British War Office targeted Americans as propaganda targets during the War

Our research is showing that the British War Office targeted American soldiers in England as propaganda targets during the War. These notes come from official documents and show how the British War Office uses propaganda to target its enemies.


Propaganda (Lies) as official British Government policy during the First World War was continued through the Foreign Office, therefore continued to be formal government policy. The continued management of “Cable and Wireless” in the Propaganda Department speaks volumes about the British government’s contemporaneous involvement of the Privy Council in “The Internet of Things” and Facebook.

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“Cable and Wireless Communications” began in Britain in 1852 and exists today – apparently this “private” company is controlled as an arm of British Foreign Office.

propaganda department

Dec. 01, 1918: The day the Foreign Office took control of the Propaganda Department, aka Ministry of Information, and privatized some lucrative bits, like films, photos, graphics and intelligence

On Dec. 1, 1919, the British Foreign Office formalize a Propaganda Department & private propaganda began simultaneously.

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Buchan gave the Foreign Office part of the propaganda machine, and gave part to commercial cronies… in Spain. (Perhaps this explains that Facebook’s Sir Nick Clegg’s and Baron Richard Allan’s wife and paramour respectively are both SPANISH.)

transfer to foreign office.jpgeric hambro

Eric Hambro (1871-1947) became chairman of Hambros Bank.

‘Good propaganda makes good banking.’ A George Soros mentor?

In February 1919, about six weeks after this Buchan memorandum, Hambro was appointed a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of his service at the Ministry of Information during the Great War.

“No. 31206”The London Gazette. 28 February 1919. p. 31206.

(Note: This record has been removed from the Gazette archive.)


British “Propaganda Department”

“Department of Information”

Feb. 20, 1917 (a day that will truly go down in infamy). The day the British formalized lying as official government policy… for the war, of course

The formalization of modern propaganda as a government department by the British War Cabinet on Feb. 20, 1917.

Previously, The Wellington House had been carrying on these functions by direction from the War Cabinet. This brought those activities into formal British government policy.

Earl Curzon, A. Bonar Law, co-chairs for the Prime Minister. (Feb. 20, 2017). SECRET Minutes of a Meeting of the War Cabinet held at 10, Downing Street, on Tuesday, February 20, 1917, at 11:30 A.M. War Cabinet, 75, Cat. Ref. CAB 23-1-75. The National Archives.

john buchan.JPGwar cabinet

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Before memes were digital, the British Propaganda Office perfected and distributed posters like this to keep people willing to fight bankster wars.

women of britain

it can happen hereour allies the colonies

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