Kelly E. Magsamen: Who is This CNN Analyst with SES History?

Deep State / Clinton Foundation / Podesta Swamp Water Carrier:

Kelly E. Magsamen

Pretends to be an objective CNN analyst while (a) on the SES Deep State benefits payroll and (b) employed by John Podesta’s Center for American Progress

No wonder the mainstream media is silent about SES treachery. They be them.

CNN analyst and SES Deep State shadow government beneficiary

Plum Book 2016, PDF p. 39

Magsamen 1

Magsamen participated in the amicus brief with Madeleine Albright against President Trump’s travel ban

Magsamen 2

Kelly E. Magsamen Center for American Progress Biography

Magsamen 3

Kelly E. Magsamen LinkedIn Biography

Magsamen 4



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