Miner Finds

Folks, here are some miner finds coming in from the UK Conclave. Seems that power and control are becoming more concentrated.

Sir Charles Farr who was Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) and Head of the Joint Intelligence Organisation (JIO) at the Cabinet Officdied in February 2019 from cancer. According to wiki both of these very senior posts have been vacant since Farr died!? We doubt it very much.

Farr worked for the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) in Afghanistan in the 1980s but his wiki is scant on details of what he was doing prior to 2007.



The gov.uk site says Sir Simon Gass will oversee the position but there is no mention of this on his wiki page. Gass took over from Sir Mark Sedwill as NATO’s senior Civilian Representative in Afghanistan, but is currently Commandant of the Imperial Defence College. The commandant was always a military officer until 2014 when they started to appoint diplomats.




NOTE  Sir Charles Farr and Sir Richard Dearlove attended the same school (at different times) …. Monkton Combe School is an independent boarding and day school, near Bath.

Sir Richard Dearlove was head of MI6 from 1999- 2004



Sir Jeremy Heywood served as Cabinet Secretary from 1 January 2012, and Head of the Home Civil Service from September 2014, until stepping down in October 2018. He died of lung cancer in November 2018. He was a Quaker who went to the London School of Economics. He was Principal private Secretary to Tony Blair at the time of 9/11 (1999-2003). He left under a cloud following the inquiry into the death of Dr David Kelly (Hutton Inquiry). Wiki “He stayed in this position until 2003, when he left the civil service in the wake of the Hutton Inquiry


where it emerged that he said he had never minuted meetings in the Prime Ministerial offices about David Kelly, a job he was required to do.”

He was once a managing director of the UK Investment Banking Division at Morgan Stanley where he was embroiled in the aftermath of the collapse of Southern Cross Healthcare“.


See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_Cross_Healthcare_(United_Kingdom) & Blackstone Group

“Upon Gordon Brown becoming Prime Minister in 2007, Heywood returned to government as Head of Domestic Policy and Strategy at the Cabinet Office.” This week there have been reports in the alt media that in 2008 “Gordon Brown’s government” urged the police across the country to ignore the Muslim paedophile rape gangs, as the girls had made an informed choice about their sexual activity. These were children and I want to know who is responsible.

We are eagerly awaiting the release of a new film documentary about David Kelly’s death



Heywood’s positions were taken over by Sir Mark Sedwill. 

Sedwill is now Cabinet Secretary (the most senior civil servant) and National Security Adviser, this is unprecedented.




Sedwill was the Private Secretary to Foreign secretaries Robin Cook and later Jack Straw from 2000 to 2002 and the same time as Heywood was PPS to Tony Blair & Sir Richard Dearlove head of MI6.

They may be struggling to find suitable people to fill the gaps left by the deaths of Farr & Heywood. It wouldn’t surprise me if Sedwill wasn’t actually acting as Chairman of the JIC. Now T May is going a new PM who isn’t in the loop could pose a lot of problems for them.


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