Hard Drive Content Exposes US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s Collusion with Xi Jinping

The post and video below is from Lude Media. The video has not been translated so we don’t know if the information on Mnuchin was disclosed in the video and what evidence was offered to support the headline conclusion. Looking for AIM patriots to crowdsource this material and leave your comments below. Would be great if anyone who speaks Chinese could verify the video contents. Thanks everyone.

From Lude Media

During the evening show on October 19, 2020, Lude disclosed that two members of President Trump’s cabinet had been bribed by Xi Jinping, and one of them was Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin. Based on Lude, Mnuchin has deeply colluded with the CCP. Here is a summary of Lude’s program on Mnuchin.

“As the Hard Drive Gate continues to ferment, the Whistleblower Movement has entered the deep water zone by touching the deep state of the United States and exposing the force in the American capital market which has been deeply intertwined with the CCP behind the surface.” In the show, Lude revealed that Stephen Mnuchin had been bribed by Xi to engage with the CCP and advised on Biden’s campaign.

1. The hard drive(s) contains all the data about the collusion between Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and the CCP over the past several years.

2.The hard drive(s) also contains indecent videos and photos of Mr. Mnuchin with underage girls.

3. Mnuchin took orders from Xi, cooperated with the CCP to control the US stock market, and has obtained huge profits from it. Mingzhe Ma of Ping An Insurance Group Co. (http://www.pingan.cn) was involved in this.

4. Mnuchin gave advice to Xi on the establishment of digital currency blockchain in China.

5. He has coached Joe Biden to publicly declare Xi as a “hooligan” in order to win the election.

Based on Steven Mnuchin’s public profile, he previously worked for Goldman Sachs for 17 years. This company has deeply colluded with the CCP since the 90’s. As a high rank employee who worked there for so many years, he must be part of this collusion. According to the info from the Whistleblower Movement, Goldman Sachs has been involved in a number of Chinese concept stock listings and also helped the CCP launder money and move assets overseas. 

Lude also disclosed that the Wall Street is behind Biden’s election and Mnuchin represents the force from the Wall Street, while the populist Mr. Bannon who supports President Trump is an enemy of the Wall Street. He further disclosed that Mingzhe Ma of Ping An Group participated in manipulating the American stock market with their financial super power. Because of the long-short mechanism of the American stock market, no matter the stock market goes up or down, one can always make profits from it.

Lude revealed that when President Trump proposed to “decouple” with China on August 23, 2019, Mnuchin cooperated with the CCP to control the U.S. stock market and made a quick nosedive in the stock market. This immediately slowed down the progress of “decoupling”. He then made the stock market soar back to please President Trump. 

In dealing with Hong Kong, Mnuchin has not taken any real action (e.g., decoupling with Hong Kong dollars), even after the passage of the Hong Kong Autonomy Act, other than sanctioning on a few Chinese officials who were involved in the Hong Kong event. Whenever President Trump takes some concrete action against CCP, Mnuchin will cooperate with the CCP to manipulate the U.S. stock market in order to influence President Trump’s effort on taking down the CCP.

In the end, Lude invited viewers to continue to pay attention to his program where more information about Wall Street’s collusions with the CCP would be revealed probably in the upcoming episodes. As viewers of the Lude’s program, we look forward to hearing the identity of the other member of Trump’s cabinet who works with the CCP!

10/11/2020 路德时评(路博艾冠谈):川普说手上有远超邮件门通俄门更猛的材料;青岛深夜紧急全市立即核酸检测;张永振出来了做所长,石正丽投奔上海帮做副所长?

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  1. Fishy, that You Tube has not deleted his channel. We know most of the censors know the language.

  2. When criminals don’t think they’ll ever get prosecuted they’ll go to extraordinary lengths to do their crimes. When a new sheriff is in town I think his stock took a precipitous plunge .if he took the deal he’ll probably live. I think 30 years in prison will take him in the afterlffe.

  3. This may have been who Myles Guo had talked about in one of his vids a few wks ago. He said a high profile known person in the T admin was in med with CCP.

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