Mark Malloch-Brown and Control of Global Banking with Temenos

British Pilgrims Society principal, Baron Mark Malloch-Brown, is the poster child for the global corporate shell game.

Malloch-Brown has consolidated over 500 (est.) UK-controlling subsidiary holdings under his Investec PLC umbrella. On Feb. 23, 2018 Malloch-Brown resigned as a longtime director at the same time that his Investec turned on a dime and implement Temenos as its sole banking service provider worldwide. Magically, they did it in 4 months (impossible unless it was already implemented). Such conversions normally take years to accomplish, not a few months!

Temenos has operations across China, thus opening the Investec (already)-interlocking relationships to the Chinese globally. Prior to that Investec, through subsidiaries, was already supplying Chinese banks with their enterprise software.

Investec PLC


Credit Suisse

Bank of Shanghai

Bank of Ireland

After twenty years of licensing its own banking software developed in the UK, Investec suddenly shifted its entire customer software offering to TEMENOS AG software that is notoriously known to use IBM infrastructure and AWS “cloud” servers. AWS also handles all financial reporting for UK Companies House. (Note: IBM notoriously stole the software for the invention of social networking from Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader Technologies, Inc.). Therefore, this entire Temenos ecosystem is a FRAUD.

Rothschild is Temenos’ exclusive financial advisor.

Temenos Software Shanghai Co. Limited

Credit Suisse picks Temenos

UBS picks Temenos

Bank of Shanghai picks Temenos

Barclays picks Temenos

Through the partnership, Temenos will make its cloud-native core banking solution available on the Huawei Public Cloud.