I am bullish on GameStop


First, this is not financial advice. These are musings of a lifelong, successful entrepreneur who helped many a fellow entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur Organization and Women Presidents’ Organization, to be exact) out of a few pickle jars because I could see beyond their limited silos and offer suggestions that they had not thought about.

I see a convergence of GAMESTOP and SILVERSQUEEZE that could be epic.

Let me explain:

When you are leaving one financial system to another, as in the collapse of the Federal Reserve fiat currency and all the other currencies tied to it into ‘who knows where we are going’, you need to “park” the “dying money” in a “waiting state” (call it money purgatory) until you know how you can convert your asset into the new financial system.

This is why we see a bloated stock market and high Bitcoin prices. Folks are rushing in to protect their fiat currency into monetary lifeboats that can carry them across the tumultuous waters into the new system. Some have purchased stocks; others crypto currencies; some food for the pantry. The problem with these lifeboats is that they may not make it across the waters. Tech stocks that rely on the abundance of silver won’t make it. Bitcoin that can’t be “cashed in” on the new currencies will evaporate. Food that spoils can not be used for barter.

You need a good sturdy boat for your wealth’s journey to the new financial system. Silver and gold are good on either side of the financial systems. Other assets like land and commodities may also fare well.

Another safe haven I am seeing is GME, Gamestop stock, which is now being treated by the stock purchasers like a type of Bitcoin. Its value isn’t so much with the company the way it used to operate pre-2020, but on the trust and vision of the community that believes Gamestop can become something even better in the new economy.

Better than Bitcoin which is tethered to the ethers, GME is tethered to actual physical properties and a customer base which is WOKE. It’s the perfect marriage of a stock and a ‘cryptocurrency-like’ frenzy. It can hold the value of fake fiat currency until the financial transition is complete.

What if Gamestop locations became places for silver exchange? You could go into a Gamestop with 1 ounce of silver and have it converted, at the going spot price, which would be real not fake, for tokens (physical or digital) that represented grams of silver. These tokens could be used in retail establishments that accepted them.

And why wouldn’t a merchant accept these silver-backed tokens when they could go to a local Gamestop, cash in the tokens and/or credits and walk out with real money – silver. Gamestop would make its revenue in transaction fees and other gains in the increasing value of silver. Maybe they have a “members club” with an annual fee.

To keep things simple, Gamestop would only accept coinage issued by the mints of the country it was operating in. It’s not creating money; it’s just using the current legal tender of coinage for payment but transferring it into a digital form for easy carry and use.

Maybe they limit transactions to a few ounces only. If an ounce becomes worth more than a few hundred dollars, it will be difficult to pay for a coffee or the babysitter using just silver. You would pay in Gamestop tokens from your phone, all backed 100% by silver and gold, redeemable at any GameStop location. There are all kinds of variation in how the details would work. Coin stores and bullion dealers would still be around to handle the bigger transactions.

The GME token could become known as the GameStop crypto tethered to silver and gold. Then folks could use the electronic payment system without lugging around pounds of silver. GameStop could open up more locations or lease cheap space from the collapsing banks. It could also have an online presence where you could mail coinage into them and they would convert to their digital tokens, plastic cards, or memory sticks.

This could become the monetary system of patriots and precious metal bugs all around the world. Wherever you traveled, you could use the Gamestop system of converting precious metals to digital tokens for local exchange.

Yes, there are ways to encrypt this technology and much better than the Bitcoin system. We are working with engineers now to roll out an amazing encryption system that the patent trolls are salivating about, but we aren’t going to let them steal it from us… this time.

The name GAMESTOP is a perfect name for this new financial system. It marks the time in human history where enough people around the world said STOP this evil GAME of shorting everything you don’t own – meme stocks, silver, and the future of our children. This is what hedge funds and banksters have done – placed our entire world into a short position as though this were a giant casino and human beings were their chips.

We love the marriage of GAMESTOP and SILVERSQUEEZE as it brings together the energy of young people with their excitement and tech abilities for gaming and gathering online with silver bug boomers who knew that one day….Truth and Silver would save the world.

Tyla Gabriel, American Intelligence Media

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  1. You lost me by using the word “WOKE”.
    There is a big difference between wokesters and people that have actually been awakened. Please figure out the difference.
    Thank you!

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