Miner Finds: The Pilgrims Society gave churches tax exemptions if they would not engage in civil discourse in exchange for not challenging offshore British bank account tax exemptions!

Below are some finds from the AFI miners that may interest historians in the AIM community, TRUTH HISTORIANS that is.

Internal revenue code of 1954 – April 1954 – Hearing, Committee on Finance (Senate)



The Pilgrims Society gave churches tax exemptions if they would not engage in civil discourse in exchange for not challenging offshore British bank account tax exemptions!

H.R. 8300, PART 1, incl. the Johnson Amendment (1953-54) (tax exemptions to churches not to engage in civil discourse), made offshore British bank holdings non-taxable for Americans with loopholes so large and vague one can drive a Mack truck through them.

H.R. 8300, PART 1. (Apr. 07-08, 1954). Hearings on An Act to revise the IRS laws. Senate Finance Committee, 1073-5, includes 501 (c)(3) “Johnson Amendment” and capricious self-defined tax-exemptions for British offshore bank holdings, 649 pgs., 83rd Congress, 2nd Session. GPO.


PDF p. 311

Note: When bureaucrats praise themselves, We The People are the victims.

Makes the tax statute totally fungible relative to non-US holdings:

Beware of any bureaucrat-lawyer using double negatives in regulations

Totally fungible, self-defined, income reporting option

The infamous lawyer-political fungible double-speak undefined “other”

Any legal term not defined allows the legal system to define it any way they wish.

CLUE: Whenever an archivist inserts a graphic over text it is almost always text that the archivist is blocking from being properly optically character recognized (and thereby prevents researchers from searching for it.) We have just retyped it and added it to our PDF.

PDF, p. 319



Pilgrim Society Sir John Hope Simpson (P. Whitwell Wilson’s brother-in-law) drew the first British Mandate map of the post WWI, paid for by Chatham House and Rockefeller

Michelle Tusan. (2012). Smyrna’s Ashes: Humanitarianism, Genocide and the Birth of the Middle East, re. Sir John Hope Simpson, Chatham House, Rockefeller, p. 236, 268 pgs. University of California Press. Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon.

Source: https://digitalscholarship.unlv.edu/history_fac_articles/1/



WT Stead symbolism

Please interpret lanyard if you know the meaning of these symbols.



John Foster Dulles was effectively the founder of the World Council of Church in 1948. He had been legal counsel to the US delegation at the League of Nations, among other things subsequently.


His brother, Alan Welsh Dulles, helped the Pilgrims/OSS and Pilgrims groom William J. Donovan establish the Bank for International Settlements and consolidate Nazi and Japanese gold during WWII.

Unlimited money to spy on and takedown true Christianity.

The Dulleses were legal counsel and directors of the United Fruit Company (now MI6/CIA). Major shareholder in the 1919 formation of RCA with GE, Westinghouse, Marconi Wireless, AT&T.


Philip Whitwell Wilson employed a sly rhetorical technique to propagandize the “social gospel” agendathrough the supposed quotes of Pilgrims Society subjects of his lionization.

P. Whitwell Wilson:
“Christianity is a democracy, a Socialism, a Communism…”

In 1924, Philip Whitwell Wilson, on the eve of the formation of the Institute of Pacific Relations by the Y.M.C.A. for whom he was their chief propagandist, and his brother-in-law Sir James Hope Simpson was the 31-year chairman, president of the Liverpool Central Y.M.C.A. and owner of Liverpool Bank, now Barclays Bank. The New York department store Wannamaker’s in which Ogden was an insider, was the site of one of the first British Marconi Wireless listening posts in the United States, staffed by David Sarnoff, co-founder of RCA and founder of NBC. Note Wilson’s prolific use of Biblical metaphors for a Christianity he evidently despised as an impediment to Pilgrims Society hegemony.

In this one book, Whitwell Wilson stuffed favorable impressions of many of his Pilgrims Society co-conspirators, including Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (“And there was a rich young man, eager för the Kingdom of Heaven, called John n Rockefeller. Jr.”), Roosevelt, Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Cambridge, Union Theological Institute, William Booth (YMCA) (Rhodes’ Society of the Elect), George Vanderbilt, Cardinal Manning (Rhodes’ Society of the Elect), James Bryce, Lloyd George, Pilgrims Society, Chamber of Commerce, Red Cross, Elihu Root, Russell Sage, Woodrow Wilson, YMCA.

PDF p. 187

Philip Whitwell Wilson. (1924). An Unofficial Statesmen – Robert C. Ogden, 325 pgs., (“Christianity is a democracy, a Socialism, a Communism “). PDF p. 187. Country Life Press, Doubleday, Page & Company. Source: Google Books.