The vaccinated zombies are among us

A sobering message.

      “Coronaviruses” created with “gain of function”, that is, increased contagion, have been created in the Wuhan lab for years, and are genetically engineered bioweapons.

        The NIH with Fauci and the new administration, are now again funding the Wuhan laboratory to develop more of these genetically engineered bioweapons.

        New ones are gradually released, creating the public perception that Injections (“vaccines”) are absolutely necessary. Very little information is given about the most important factor which is strengthening your immune system. This myth about the injections is a much more harmful perception than the current masking myth.

       Now that the public has been widely influenced through the constant mass media narrative and propaganda, the government has also paved the way for the rollout of Bill Gate’s “Covid-19 vaccines”. This coordinated plan goes all the way back to the Trump administration. This is the next step in the “Georgia Guide-Stones” depopulation plan. These injections are  mRNA weapons of mass destruction.

         However, there is another highly possible future development, not foreseen by Gates and his psychopathic globalist partners. In the video link below at Brighteon,

Dr. Coleman enlightens his listeners about this.

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