM Systems LLC, to (re-)incorporate in Georgia as a foreign AZ corporation:

Now, GA Sec. of State Brad Raffensberger was in on this Brian Kemp deception. In 2016, Kemo incorporated CM Systems LLC, but did not disclose his plan in 2017 to make CS Systems LLC the successor of ORDERITE within months of disclosing ORDER on his 2017 Financial Disclosure. Kemp let ORDERITE dissolve in Georgia, making the public believe it ceased to exist, when it fact, it was operating 38 branches in the US and was incorporated in the UK as Compliancemate Limited.

This is why the financial and relationships disclosure ethics rules exist. They would, if followed, as he claimed they were (a boldfaced lie), prevent Raffensberger from being able to blackmail Kemp.

Blackmail Worthy




Touchblock infringes on Leader Technologies’ social networking inventions

HITACHI DATA STORAGE DEVICES are used in ES&S Voting Systems



Hitachi has four sites in Georgia


Doug Ducey Family Foundation Conspires with Foreign Entities and Banks Involved with the Trump-Russia Hoax, Notably James B. Comey’s HSBC

We previously reported on Governor Ducey in this article:

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is a Pilgrims Puppet

Below, we are adding additional research:


AZ Governor Doug Ducey (El Duco) hides massive offshore Irish holdings and relationships to Trump-Russia hoax perpetrator HSBC (UK) and its intimate relationship with British Privy Councilor & Pilgrims Society leader Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, chairman of Dominion Voting Systems (not the Plymouth Pilgrims… that’s what the British predators want you to think)

Douglas Anthony Ducey Jr.

BornApril 9, 1964 (age 57 years), Toledo, OH

SpouseAngela Ducey

Ducey failed to disclose his DUCEY FAMILY FOUNDATION (non-profit) holdings and disbursements. Non-profit status means the funds used must be used for the public benefit, otherwise, the non-profit status is fraudulent.

DEMAND: (1) Ducey must fully disclose his relationship with the Irish globalist investment fund DIMENSIONAL FUNDS PLC (self-classifies as an offshore account) and its intimate relationship with the Trump-Russia hoax perpetrator HSBC and Deutsche Bank, among other banks, (2) Ducey must disclose DIMENSIONAL FUNDS PLC’s investments in China and its controllers in the UK, (3) Ducey must provide detailed FINANCIAL DISCLOSURES of his DUCEY FAMILY FOUNDATION from 2007-present so that the public can fully assess his conflicts of interest.

Douglas Anthony Ducey Jr. (Filed Feb. 01, 2021). 2020 Financial Disclosure,  Ref. No. 13996-12042. Arizona Secretary of State.

In Ducey’s financial disclosures, he discloses a 100% controlling interest in:

Since the Ducey Family Foundation’s incorporation on Nov. 18, 2004, the foundation has filed 14 ANNUAL REPORTS (2006-19)

In the Foundations’ first 2006 annual report they disclose a sizeable holding in DFA Global 60/40 Portfolio stock. DFA Global is ultimately controlled by an Irish corporation DIMENSIONAL FUNDS PLC. The parent does substantial business in China.

The company also transacts business with numerous bank associated with the Trump-Russia hoax, most notably James B. Comey’s HSBC bank where he was chief counsel before becoming FBI director, including:

DIMENSIONAL FUNDS PLC. (Mar. 09, 2021). Prospectus. Dimensional Fund Advisors. Source: https://eu.dimensional.com/en/kiid-prospectus


Despite the firm requirement that the DUCEY FAMILY FOUNDATION file an annual financial report. Only the very first filing in 2006 (see above) did that. In 2007, no holdings were disclosed, then from 2008-present, NO FINANCIAL REPORTS WERE FILED. Although it appears that AZ created enormous disclosure loopholes in subsequent years, the Ducey’s clearly believed the disclosure rules applied to their holdings.

Thanks to this single 2006 moment of honesty, we discovered that Ducey conspires with foreign entities and banks involved with the Trump-Russia hoax, notably James B. Comey’s HSBC.

Call to Action:

Douglas Ducy failed to disclose his DUCEY FAMILY FOUNDATION (non-profit) holdings and disbursements. Non-profit status means the funds used must be used for the public benefit, otherwise, the non-profit status is fraudulent.

DEMAND: (1) Ducey must fully disclose his relationship with the Irish globalist investment fund DIMENSIONAL FUNDS PLC (that self-classifies as an offshore account) and its intimate relationship with the Trump-Russia hoax perpetrator HSBC and Deutsche Bank, among other, like Citibank, (2) Ducey must disclose DIMENSIONAL FUNDS PLC’s investments in China and its controllers in the UK, (3) Ducey must provide detailed FINANCIAL DISCLOSURES of his DUCEY FAMILY FOUNDATION from 2007-present so that the public can fully assess his conflicts of interest—even if he claims an exemption from such reporting, which is ludicrous since the public cannot assess his intentions and uses of funds otherwise.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is a Pilgrims Puppet

An AIMCat asked us to do some background on Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (Douglas Anthony Roscoe Jr.). We are posting it here for anyone else who is interested.

A cutout for his British Pilgrims Society financial controllers sent to AZ to faciliate the destruction of the American Republic and its reabsorption into the British new world order

Ducey’s conflicts of interest track straight back to the British Crown, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci/NIH, Wellcome Trust, EU, WHO, UN, etc.

Ducey’s MI6-CIA connections totally align him with those of equally-groomed ASU president Michael Crow

Finding: Ducey’s  investing relationships include The Pirbright Institute (funded by the BBSRC), patent holder of the Coronoavirus and partner with Bill Gates, Fauci, NIH, Wellcome Trust, WHO, EU, DARPA.



Early life and education

Doug Ducey was born Douglas Anthony Roscoe Jr. in ToledoOhio, where he was raised.[1] He is the son of Madeline Scott and Douglas Roscoe Sr., a former member of the Toledo Police Department.[2]

His parents divorced and in 1975 his mother married businessman Michael Ducey, to whom she remained married until 1981.[3] Michael Ducey adopted Douglas and his siblings in 1976; Douglas’s last name was legally changed to his adoptive father’s.[4]

Ducey graduated from St. John’s Jesuit High School in 1982 and moved to Arizona to attend Arizona State University (ASU) while working at Hensley & Co., the Anheuser-Busch distributor owned by the family of Cindy McCain.[5] He graduated in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science degree in finance.[6]


After graduating from ASU, Ducey joined Procter & Gamble and began a career in sales and marketing.[7] Ducey was the CEO at Cold Stone Creamery from 1995 to 2007.[8] When he and his business partner sold the company in 2007, Cold Stone (which was founded in 1988)[9] had more than 1,400 locations in the United States and ten other countries. After the company’s sale to Kahala, accusations of franchise mismanagement led Ducey to leave the organization.[10]

He became the lead investor and served as chairman of the board for iMemories from 2008 to 2012.[11] Cold Stone Creamery franchises ranked among the 10 worst franchise brands in terms of Small Business Administration loan defaults.[12]

iMemories = ONBOARDING… a MI6/C.I.A./NSA operation (cloud storage of intellectual property)







MD Felipe Mendoza closely associated with T-Mobile, Ciena (CIEN https://www.morningstar.com/stocks/xnys/cien/ownership held by the usual British Pilgrims Society insiders including Vanguard, UBS (Switzerland – Klaus Schwab, Bank for International Settlements, William J. Donovan, OSS, MI6, CIA), Fidelity, State Street)), Nortel Networks (creator of Hillary Clinton’s and Robert S. Mueller’s ultimate PKI control of ENTRUST, Orlando Bravo, CloudFlare), Alcatel, Roche Diagnostics, Cisco, Boehringer Mannheim (partner of The Pirbright Institute (UK – patent holder of the Coronavirus).

Jon Bayless – Jon was part of the original team that began the Sevin Rosen franchise and is considered one of the venture industry’s most successful investors of all time. Over the past 30 years, he has established an exceptional track record of marquis exits with outsized returns, including Landmark Graphics, Informed Access (sold to Access Health/HBO), Lightspeed Systems (Cisco), IPMobile (Cisco), Monterey Networks (Cisco), and CIENA. Jon currently sits on the boards of several of Sevin Rosen’s most promising portfolio companies, including GENBAND, Xtera, Extenet, WaveBender, and Vidyo. Jon served on the board of the National Venture Capital Association from 1997 to 2001.  LinkedIn – NVCA was one of the co-founders of CIA In-Q-Tel where ASU’s Michael Crow is Chairman. Cisco = IoT and global mass surveillance. (READ: CIA In-Q-Tel and the Highlands Group illegal operation of the DoD Office of Net Assessment (that funded British agent Stefan Halper in the Trump-Russia hoax.)

Jack Furst – Jack D. Furst is a distinguished private equity investor. He manages his own capital making investments in real estate, oil and gas, fixed income securities and public and private equities.  Jack is an Adjunct Professor at The University of North Texas and The University of Texas at Dallas (the Harvards of the Southwest) where he teaches finance and investments.  He has over 33 years of private investment experience completing over $75 billion in transactions which resulted in attractive returns for investors.   Jack was a founding Partner in HM Capital Partners (formally Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Incorporated).


HM Capital is closely associated with British Telecom, and therefore the British Pilgrims Society, SERCO, QintetiQ. Other associations and investments include Morgan Stanley, Chancellor Media, KKR, UK Food Group Hillsdown Holdings, Mexican Grupo Minsa, Nestle Ambient Foods, UK Crosse & Blackwel and many other British food name brands like Weetabix.Kerns Oil & Gas (Blackbrish Energy), Persona cable Canada, Regency Gas, Centennial Puerto Rico, Regal Cinemas, International Wire, Lion Capital LLP (UK), food group spun off now Kainos Capital

John Jaggers From 2006 to 2010, he also served on the board of the National Venture Capital Association (READ: CIA In-Q-Tel and the Highlands Group illegal operation of the DoD Office of Net Assessment (that funded British agent Stefan Halper in the Trump-Russia hoax.)

Bob McTeer – Bob is best known for his 36-year career with the Federal Reserve System, including almost 14 years as President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and member of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). Bob received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Georgia with a National Defense Education Act fellowship.  He currently is economic advisor to Commerce Street Capital and Protiviti, Inc. and serves on the boards of Westwood Holdings, Beal Bank, Refocus Group and Aquinas Companies.

KG Investments


Was allowed by the global insiders to invest in 2008 in Plaxo, Facebook, LinkedIn Zynga, Playdom, ALIBABA GROUP (China). iN 2011 LIFELOCK, SURVEY MONKEY (Facebook VP Sheryl Sandberg’s husband), Lyft, Spotify, Pintrest, and APPLIED MOLECULAR TRANSPORT, and many other not so well known companies locking into the Pilgrims Society’s global spy control grid





Top 20 owners include Blackstone (CIA), Fidelity (C)A), iShares (BlackRock – CIA)(iShares by BlackRock, the largest provider of exchange-traded-funds (ETFs) in the world), USAA

Kevin D’Silva – UK Handler


Catapult Ventures


UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund

About Us

We are committed to creating sustainable economic impact for the UK

The UK Innovation and Science Seed Fund (UKI2S) is committed to nurturing new business arising from the world-class science undertaken in the UK in sectors such as biotechnologysynthetic biologyengineeringagriculture, computer science and environmental technology. Providing long-term, patient capital, the fund has helped build innovative businesses, leverage private investment and grow jobs. Beyond seed funding, UKI2S provides strategic advice and support to companies in their early stages.

UKI2S has a substantial track record. The fund has a portfolio of 57 companies, created with just £15m of capital. Between them, and with the support of UKI2S, these companies have attracted over £500m of later stage investment and have a combined market value of over £750m. Read our recent report for more information on the economic impact of UKI2S.

UKI2S works closely with our partners – led by STFC, BBSRC and NERC, which are all part of UK Research & Innovation (UKRI) and Dstl – and is aligned with the Catapult Network and Innovate UK to create the best environment for innovation to flourish and, in turn, boost the UK’s competitiveness and productivity by commercialising key technological advances.

Find out more about our investment criteria and innovation campuses or get in touch if you are an innovative startup looking for investment.


Defra controls much of the land surrounding The Pirbright Institute (UK)

UKRI was created after The (Victor) Rothschild Report at the same time he created Biotechnology Investments Limited (BIL) – which was the beginning of biotechnology investing by banks https://americans4innovation.blogspot.com/2020/06/how-rothschilds-use-mass-surveillance.html


Mercia Asset Management (UK)




2020 Full Accounts

Mercia has invested in startups in various fields. It invested in Oxford Genetics Ltd (a UK based DNA engineering company),[9] in Warwick Audio Technologies from Warwick Ventures of the University of Warwick and in LM Technologies. The fund manager has also invested in Allinea Software, which was a winner in the Red Herring Global 100 and Molecular Solar, also from Warwick Ventures, which got the Lord Stafford Innovation in Development award, both in 2011.[6][7]

In June 2014, Abzena was the first Mercia Fund Management company to be listed on a public stock exchange.[19]

READ: “Rare Nuerological disorders” = they don’t respond to BBC Pilgrims Society BRAIN WASHING

The Pilgrims Society overseer: OBE = Order of the British Empire

Invesco Ltd IVZ

Morningstar Rating

Rating as of May 28, 2021



Investors = the Pilgrims Society owners of every globalist company on the planet. See recent video on this subject. https://www.lewrockwell.com/2021/04/bill-sardi/who-runs-the-world-blackrock-and-vanguard/

See also:

Corporate Transnational Warlord Pirates Are On the Run


Founder, Prudential California Realty

Sold to Berkshire Hathaway in 2015, Bill Gates’ partner Warren Buffett


Continue your research on this corrupt governor:

Doug Ducey Family Foundation Conspires with Foreign Entities and Banks Involved with the Trump-Russia Hoax, Notably James B. Comey’s HSBC

Blockchain Banking – Is it Secure?

Post by AIMCat Peter

Re-visioning Money and Banking Series

Practical Steps Back to a Functional Reality

In the previous Part 1 of this journey, we found that our present money system has become an unworkable corruption of an initially sound concept to enable exchange of goods or services for reliable “value token” notes, issued by banks.

We set out the requirements for a sound system, and highlighted 3 ways that banks had gamed and corrupted these sound principles for their own benefit resulting in the mess we experience today.

However, to return to a functional mechanism is not possible at the mere flick of a switch, with the corruption so ingrained and globally spread.

We need to start with a list of issues that need to be covered in the reversion process:

1. As the present system has evolved to benefit those who run it, there will be much in-house resistance to any change which removes those benefits.

2. Any new system restarting from sound practice must be able to evolve ALONGSIDE the current, and interact with it as necessary in the interim.

3. This will unavoidably involve greater complexity in the transition period, with the public needing  to see clear immediate benefits to them overriding the upset of change.

4. Established law is built around the present structure, and so any new privately promoted “token” medium would have to be a form of cryptocurrency.

5. Not only sound and secure in itself, the mechanism would have not to detract from value invested in the current system, before it establishes itself.

6. The new development must be able to develop from a “standing start” through public approval and choice.

The following is a suggested start for consideration and debate:

Property Cryptocurrency

Owner occupied property offers the basis for secure, stable cryptocurrency to be created by those owners, using the property market value as collateral.

Property ownership, property value, property insurance, and financial charges against property can all be recorded and verified, with blockchain security protection, and be updated as and when any of these items changes.

This secure technology* therefore now allows the potential for individual owners of property to secure and create transferable credit for themselves based on this value, in cryptocurrency units corresponding to conventional credit units, as (say) “property dollars”….” property pounds”   etc.

As a starting point, it would be prudent to have an initial fixed ceiling to the creation of such crypto units of (say) 50% of the recorded market value of any property, in order to allow people to become accustomed to the concept, and practical process, in a demonstrably safe financial environment, not pushing the market valuation at any time to the extreme.

The cryptocurrency recording, and associated 50% cap, would be a blockchained entry on any specific property record, available for the owner to use and manage, or ignore if he or she wished. A dormant, or active resource at the discretion of the owner.

Once an owner had found another property owner with whom he had agreed a deal for the transfer of goods using the cryptocurrency, he would transfer the currency from his account over to the goods supplier’s account in the normal way, with blockchain security, so that now the goods supplier’s account showed he could “spend” more than his 50% property value, and the goods recipient’s account would show he had a corresponding amount less than his 50% value in his remaining account.

And so on……

The only further mechanism to consider is the arrangements to cover the eventual sale of the property, either by owner’s decision, or death.

When the property is transferred between owners, the transferor will either have the crypto account in it’s original balance, or in credit, or deficit with reference to it’s original balance.

If in original balance, the sale and transfer can be made entirely in the conventional way and the transferee will pay in full with conventional funding.

If there is a deficit on the original balance, then that deficit is transferred to the new owner, with that new owner having the benefit of a corresponding reduction in the amount he has to pay in conventional funding. The deficit remains until such time as he may return the crypto account to full original balance.

If in credit relative to the original balance, the transferor can transfer the credit amount to any new property crypto account he is buying. If he is not buying another property, he will have to transfer to another chosen property owner’s account, or let the credit remain for the benefit of the transferee.

These same options will apply to the property at death of the owner, or be subject to his Will provisions.

Under no circumstances will cryptocurrency credit or deficit numbers appear, or disappear, without a corresponding opposing deficit, or credit balance also occurring in the system in a naturally functioning way.

Those wishing to trade in this way would need person to person trading platforms, similar to Ebay or Gumtree to have the option to trade using the cryptocurrency, initially with their commission in conventional currency.

Clearly, once established and showing it’s benefits to trading parties, consideration could be given to raising the value limit percentage, in an organised review of the overall system rules.

With time and the accepted use of this means of exchange, housebuilders would have the opportunity to pay for building work in cryptocurrency, using any developing property value and applying the 50% rule.

Checking this Proposition Against the Original 6 Criteria Points Above

1. The only interaction with the present system is the potential reduction in conventional money where a property is sold with net cryptocurrency deficit. Existing banking business would otherwise be unaffected.

2.See 1. above – this mechanism can work entirely separately to the existing.

3. Initial buyers would be unfazed by a corresponding “loss” on future property sale, in order to have instant hassle-free goods or services. Initial sellers would have every confidence they could buy something with their crptocurrency “surplus” in due course.

4. Other private cryptocurrencies have emerged and thrived within the framework of law – this cryptocurrency has the added advantage of security against property value.

5. See 1. above. No problem here.

6. Time will tell, but once started there is no reason that this development shouldn’t go from strength to strength, allowing the raising of the 50% limit after time, if, and as needed.


Note from the Anonymous Patriots:

The asterisk * is because the American Intelligence Media has reported that BLOCKCHAIN technology is not secure at this time. There are ways to make it secure, but until the United States Patent Office is purged of British and foreign control, the engineers who have developed the new, very secure encryption system are not interested in offering their product for use. Personally, we would not digitize any of our assets, like property or wealth, on the blockchain until this encryption was included in the existing or new system. In the reports below, we busted Bitcoin as a CIA operation – and definitely NOT secure.

Satoshi Nakamoto Dossier Reveals CIA Ponzi Scheme

The REAL Creator of Bitcoin – Philip J. Venables


Cryptocurrency Victims Claims Expand

ASU President Groomed to Destroy America

ASU’s president Michael M. Crow is a British Pilgrims Society globalist meddler/traitor groomed  to take down the American Republic

His Carnegie Corporation/CFR financings prove he hates America (including Arizona)

His Sep. 29, 1999 formation of CIA the corporate fascist In-Q-Tel with fellow Pilgrims Society globalists Lockheed (British Crown-controlled, SERCO/QinetiQ), AT&T, Telecredit, Lucent, Marsh McLennan, DoD, Columbia, Xerox, Stanford proves he is a flaming FASCIST and has no business being anywhere near our young minds.

Arizonians, dump & jail the demonic Crow, before he dumps & jails you!

He funds CIA/Tavistock (British) brainwashing research at ASU


Michael Maurice Crow, president of Arizona State University—the self-anointed King of Arizona—is a well-groomed member of the British Pilgrims Society—placed to facilitate the “Great Reset” using Arizonians as experimental guinea pigs for election rigging, viral pathogens, brainwashing, 5G and depopulation

Crow’s 32-page ASU resume is evidently fake—no human being could do all the things he claims

See American Intelligence Media for more.

Michael Crow Serves the British Pilgrims Society

First. note that the Carnegie Corporation is so in love with Michael Crow that he is awarded a heft $500, 000 “leadership award” wink. wink. This is Carnegie’s way of making sure Crow supports all of their foreign anti-American programs as listed below.



Listed below are just a few of Carnegie Corporation traitorous fascist financings. Michael Crow is a globalist Pilgrims Society insider and leader in Carnegie which pushes all of these anti-American programs.





















NOTE: Stimson (with William “Wild Bill” Donovan and Allen W. Dulles) was a Pilgrims Society organizer of The Marshall Plan at the end of WWII that funded fascist international corporations in the process of establish a new British world order.

See also: AFI. (Jul. 28, 2020). The Anglo-American (British) Pilgrims Society and its CFR minions used the Marshall Plan, shrouded in anti-communism, to seize control of global banking using Nazi & Japanese stolen gold. Americans for Innovation.











NOTE: History tells us that US President Woodrow Wilson was a dedicated Anglophile taking his orders from the British Pilgrims Society






Re-visioning Money and Banking

Post by AIMCat Peter

Money is a “token of value” invented to bridge any value asymmetry in an exchange of goods or services.

In any exchange of goods or services it is highly unlikely that the exchanging parties will each have exactly the same value to offer the other at the time, to create an entirely balanced barter deal.

Indeed, most exchanges are entirely in one direction, where goods or services are wanted by one party from the other, with no compensating value transfer.

To offset this value exchange imbalance a mechanism was developed to “store” real durable wealth (gold, silver, etc.) at a bank for safekeeping, and use banks “notes of value” receipts arising therefrom as “value tokens” which could effectively transfer ownership of some of that stored value to another in exchange for goods or services wanted.

So, we have banks reliably storing durable valuables deposited with them, the value receipts from which can act as transferable value tokens by the owner/depositor acceptable to another in exchange for real goods or services.

Clearly any time the owner/depositor wishes to remove his deposited valuables, he would have to return the full amount of bank tokens he had “spent” for the bank to cancel these notes, and entirely clear the deposit from their records.

With all banks working to a similar process, and with co-ordinated value token notes, it becomes possible for unrelated transactions to exchange value notes, from different banks, to have the same ability to redeem and complete any return of deposited wealth.

Over time, insured property was added to gold and silver as a reliable source of stored wealth, and money as an entirely paper-based concept was born.

A Great Idea – Corrupted by Greed

So, by this means, banks became middlemen controlling the safekeeping of deposited valuables, and created and transferred their paper “value notes” to and between depositors, enabling the flow of goods and services in otherwise unbalanced or one-way transfers.

This all worked accountably and reliably provided the value tokens issued always related to the value stored, and if any depositor of valuables with the bank wished to repossess them, he would have to return value notes to the bank equal to those he had spent against the security of the valuables, for the bank to cancel them and return the actual valuables.

However, rather than sticking within the constraints inherent in this understandable and reliable system, banks saw an opportunity to game the process in their favour.

Firstly, they realised that their paper “value notes” were constantly in demand as essential to the process of any exchange of goods or services, so rather than charge a fee for any work they actually did, they charged a small percentage continuously on the notes they issued.

Secondly, rather than this percentage being on the original notes only, they applied it to the additional notes needed as “interest” on the original notes also.

This “compound interest” payable to them had to be created against the continual devaluing of the notes against the deposited collateral value, a process we call “inflation”.

Thirdly, they noticed that most of the real value collateral deposited with them was not reclaimed over considerable periods of time, offering them the possibility of creating more “value notes” than they actually held in collateral value, allowing them to expand their business, albeit in a manner putting the whole money creation process into irredeemable risk and chaos.

To cover up the clear fraud of issuing more value notes than they had valuables in collateral, they created a book keeping process based on a lie, that the wealth they held was the value notes rather than the collateral valuables.

Thus, they created loans from these notes entirely independent of any collateral value they held.

Fraudulently accounting for “loans” being created by bank value notes (in the possession of depositors) being temporarily lent to borrowers, banks freed themselves to CREATE as many loans as they felt they could get away with, always assured that the resulting deposits would balance in their book keeping.

As further consolidation of this fraud, they paid “interest” to bank note depositors, reinforcing the false impression that deposited bank notes were “lent” to borrowers, rather than the opposite TRUTH that their loans (created by them at will) created deposits.

This true money creation process is set out and confirmed by Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin Q1 2014, entitled “Money Creation in the Modern Economy”. In this Bulletin, and to quote “…rather than lending out deposits that are placed with them, the act of lending creates deposits – THE REVERSE OF THE SEQUENCE TYPICALLY DESCRIBED IN TEXTBOOKS….” (capitals added by me for emphasis only).

When challenged as to why banks still charged interest from borrowers which they paid to depositors, when it was not depositors money that they lent, the Bank of England replied that the morality of commercial bank practices was not their responsibility.

The real value they held, namely deposited collateral real value, became ignored in their accounting.

The Way Back to Functional Reality

In order to restore an understandable and workable system, we must return to the point where real valuables are “deposited” with banks, and bank “value notes” are only issued to these collateral depositors to the limit of real value held.

This ensures that there is a direct accountability between each depositor of real collateral value, and the money he creates against that value.

Banks would account real deposit value held against money issued for each depositor, such that in the event that the money was not returned for cancellation by the bank, by the depositor, the collateral could be sold by the bank to retrieve the money that way.

All safe and secure.

Banks would act as professional book keepers and would charge competitive fees for any activity they perform, with no “interest” involved in any activity.

Real value offered as collateral for banks to create money against can be any durable valuable, traditionally gold and silver, but clearly insured property holds value in the marketplace, and as an essential component of life for most, and with it’s potential for adding value to itself, it is collateral of choice for most.

Now that the ownership and current value of property can be secured for all to rely on via blockchain technology, we have an ideal medium and mechanism for any property owner to register how much money he has created against the value of that property, entirely free of “interest”, with that charge against that particular property at any time being secured, to be removed as part of the eventual sale of that property in due course.

Thus the concepts of “mortgage” and “equity release” become merged in one secure account unpolluted by any notion of interest.

Each homeowner has his own stable and secure banking system in the varying equity he decides to invest in his home.

Indeed, there is no theoretical reason preventing the development of property via the creation of money from the developing value itself, i.e. provided the developing market value always runs ahead of the money created to construct it, the property can just remain with the money needed to construct it as a charge awaiting cancellation at the sale of the property.

Banking would thus become secure and paid for in fees for a professional book keeping service.

Property and home ownership would be available for all.

By engaging and managing the real market value in his home, any property owner has the potential to release this value and buy it back as he needs to fund his life.



Continue your banking education with this video or research yourself by searching for “state land banks”: What are Land Banks & How to they work?

Psychological Warfare Hoisted on the World by CIA and U. S. Military

Earlier this week, the miners pulled up these truth nuggets.

CIA, Five Eyes, London, Pilgrims, and Bill Donovan

We checked with the AFI mines to see what else they found and WOWZER – TRUTH HISTORY is making a come-back.

In no particular order, this is what they discovered:


This source file is the downloaded version. The links below are bookmarked to the three-letter version.


Note: When we read that Donovan was overseeing psychological warfare in Europe and Japan, read the British Pilgrims Society. Remember he had his own separate communications system (probably those antenna arrays in Pirbright on Baron Henry De Worms Lord Pirbright/Rothschild property)

AFI. (Feb. 20, 2020). Coronavirus uncovers Rothschild Lord Pirbright as key to the 140-yr. secret monopoly of the Pilgrims Society. Americans for Innovation.


The OSS/Donovan had his own encryption system


SECRET: Nov. 02, 1942, declassified Sep. 14, 2014

Pilgrims OSS Wild Bill Donovan was given full control of psychological warfare functions (via RCA, NBC, AT&T, New York Times, etc.) due to his “own knowledge of military developments and his sense of the needs of modern total war.”

In short the British Pilgrims Society ran U.S. psychological warfare.

Donovan was the Pilgrims Society director of psychological warfare and had near full influence over FDR, Eisenhower, Stimson, and Marshall


p. 413


p. 346


p. 354


PDF p. 338


p. 356

p. 369

Donovan supplied and trained Chinese in special operations.

Do you think the OSS/CIA just walked away from this power and control?


p. 374

Pilgrim Donovan and Pilgrim Marshall were closely coordinating with Pilgrims Britain.


p. 375

Pilgrims Donovan promoted the British point of view consistently in these meetings.


p. 386


Aug. 17, 1942, Agreement between the OSS and the SOE (British Special Operations Executive)


p. 389


Donovan trained British SOE agents.


p. 400


Donovan personally oversaw the CIA stay behind agents during the war.

p. 401


The Fake New Spin begins:


p. 405


Ran Psychological Warfare out of Donovan’s office, p. 348



A few remarks regarding the miners’ newest finds:



Then we have these STUPID, SLOW “investigative reporters” like Sharyl Attkinsson keeping the full depth of the corruption from being known. Is she protecting Pilgrim-Pirbright’s operations or is Sharyl just another propagandist…or slow and stupid?

See Sharyl’s lame report from our Gab post. Then share.. https://gab.com/Gabriels_Horn/posts/106227904787551578


How many presstitutes do you watch who are trained in and controlled by the CIA PROPAGANDA SCHOOL?


Now…back to the real research, the kind that none of these CIA Mockingbird propagandists dare to reveal to the public.

Breaking: FDR and William “Wild Bill” Donovan (both Pilgrims Society members) hid the Pilgrims Society creation of “Five Eyes” with the British (on Mar. 05, 1946) from Congress, and created the C.I.A. in parallel.

  • Whitewashed CIA history that every American must learn for the first time
  • Our C.I.A. spies are ALL run by globalists determined to undermine the American Republic since the beginning of the 20th century

CIA Chronology re. William J. Donovan. (Feb. 03, 1970). Copied from Darling History, Feb. 03, 1970 [silent on Mar. 05, 1946 British Pilgrims Society Five Eyes creation – the Special Relationship], declassified Aug. 11, 2011, CIA-RDP09K00541R000700100002-4. CIA FOIA.

You Think the NSA Is Bad? Meet Former CIA Director Allen Dulles. – Mother  JonesThe CIA propagandist in this document catalogued many things about Allen W. Dulles, but somehow missed the elephants in the room. This is scandalous “history” held SECRET since 1962 and only declassified/published in 2013—49 years the lies were concealed:

ERRATA: This history censors critical facts about Dulles, including:

  1. Membership in the subversive British Pilgrims Society;
  2. Conspiracy with the British Pilgrims and MI6 to established a parallel intelligence operation (parallel to the CIA, FBI, NSA) later called “Five Eyes” on Mar. 05, 1946—the so-called “special relationship”;
  3. Theft of stolen German and Japanese gold and treasure and its movement to Pilgrims banks in Switzerland that bankrolled today’s multinational corporations and banks;
  4. Post-war organization of the Bank for International Settlements, Switzerland;
  5. Political and banking conspiracies with William J. Donovan surrounding organization of the Marshall Plan;
  6. Organizing the JFK assassination; and
  7. Member of the Warren Commission covering up the CIA assassination. 


These omissions are evidence of censorship on a massive, scandalous, criminal scale, since no honest, professional  historian would miss so many important elements in a person’s life.

Allen Welsh Dulles. (Jan. 01, 1962). Allen Welsh Dulles Director of Central Intelligence, bibliography and timeline, declassified and published, Dec. 23, 2016. CIA-RDP67-00318R000100170002-8. CIA.

Note: The Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.) was created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on Jun. 13, 1942 and William J. Donovan was put in charge. One of Donovan’s key step-and-fetch-it boys was Allen Welsh Dulles. Note that six months later, on Dec. 07, 1942, Roosevelt confiscated over 50,000 patents of inventors who lived in Axis and Axis occupied countries… for his fellow British Pilgrims Society globalist corporations.

See AFI. (Apr. 17, 2020). PART ONE: NBC founder & Pilgrim David Sarnoff led the Imperial British agenda that has terrorized our world for over 100 years. Americans for Innovation.

Dulles was president of the thoroughly British Pilgrims Society Council on Foreign Relations (1950), founded by Elihu Root who was:

  • The Inquiry/Council on Foreign Relations, founding chairman (1917-18)
  • U.S. Secretary of War (1899-1904)
  • U.S. Secretary of State (1905-09)
  • N.Y. Senator (1909-15)
  • Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, first president (1910-25) (the same group that stole encryption for the FBI in 1993 under Clinton organized by Podesta and Chandler
  • American Law Institute
  • Nobel Prize (1912)
  • Personal attorney to John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie

Both Root and Dulles were dutiful subjects of the British monarchy, its controlling Pilgrims Society, and its “new [British] world order,” no question.

Historians like to whitewash this truth by calling them “Anglophiles.” Americans should call them traitors.