Family Values of Klaus Schwab

New! Feb. 19, 2022—We just discovered an updated version of “The family values of Klaus Schwab” by Johnny Vedmore (Mar. 28, 2021) upon whose previous version we relied for critical facts in this post. We are gratified to see that he incorporated key elements of our research, notably the dark details of Eugen & Klaus Schwab’s Escher-Wyss/Sulzer collaboration with the demonic Nazi, British (Pilgrims Society), American, Swiss, Red Cross (Martin Bodmer, ref. Pfizer CEO Alfred Bourla a.k.a. Israel Abraham Burla), Chamber of Commerce (Sir Winthrop [Rockefeller] Aldrich), Marc Rich (Glencore shipping), South African and World Economic Forum nuclear conspiracy against humanity, into his update that we gladly provide here:

Johnny Vedmore. (Mar. 28, 2021). The family valued of Klaus Schwab. Nomonoma.ed.

Johnny Vedmore. (Mar. 28, 2021). The family valued of Klaus Schwab. Nomonoma.ed.

Note the cat eyes!