Patent Suppression, Sabotage and Theft: The Next Shoe is Dropping on Deep State

By Anonymous Patriot ‘Condor’
American Intelligence Media

Another shoe is presently dropping on the Deep State.  An article that is a must read is provided below.  All six segments of interviews are also found at the link.  The prior three administrations, Bushes, Clintons and Obamas, have been caught red handed  stealing one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century and attempting to weaponize it against the American public.   

Picture of McKibben GabrielsI have already gone through blockbuster article once.  I am getting ready to review it for a second time, from beginning to end.  Please check out the following link:


With this revelation, American patriots now have another weapon in our arsenal to potentially put an end to the Deep State and the Shadow Government which has been controlling and directing our government in behalf of global elites, for many decades.  The first step to defeating this evil criminal cabal is for the American public to wake up to its existence.

As soon as I get finished with this article, I will be returning to this momentous news story. There are thousands of American inventors over the last hundred years who have been threatened, robbed and murdered for their intellectual property.

My initial investigation of patent thief involved GALT chemical reactors (1940s-1970s) and later, hundreds of free energy devices.

Why has the Deep State gone to such efforts to deny humanity the brilliant inventions of its own citizens?  I have come to the unsettling conclusion the Deep State has spent the last seventy years, since WWII, positioning humanity for the next major thinning of the herd.

They have been anticipating a “perfect storm’s” rogue wave striking humanity by the early 2020s.  They don’t want mankind to be adequately prepared for it.  What has the Deep State and Global Elites done recently to make us more vulnerable to a severe global cooling period.

  • all free energy technology has been suppressed or sabotaged
  • coal plants being mothballed,
  • money collapse and a reset of finances resulting in all but the elites losing their life’s savings
  • internet shut down with a kill switch to throw humanity into chaos and despair
  • crop failures lead to sky rocking prices only the elite can afford
  • global elites still control the only viable energy source on the planet, oil.  With explosive demands for heating oil, to offset declining temperatures, oil prices jump to hundreds of dollars per barrel.

Global elites have repeated stated their objective to trim humanity’s population to around 500 million people.  This means the planet must shed around 90% of its present population.  The evil behind this anticipates no one will be the wiser to point fingers at the Deep State and Global Elites if they can point to Mother Nature and bad climate information for all the carnage and death.

perfect stormFor these reasons and more, the AIM4Truth article tears off the mask of this evil cabal.  The ongoing thief of Leader Technology’s “social media” by Facebook and other government spinoffs, exposes the seamless corruption within our government.  This is a must read.  We all need to fully understand how organized and effective the corrupt Deep State has been in screwing over the American public and world at large.

Another must-read article on the free energy that is available to humanity once we get rid of the corrupt patent system in America are described in the article below.



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  1. They are setting up ,in space,all of them in it together, tbhecmeans to kill the baggage off and make it look like an alien invasion I wouldn’t be surprised if they even let the ” aliens ” appear to win the war and so facilitate a global demonic totalitarian reign of pure unmitigated evil ,their favourite thing, and them be able to play the role of sad victims who only are allowed to keep their palaces and wealth because,well there was so many empty places about anyway.Truly.

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