Sir Walter Rostow, the Russian Khazars, and the British Pilgrims Society

See 1967 C.I.A. document referencing “Russian Khazars” in relation to the secret British Pilgrims Society infiltration of American government–communists masquerading as anti-communists.

A “Russian Khazar” mentioned in the article is Walt W. Rostow. He is a contemporary with other British Pilgrims, including Henry Stimson, Robert Patterson, William J. Donovan, Edward Landsdale and Henry Kissinger (Rockefeller’s man) — all organizers of the Marshall Plan fascization of world commerce as the planned outcome of the British Pilgrims false flag called WWII

“ Rostow” is Sir Walter Rostow, a “staunch anti-communist”; curiously, parents were socialists. It appears that he pushed communism on the U.S. State Department, South East Asia and China for British MI6 while the his propaganda said the opposite.

Rostow’s career was smothered in British Pilgrims Society control.

(b. Oct. 7, 1916; d. Feb. 13, 2003)

Map: Odessa region of the Ukraine

NY-born son of Russian Jewish immigrants (from Orekhov near Odessa, Ukraine in 1886).

Rostow was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford (British Pilgrims Society recruiting school).

Colleague of British socialist propagandist Alistair Cooke, who reported on the events for the NBC radio network (run by Pilgrims David Sarnoff, another Odessa Jew)

He worked for the OSS—Pilgrim William J. Donavan, then he worked as National Security Adviser to president Lyndon B. Johnson, also a British Pilgrim. Rostow was succeeded by another British Pilgrim, Sir Henry Kissinger. See graphic showing proof that Johnson was a British Pilgrim.