Tommy Robinson and the Breitbart Pro-Israel, Anti-Muslim Agenda

By Terry Boardman (from the UK)

I recently sent the following mail to a friend who had asked me about Tommy Robinson, arrested on 25 May and within a few hours, found guilty and sent to prison for 13 months for ‘contempt of court’. He had been ‘reporting’ from outside a courtroom in Leeds where a grooming gang case was being tried and had broadcast to the web via a live feed for a few hours:

I think Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) has become a victim, a ‘willing victim’ in a sense, of USUK foreign policy. While he has a valid point about excessive Muslim immigration into Britain and the West in general, (see, and is certainly right to raise the issue of grooming gangs and the rape of white British girls by Muslim gangs or networks, which the British Establishment, media and police had in effect largely attempted to cover up.

It is also the case that since he got involved in “politics” in 2009 when he founded the English Defence League, he has, to my knowledge, never spoken against Israel or Israeli treatment of  the Palestinians, or against UKUS foreign policy which has led to Islamist terrorism from the days of Carter and Zbig onwards (Palestinian terrorism in the 1970s was more focused on leftwing nationalism and socialism, Palestinian rights etc than on ‘religion’).

There was even a Jewish section of the EDL and Israeli flags were often present at EDL marches.

The very name English Defence League seems to have been modelled on the ultra-Zionist Jewish Defence League, founded by Rabbi Meir Kahane, assassinated in 1990. Robinson quit the EDL in 2013, saying it had attracted too many neo-Nazi types. They clearly did not like the EDL’s pro-Zionist stance.

See this section of a video of the “Day of Freedom” on behalf of “free speech” in London on 6 May. It was attended by maybe 5000 people (figures differ) in a baking hot London over a Bank Holiday weekend, which might account for the lower figures than organisers expected.

What is remarkable is WHERE in London it was held – Whitehall!

Of course, Tommy Robinson’s focus on Islam distracts from that on Judaism and Zionism, but after all, there are only 300,000 Jews in Britain and similar small numbers across Europe, and they are not bombing, killing and maiming Europeans.

By contrast, the number of Muslims in Britain and across Europe has been steadily growing, by the million, and they practise a religion that allows them to have 4 wives and thus many more children each.

How was it that in London, a city with a Muslim mayor, this pro-free speech and often anti-Islamic rally (6 May) was allowed to happen on Whitehall (the UK equivalent of Pennsylvania Avenue Wash DC). Those are govt offices we see in the frame.

Perhaps because certain elite forces wanted this anti-Islamic rally to take place. But other elite forces would have preferred it not to have taken place, so on 25 May Tommy Robinson, the most outspoken anti-Islamic speaker, was arrested, initially on a charge of ‘breach of the peace and ‘incitement’ and then that was later changed to ‘contempt of court’.

But perhaps it was the same element of the elite, seeking to create a martyr of Robinson and thus ramp up support for him.

What was he doing? Simply reporting outside a courtroom in Leeds on a live feed for about 2 hours. Apparently he harrassed (shouted at) the suspects as they were brought into the court building, but that’s no more than what MSM reporters do outside other courtrooms.

No, the problem is that this man (TR) was increasingly becoming a focus of opposition and a potential for white working class people who are not afraid of violence and are prepared to engage in it and he was becoming this, having dropped the rowdy EDL several years ago and was active over the past few years as an independent reporter and Youtuber.

Here, for example, you see he has 503,000 views:

Here we see how a second element within the elite – let’s call it the Leftish wing of the ostrich – viewed the 6 May event in London:

Sunday’s rally in Whitehall was the most significant far-right gathering in London for years, marking a cooperation across the British far right of a sort unseen for decades around an anti-Muslim agenda.

“Nonetheless, Stephen Lennon [aka Tommy Robinson] remains hugely popular among the majority of those present: if he wants it, there is a movement there for him to lead, one that is as big – if not bigger –  than the EDL but may be more acceptable to the mainstream. The alarm bells of this new threat deserve to be heard loud and clear.” (emphasis TB)

Certainly, you can hear towards the end how the national anthem was sung with much less vigour than Tommy Robinson’s name was chanted after it.

I suspect that this 6 May event was organised behind the scenes by transatlantic forces allied to Breitbart and its pro-Israel, anti-Muslim agenda. Hence the presence of  people like Milo Yiannoupoulos and online blogger Sargon of Akkad, who are not exactly meat and drink to TR’s regular soccer-supporting, working class fans.

Lauren Southern, for obvious reason, was no doubt more popular with them. As I said, the EDL that Robinson founded in 2009 was very openly pro-Israel and pro-Jewish and often featured Israeli flags. Breitbart’s friends and allies on the right of British politics may well have pulled the strings to get this event allowed in Whitehall on a Bank Holiday weekend.

And then see this at 1:04 and the inclusion of “Israel” among the flags of “the free nations of the world”.

And then the event ended with “Rebel, Rebel”, one of David Bowie’s anthems from his bisexual cross-dressing period – a song which Robinson’s enemies on the Left would approve of  and which Milo Yiannoupoulos would also very much like as well as his friends at the Canadian The Rebel Media network, which is Jewish-owned (Ezra Levant), and where TR worked for a while in 2016-2017 and which has an agenda not a million miles from that of Breitbart. Lauren Southern also worked for them for a while until March 2017.

Also interesting was the absence at the 6 May event of large numbers of Antifa protestors. Usually, they turn up in force to harass an event like this which they regard as “fascist’, “full of hate” etc. You would think that a rightwing, anti-Islamic event held in White hall just up the road from 10 Downing Street would be like a red rag to a bull for them. But no, they stayed away in any numbers.

The 6 May “Day of Freedom” event was compered by Raheem Kassam:

“Kassam has worked for Lehman Brothers, managed electoral campaigns in the UK and United States and was Executive Editor of The Commentator, but left the organisation after falling out with the founding editor, Robin Shepherd. He has been a member of conservative think-tanks such as the Bow Group, the Henry Jackson Society, the Gatestone Institute, the Middle East Forum, and was involved in an attempted foundation of the UK version of the Tea Party movement. He and James Delingpole set up the London edition of the American conservative news outlet Breitbart News.” Source

So, my take on this is that Tommy Robinson, who started out as an ordinary working class man furious about Islamist insults against  British soldiers returning from Afghanistan, who were marching through the streets of his town, Luton, in 2009 (a town with a large Muslim minority) and then founded the EDL, has got himself drawn into high level transatlantic [and Middle Eastern] political issues.

The anti-Islamic movement in Europe is kept on the boil because it suits USUK foreign policy to present the Muslim world as ‘the enemy’ and it suits Israel and Israel’s friends that Muslims be seen as a threat to Europe.

But in fact, there IS nevertheless a ‘threat’ to Europe from the Muslim community, not only through violence and terrorism – which is of course not unrelated to USUK support for Israel (and Saudi Arabia, Israel’s ‘new friend’) – but through immigration and gradual change of the host culture. Golden-domed mosques are welcome in London and Cambridge, but churches are not welcome in Riyadh.

The large Muslim community in Britain has become problematic because USUK foreign policy, oil politics and obsession with Israel, has turned the Middle East into a nightmare, and because successive UK governments have over decades allowed in too many Muslim immigrants among whom, or among their offspring, [especially since 9/11] are some radicalised  (potential) terrorists with grudges against the West.

If TR became too successful, however, that would be bad for those who want to keep the anti-Islamic movement on the boil in Britain because Muslim immigration and profile would be reduced.  And so he’s been removed from public life, just as the Austrian Martin Sellner, his American girlfriend Brittany Pettibone, and the Canadian Lauren Southern have all been banned from entering Britain, though none of them are over the age of 30.

HMG is so paranoid that it considers “their presence in the UK would not be conducive to the public good”. They’re probably more worried about a backlash from rioting Muslims objecting to the actions of these three; such a backlash and white vs brown rioting and street fights in Britain  would harm the image of happy and successful multiculturalism that HMG is so keen to project and promote.

The difference is that MS and LS are foreigners, whereas TR  – justifiably or not – has become a British hero for many white working class people. We shall now see whether TR will be as influential from inside prison as he was outside it. And whether he’ll emerge from prison in one piece or even alive.


Below is another view which seems to bear out what I wrote in that mail above. The 2maxreport files below come from an anarchist Antifa member’s blog and that bias should be kept in mind (the Far Left ends to be pro-Muslim and anti-Zionist) but they nevertheless contain some interesting information (also from embedded videos) about Tommy Robinson’s background and character which one should be aware of.

Particularly interesting is that Alan Lake (real name Alan Ayling), the original millionaire funder of the EDL, who disappeared from view after the Breivik massacre in 2011, is  apparently still involved with Robinson and also, that the whole ‘Muslim grooming gang’ issue in the UK seems to have been started by “The Times” in early 2011 (see the link below on the Quilliam Foundation 84 percent). This date seems not coincidental:

2011 was a significant year in terms of the 33 year cycle:  2011-1978-1945  (cf. 1999-1966-1933)

1911 (the Turkish-Italian War) started the ball rolling which led to Sarajevo in 1914

and 2011 was also:

  1. a) the year of the much-hyped, so-called ‘Arab Spring’, which led eventually to the Syrian nightmare and to ISIS.
  2. b) the year of the Anders Breivik massacre in Norway (Breivik had connections to these same USUK pro-Zionist people of money; see links below)
  3. c) the year cited by The Economistin Dec. 1992 as the year when the great war of the first half of the 21st century would begin – with a coup in a Middle Eastern country and a group calling for a Caliphate….   This war would not, according to The Economist(25% Rothschild owned), affect Israel but would greatly impact the Muslim countries around it.

The Murdoch Press is known for its pro-Zionist inclinations.

Tommy’s Race War

Islamophobic Terrorism

Zionist Tommy

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