Andrew Torba’s Problem of Gab’s Stolen Technology

By Tyla

Many of you ask why I beat up on platforms and people like Andrew Torba for using STOLEN TECHNOLOGY as the foundation for their social media networking platforms. Briefly, here’s my backstory.

Back in 2010, as the use of social networking was gaining more popularity in the school community (I have been in the education biz since the early 90s), I was concerned about the safety and security of using platforms like Facebook to conduct school online conversations and picture-postings of children. I decided to try my hand at it. I raised $100k in grant money to develop a school-centered social media platform. Of course, in hindsight, I see that I was quite naive about the corruption in social networking.

We called the project Mudpies and Butterflies. Here are two promo videos still available on YouTube.

As the project was being completed, I required the IT developer to secure all the licenses we needed so that our site was legit. However, there was one license that the technical team could not resolve: The foundational platform that all social media networks are placed on. They couldn’t find the original license holder. In the end, I was told that IBM developed the platform and that they had given it as OPEN SOURCE so that everyone could use it for free.

NO WAY! I told the technicians that IBM NEVER gives anything away for free. I told them that if we couldn’t secure proper licenses from IBM, we could no longer continue the project because at any time IBM could close our site down.

So the project was shelved… but my inquisitive mind never stopped asking why this product was given out for FREE. This was the early beginnings for my search for TRUTH about IBM and social media.

So when Mr. Frog trots out his GAB and posts that his platform is totally legit because the foundational platform is FREE and OPEN SOURCE, I say BULLFROGSH*T to him. If a teacher with no social media IT experience can determine that this claim is bogus, then Andrew Torba is LYING to his community because he is surrounded by highly-skilled technicians, financiers, and attorneys. He full well knows that he is STEALING technology from Michael McKibben. And what is even more appalling is that TORBA claims he is Christian, yet rips off another Christian.

Torba isn’t the only thief. Any platform that requires you to ‘log in’ and has scalability like most all internet platforms do these days are parked on STOLEN technology. In the end, once this theft is rectified, all these platforms will need to pay up or close down.

Don’t think the internet so-called truth channels will feature Michael’s story because they do not think that the THEFT OF SOCIAL MEDIA by Highlands Forum, IBM Eclipse Foundation, and DARPA are a big deal. If you don’t know who these shills are, see this post:

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