Genocide of White South Africans Needs Immediate Humanitarian Intervention

Note to our readers: Karen writes to us through a chain of trusted AIM Patriots, from South Africa to the Conclave to your eyes. She offers several videos below, but we brought The Eight Stages of Genocide up to the top so that you could watch it first, then read Karen’s plea for help.

Karen knows that our AIM audience is highly influential and prays that you can find ways to bring attention to this grave matter and help stop the genocide of white South Africans.

Gregory Stanton: The Eight Stages of Genocide

My name is Karin Smith.  I am an ex-pat White South African, now proudly and LEGALLY an American Citizen.

I lived in Southern Africa, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), South West Africa (Namibia) and South Africa for 57 years and came to the US 8 years ago.

My family lived, and suffered, through the Rhodesian War, insurgents using South West Africa (SWA) now Namibia as a pathway to SA, The Apartheid years and the beginnings of the “Rainbow Nation” under ANC rule.

Whilst Apartheid has been vilified in the World press and decried by world leaders, no one, now, is saying one public word about the dire situation in South Africa.

Since 1994, by legal means, White South Africans have, literally, been refused access to the work place. The Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment laws, together with Revised Labour Relations Act, have disenfranchised thousands of White South Africans who, once their job has been lost, will never be re employed.

This has caused a lack of skills in areas of vital importance to the country – for instance ESCOM, the sole provider of electricity for SA and, at one time, for 80% of Sub Saharan Africa. The total lack of new infrastructure and the looting of the State coffers have caused this entity to resort to “rolling blackouts” lasting up to 24 hours in some areas with a negative effect on the economy, not to mention the safety of citizens who rely on electricity to power their home and business security.

There is not one area of the economy that has not been negatively impacted by these laws and the net result is that tens of thousands of White South Africans are destitute and unable to house, feed or educate their families. Despite President Ramaphosa’s strident claim that this is not happening, I work with 2 charities that have identified 480 White “squatter camps” in South Africa.  This does not include the isolated family units living in the bush under a tarpaulin, or if they still possess one, in their motor vehicle.  We estimate that there are close to 1 million whites living in these condition.

Although more people in SA are on Social Grants than there are people paying taxes, this does not trickle down to the Whites.  They have no fixed addresses and, therefore, are unable to claim grants or register their children for school. Companies are, by law, not allowed to donate to any charity that is not 80% black and White Orphanages have been forced to close down.

This is only a tiny fraction of the insuperable problems faced by the White minority in South Africa. There are approximately 3.5 million whites out of a total population of about 70 million.  With an estimated further 30 million illegal Africans in the country. As far as I am aware, SA is the ONLY country in the world with more than 120 race based laws to protect the HUGE majority from a tiny minority. Yet the world sees no reason to intervene or even comment on this.

A well established fact is the farm murders in SA. More than 4,000 white farmers have been brutally tortured to death. In 1994 there were 120,000 operational commercial farms in SA. Today, there are less than 30,000 and of these 20,000 are on the market.

The above does not address the deaths of urban whites. We suspect that as many as 80,000 whites have been tortured to death since 1994. However, as the Government records these deaths as “natural causes” we will never know the true number.  I have a 650 page document with the names, dates and genuine causes of white deaths that we have verified.

The politicians regularly sing a song about “Kill the Boer” and openly blame every ill suffered by the blacks in SA on Apartheid, Colonialism, Settlers and Whites in general.  One of the political parties – Black Land First –on State run radio – recently said that they are going to [this sentence was not completed by the Ms. Smith].

The mainstream press is once again silent after the president of a socialist South African political party called for the deaths of white people.

“You kill one of us, we kill five white people,” shouted Andile Mngxitama at a Saturday rally where he called for revolution. “We kill their children, we kill their women, we kill their dogs, we kill their cats, we kill anything we find in our way.”

This followed on the statement from Julius Malema – leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters stating on state run television that

“We are not calling for the slaughtering of white people, at least for now.”

Many organisations in SA have made presentations to the UN, the ICC and to many of the Western Countries asking for assistance. However, there has been no concrete response from any of these entities.


Reader note: Open the headline link below to read their letter to the US Ambassador in South Africa about the ethic cleansing of the White South African minority.

National Conservative Party of South Africa to US Ambassador


Now, to add insult to injury, the ANC have decided to change the Constitution so that they can now expropriate possessions without compensation. They have OPENLY stated that his applies ONLY to white property. This will then allow them to take not only commercial or farming land, but even residential houses, furniture, cars and intellectual property owned by whites.

The Constitution is set for change at the end of March of this year. Land grabs are already in full swing and whites are being threatened and beaten if they refuse to allow squatters to settle on their land. The police are unable or unwilling to assist, as, frequently, they are participating in the land grab themselves.

This, together with the attachments, is a small fraction of the difficulties faced by White South Africans. However, it is impossible to give all this information in a short paper.  I am prepared and willing to discuss at some length any and all other concerns including the Chinese and Russians purchasing large tracts of Africa.

Here are some links of Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch discussing the White Genocide in South Africa.

Dr Gregory Stanton on farm murders in South Africa

OASE video: Dr. Stanton of Genocide Watch on farm murders in SA 2012.07.26

OASE video: Dr.Stanton’s advice to South Africans.

Anti-apartheid activist Dr.Stanton of Genocide Watch on White genocide in South Africa

Dr Gregory Stanton on Murder Rate in SA


Dr Gregory Stanton of The Genocide Watch on Language Rights in SA


Karin Smith

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      1. We have an amazing global audience, Karin. Make sure you pass the link to your network of patriots and we will do the same here. Please continue to send us updates. We post on a variety of channels.

  1. I believe this is how the great falling away takes place in the last days as told by Christ himself and his apostles. It’s not the fact that it’s killing white people that makes it a great falling away, rather, it’s the killing of anyone who contributes liberty and economic development and considering how European influence helped spread Christianity to the ends of the world, we are starting to see the devil himself retaliate in this wicked way. Like I said, it’s not just white people, but it’s rather a oppression against those who promote liberty and freedom and economic prosperity. We see this happening in every land across the world, especially South Africa and China. Babylon 2.0 is making its final push to destroy anything good but God will destroy the works of the devil in the very end. No need to fear because the Lord has planned this before time ever began! Jesus is a wonderful savior, amen. In the meantime, I pray for those people in South Africa being oppressed and tortured for simply having a certain skin color. The devil likes to play dirty. But trying times makes hearts strong. I pray for strength in these people and I pray blacks and whites in South Africa will come together and clean out their corrupt government from these wicked socialists. Live free or die! God be with South Africa.

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