Is Michael Flynn going to claim that he is the reincarnated St. Germain? Inquiring minds want to know…..

This is a place holder for an audio we are uploading today and we needed to create the url for the video thumbnail. To read the backstory, see this GAB link from AIMCat @PrivateLee1776 who writes:

“Might you lend an ear here?

Regarding Mike Flynn, Gen, USA Ret. comments last Friday morning, words were not clear but here’s a recording:

“Flynn’s Prayer: “We are your instruments of the sevenfold rays….”
[and: …”legions, all of them…”]

What’s he referring to?”

Why is Mike Flynn promoting the sevenfold rays of Alice Bailey?

Correction to video: Alice Bailey’s husband was Foster Bailey not Paul Foster Case. St. Germain’s lodge in France that he participated in was The Nine Sisters not the Seven Muses. Sorry for the mistake, Douglas knew better than that but was going too fast and not being careful enough.

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